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NOAA EMS Overview & Development Approach for Developers Presenter: Minh Trinh, P.E 206-526-6647

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2 NOAA EMS Overview & Development Approach for Developers Presenter: Minh Trinh, P.E 206-526-6647

3 NOAA EMS Overview & Development Approach Overview NOAA EMS development approach Tools Resources

4 EMS – Overview or Simply put … Plan Check DoAct EMS is a SYSTEM developed to holistically manage environmental issues at your facility. The concept is not new. It is based on a very basic management model.

5 but more specifically… The procedures have been standardized to comply with DOC’s EMS Implementation Guide, EPA’s CEMP, and ISO 14001!!! The EMS Process: What it all entails.

6 EMS - Purpose Demonstrates the facility’s commitment to the environment; Seeks continuous improvements on our processes (e.g., travel, administrative, energy, research parties, facility operation & maintenance, laboratory, and etc) for both environmental and financial benefits; Allows us to work toward sustainability; and Promotes NOAA mission in fostering global environmental stewardship!

7 EMS - So why do we need to do it? We have to! The deadline is 12/31/05. –Executive Order 1314813148 –DOC EMS memo dated 4/22/034/22/03 Provokes us to challenge the status quo for improvements on our processes. An effective EMS will create a better working environment for our employees and collaborators. It is good for our business as an environmental agency!

8 EMS - What does it cover? Resource Management –Energy –Water –Raw Material Pollution Prevention –Waste Reduction –New Technology Self Assessment –NOAA internal assessment program

9 EMS - How do we start? First order of business is to determine if your facility meets the definition of “appropriate” facility. See DOC’s EMS Implementation Guide.DOC’s EMS Implementation Guide Even if it does not meet the definition, you could set it up as a best management practice. Next, get familiar with the NOAA EMS Workbook. Finally, explain and sell the initiative to your MANAGEMENT. An executive briefing has been prepared to assist you in this effort. executive briefing

10 Our EMS Approach The idea is to build EMS system that is rigid enough to consistently incorporate both NOAA and DOC requirements throughout the agency as well as having one that is flexible enough to allow individual customization to reflect local values, goals, and requirements at the facility level. So we have developed a few tools: –NOAA EMS WorkbookWorkbook – –Step-by-step instructions on how to complete each standardized procedures (16 total).standardized procedures –Briefings (e.g., for managers and developers)managersdevelopers –Numerous templates (e.g., schedule, letters, plans, and policies)schedule –Samples

11 Let’s look at the NOAA EMS Workbook Basically, the workbook has four major parts: 1.IntroductionIntroduction 2.EMS ManualEMS Manual 3.EMS Launch GuidanceEMS Launch Guidance 4.Implementation GuideImplementation Guide It is recommended that you read the entire Workbook first before you start your development effort. However, time is a precious commodity, a cliff note version has been produced to assist you in this endeavor.

12 NOAA EMS Workbook – Abbreviated Version Part 1 - Introduction Objectives –provides an organizing structure for facility EMS, –improves environmental management, –assists in compliance with all environmental legal and other requirements, and –supports all NOAA facilities in safeguarding the community and the environment. Targeted Audience –This workbook is written for NOAA facilities and persons with the assigned responsibility to implement EMS The Make Up of EMS Workbook –Summarizes the details for each part Additional Comment –Provides advice to developer before embarking on the development effort

13 NOAA EMS Workbook – Abbreviated Version Part 2 – EMS Manual NOAA Overall Strategic Vision, Structures, and Approach –sets out the Environmental Vision of the organization –describes the key organizing structures of the EMS –While this section does not discuss the specific facility strategy, it does however provides the foundation block for facilities to develop their EMS. EMS Standardized Procedures –establishes the central organizing framework for the EMS –Describes 16 standardized procedures that make up the EMS and cover the plan-do-check-act quality management framework Each Standardized Procedure is organized as follows: 1.Purpose 2.Scope 3.Methodology 4.Facility Requirements & Responsibilities for Implementation NO ACTION IS REQUIRED … YET!

14 NOAA EMS Workbook – Abbreviated Version Action Required ! Part 3 – EMS Launch Guidance Section 1 in the Launch Guidance provides a quick introduction to the purpose and scope of the guidance; Section 2 describes and provides key organizing documents for launching and maintaining momentum for the EMS via management meetings and reviews; Section 3 describes the importance of and how to organize and EMS Team for your facility. And finally, Section 4 provides the format for an EMS implementation schedule.

15 NOAA EMS Workbook – Abbreviated Version Part 4 – Implementation Guide Action Required ! Section 1 provides EMS Guidance notes for each element of the standard. Guidance notes provide information and ideas on implementing the standard element. Tips, found in Section 2, provide background information on areas requiring more support information and suggestions for implementation. Information in this Section will be expanded as more and more facilities within NOAA adopt and develop EMS. Facility Implementation Forms, in Section 3 are used to document the facility's central implementation actions. These forms represent the facility EMS and should be controlled, maintained and would lead to supporting facility documents, records and practices. Section 4 contains the Environmental Management Programs. ECP, EMP, PPP, Training, Remediation, and Stewardship. Section 5 provides for forms, checklists and sample documents to aid in the implementation of the EMS This is where the rubber meets the road!

16 NOAA EMS Web Site Having said that, there is an easier way to develop your EMS! We have built a web site that guides you through each step of the process. The objective is to guide you through the development effort outlined in Part 4 of the NOAA EMS Workbook in a methodical and manageable manner.

17 NOAA EMS Web Site To do that, you need to log into our secured intranet web site: https://www.ems.noaa.gov Username: your regular email name (e.g. john.smith). No need to add the part. Password: Your regular email password.

18 NOAA EMS Web Site Next, you will see a menu screen as shown below: Click on the “Let’s Get Started” button Follow step-by-step instructions therein

19 The Web tools will provide you with: A clear outline of what you need to DO! Guidance to help you get started. Step by step instructions.instructions Downloadable and customizable forms. Examples from NOAA’s Pilot ProjectNOAA’s Pilot Project A Document Library where you can learn and benefit from the work of others.Document Library Guidance on documentation and filing.

20 A Note of Caution The tools, samples, and Document Library are meant to assist you in developing your own EMS. It is important to avoid the “cookie cutter” approach to development. The documents you download from the Website must be customized to make them applicable and appropriate for your facility

21 Please note that the EMS is an on going effort, your commitment and dedication is very much appreciated! You are our champion at the facility level to kick start this very important and worthwhile initiative!

22 Keys to Success EMS should impact all staff at your facility Create a culture of environmental awareness Encourage feedback from employees See EMS as an ongoing process, promoting continual improvement


24 The following items should go under “Let’s Get Started” button After folks have clicked on Strategy, display the following text: At this point, we assume that you have some understanding of EMS. Below is a list of items that would help you launch the EMS initiative at your facility: EMS Executive Briefing for ManagerEMS Executive Briefing for Manager (helpful in securing your management support) Launching Package. See Part 3 of NOAA EMS Workbook for detailsPart 3 of NOAA EMS Workbook EMS Meeting Announcement Management Review Meeting Agenda EMS Commitment Memo EMS Team - At a minimum, you should have the following folks on the Team: Official in Charge EMS Coordinator Process Owners Resource Manager (e.g., XO or Admin Officer) EMS Schedule

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