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Luther Starts the Reformation

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1 Luther Starts the Reformation
Causes of the Reformation

2 Changes of Church Critics
They wanted popes to be less concerned with luxury and political power. They did not want to pay taxes to the Church in Rome. They wanted the Church to become more spiritual and humble

3 Martin Luther’s role 2. ML began the Reformation by challenging Church practices

4 Luther’s ideas lead to war
3. Luther’s protest allowed people to criticize not only the Church but emperors, too

5 Pope Leo X

6 England becomes Protestant
4. Henry VIII had Parliament pass laws to remove England from the Catholic Church. This action started the Church of England

7 Henry VIII and his wives

8 Workbook page 63 1. Luther posts 95 theses
Causes: He attacked Tetzel’s selling of indulgences. Effects: Luther’s words were spread all over Germany and attracted many followers

9 Workbook page 63 2. Luther is excommunicated
Causes: The pope realized that Luther was a serious threat to papal authority. The emperor, a devout Catholic, also felt threatened. Effects: Luther was sheltered in Saxony, where he translated

10 1520 Luther is excommunicate
2. (continued) the New Testament into German. When he returned to Wittenberg, he found many of his ideas already in use. He and his followers had become a separate religious group called Lutherans

11 Workbook page 63 3. German peasants revolt in 1524
Causes: They were excited by talk of Christian freedom and applied this idea to social freedom by demanding an end to serfdom. Effects: When the armies of the

12 German peasants revolt in 1524
3. (continued) German princes (at Luther’s request) crushed the revolt, killing thousands of people, many peasants rejected Luther’s religious leadership

13 Workbook page 63 4. The Peace of Augsburg is signed in 1555
Causes: The Holy Roman Emperor had fought a war against the German Protestant princes and defeated them. However, he couldn’t force them back into the Catholic Church

14 Peace of Augsburg 1555 4. (continued)
Effects: The settlement ended the war and allowed the ruler of each German state to decide his state’s religion

15 Workbook page 63 5. English Parliament approves the Act of Supremacy in 1534 Causes: Henry VIII needed to annul his marriage to Catherine and remarry in order to have a male heir. When the pope would not agree to this, Henry called a Reformation Parliament

16 Act of Supremacy 1534 5. (continued) to strip away the pope’s power in England: this completed Henry’s break w/ the pope by making the king the head of England’s church

17 Six wives of Henry VIII

18 Henry VIII 5. (continued)
Effects: Henry closed all English monasteries and seized their wealth and land. This act increased royal power as well as the king’s treasury.

19 Parliament establishes the Anglican Church 1559
6. Mary Tudor changed everything back to Catholic, Elizabeth returned England from Catholicism to Protestantism and asked Parliament to set up a national church

20 Execution of Queen Mary

21 Anglican Church 1559 6. (continued) The Anglican Church became the only legal church in England and people were required to attend its services. Elizabeth organized the church so that both Catholic moderates and Protestant moderates might accept it.

22 Queen Elizabeth

23 Workbook page 63 Write a 5 sentence essay on a separate sheet of paper using these terms: Indulgence, recant, Lutheran, Protestant, and annul

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