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SHRC March 2005 Shared Leadership Workbook Self-Help Resource Centre 40 Orchard View Blvd. Toronto, ON M4R 1B9 416-487-4355

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1 SHRC March 2005 Shared Leadership Workbook Self-Help Resource Centre 40 Orchard View Blvd. Toronto, ON M4R 1B9 416-487-4355

2 SHRC March 2005 What is leadership? When you think of a leader what comes to mind? Why?

3 SHRC March 2005 Your Group’s Collective Qualities for Leadership Responsible Trusting Open-mindedRealistic Forward-lookingImaginative EncouragingFun SharingUnderstanding ReflectiveAppreciative AcceptingEnthusiastic EnergizingSerious Non-judgmentalObservant FacilitatingCreative VisionaryTask-oriented

4 SHRC March 2005 Shared Leadership Shared leadership is a process of building relationships The vision and the goals of the group are defined collectively The work to be done is identified collectively The responsibilities are shared The key to its success is communication When done properly, it satisfies the members and get the work done

5 SHRC March 2005 Shared leadership is a process of building relationships Relationships that nurture and engage members to share responsibilities

6 SHRC March 2005 Three elements in any Given Group Task There are tasks in any group that need to be done. List the tasks in your group. Relationship There are activities in a group which build relationships and strengthen the group. List these activities. Needs and Wants Members have needs and wants. If these are met, it will motivate the group members. List some of the wants and needs Adopted from Robert A. Gallagher, 2001; Shared Leadership, The Maintaining of Task and Relationship

7 SHRC March 2005 When speaking to the group: When responding to others: When sharing the responsibilities: When accepting responsibilities: When evaluating group activities: Strategies to protect confidentiality/anonymity: Guidelines for Group Discussions

8 SHRC March 2005 Some Rules when Sharing the Leadership Responsibilities: Accept responsibility and stand behind it Be fair and open-minded with others Foster trust in each other Help others to develop their skills and abilities Emphasize effective communication that supports dialogue and encourages active listening Encourage each other's curiosity Meet mistakes with understanding Recognize the value of people's contributions Share knowledge and expertise with others Take time to be reflective

9 SHRC March 2005 The vision and the goal of the group is defined collectively

10 SHRC March 2005 Setting clear goals & boundaries Outlining the group’s activities Sharing the workload Developing guidelines for group discussion Finding external supports when needed Finding ways to maintain momentum Leadership is About

11 SHRC March 2005 What do group members have in common? What is our common vision for the group? The two main goals of our group are: Things we can do/offer as a group Things we cannot do/offer as a group Setting Clear Goals and Boundaries

12 SHRC March 2005 The work to be done is identified collectively

13 SHRC March 2005 Our group meets: Things that need to be done to reach our goal : Group activities during meetings: Group activities between meetings: Regular ways for participants to give feedback and make suggestions are: Outline of Group Activities

14 SHRC March 2005 The responsibilities are shared

15 SHRC March 2005 Sharing the Workload Identify the things that need to be done Divide them between long-term and short-term and prioritize Identify the skills needed to get them done Ask people to match themselves with the tasks Use a method to assign some of the unpopular tasks Rotate the unpopular tasks between the members

16 SHRC March 2005 Sample Jobs Someone to contact members Someone to keep time Someone to take care of the Refreshment/supplies Someone to greet Someone to take care of the publicity Someone to phone members and register the new members Someone to facilitate (preferably on a rotational basis) Someone to coordinate the general activities of the group Someone to ensure that the other leaders have the information that they need to do their jobs Someone to take care of the location and the ambiance Some one to recruit new members

17 SHRC March 2005 How to acknowledge and thank existing members: How to recruit new members: How and when to celebrate accomplishments: How to take a break creatively: How to Maintain Momentum

18 SHRC March 2005 Other similar groups: Professionals: Newsletters, magazines, books, tapes, manuals: Resource centers and training opportunities: Using Support Outside the Group

19 SHRC March 2005 The Key to Successful Shared Leadership is Communication

20 SHRC March 2005 Basic Principles of Communication Focus on the information not the person Check your body’s messages Check your assumptions and your audience's assumptions Maintain the self-confidence and the self-esteem of the others by showing respect and understanding Use active listening by sharing your understanding of what was said.

21 SHRC March 2005 How to Listen Effectively Active listening is about checking your assumptions; Active listener listens with her/his body too; Paraphrase what you have heard, then you will know if you have heard it right; Ask, repeat, rephrase; Look at the person; Do not rehearse, feel defensive, search for negative points, interrupt, listen but not hear.

22 SHRC March 2005 How to give Feedback Offer people with feedback about their behavior by using phrases such as when you do this ….. I feel…. ; Be specific, use descriptions and facts such as, do you know that you have cut me off four times…; Describe your feelings and reaction by using “I” –statements and include the reasons; Ask if they are ready to hear feedback by saying : Are you aware of how your action makes me feel…;

23 SHRC March 2005 When done Properly, Shared Leadership Satisfies the Members and Gets the Work Done

24 SHRC March 2005 Behaviors to Watch for when Implementing Shared Leadership Self-oriented Controlling or aggressive Condescending Arguing too much on a point Rejecting ideas without considering them Resisting stubbornly Dominating Ignoring relevant information, ideas and feelings Seeking recognition Withdrawal Pairing up Dependency Adopted from Robert A. Gallagher, 2001; Shared Leadership, The Maintaining of Task and Relationship

25 SHRC March 2005 How to know you have Successfully Shared the Leadership Work is getting done Group members have accepted responsibilities They are working in groups or individually but see the connection Group members are not disappearing They are bringing new people There is more involvement and ownership by the group members New ideas for the group are flourishing Group does not rely on one or a few members anymore

26 SHRC March 2005 An Easy Way to Evaluate your Shared Leadership Progress Do a regular update Set deadlines and check the deadlines Do regular check ins to address pressing issues Check every ones’ feelings See what skills are needed and how they could be developed or recruited

27 SHRC March 2005 Signs and Symptoms of not –so- Successful Shared Leadership No consensus is reached Meetings are endless and boring Conflicts erupts constantly Absenteeism Work is not being done Low retention and recruitment rate

28 SHRC March 2005 A Pre & Post Test for Shared Leadership How often do the group members share in: Planning often/ not often Setting goal often /not often Organizing meetings often /not often Making decisions often /not often Diagnosing problem often /not often Finding solutions often /not often Providing help often/ not often Building skills often/ not often Encouraging others often/ not often Team building often /not often Helping out often/ not often Getting help often /not often Showing patience often /not often Being role model often/ not often

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