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Disney Math Workbook…How To Solve Equations

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1 Disney Math Workbook…How To Solve Equations
By: ordan Niedoba

2 How To Solve One-Step Equations
To solve a one-step equation, do the inverse operation to both sides in order to get the variable by itself. Remember to check your solution Example:4x=124 4=x 124=32 Check:4x+124 4 x 32=124 X=124 4 4

3 How To Solve A Two-Step Equations
To solve a two-step equation, first, divide your problem by the equal sign. Next, circle your variable. Third, get rid of the number next to the variable by using addition or subtraction. Finally, multiply or divide. Example: x-7= =x -9+7=-2 x=-2 5 x 5=x -2 x 5=-10 Check: x-7= = =-9 x=-10 5 5

4 Solving One-Step Equations
Directions: Mickey Mouse needs help figuring out these equations. Use your best math skills to help him. 84=x+90 H-29=26 -52=r -24k=144 C=-60 -11 5

5 One-Step Equation Word Problems
Pooh needs 10 pots of honey to get him through the winter. He already has 3 pots. How many more pots does Pooh need? Cinderella needs 16 pairs of class slippers. Prince Charming gave her 4 pairs. How many more pairs of class slippers does Cinderella need? 20 Disney villains were waiting in line to go on Spaceship Earth. 8 of them got on. How many villains still need to ride Spaceship Earth?

6 Solving Two-Step Equations
Directions: Donald Duck is stuck in a wall after a ride that he went on. So now he can’t do his math worksheet for Daisy. Help Donald by solving these equations. 4x-8 4c-12=20 20=3x 10-6v 8n+7

7 Two-Step Equation Word Problems
4 friends went to Walt Disney World. While there, they bought tickets and a hotel room. Each person also bought a souvenir for $25. The total that each person paid was $1,500. What was the cost for there tickets and hotel room? Rabbit needs 1,000 carrot seeds to plant a garden. Rabbit already has 600 seeds. 20 seeds come in a packet. How many packets does Rabbit need to buy to have 1,000 seeds? Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy are baking cakes. They backed 3 cakes. They already had 3 slices from another cake. They need a total of 30 slices of cake. How many slices do they need from each cake?

8 Answer Key Slide 4: 1. x=6 2. h=55 3. r=572 4. k=-6 5. c=-12
Slide 5: 1. 7pots pairs 3. 12villians Slide 6: 1. x= c=8 3. x= v= n=3 Slide 7: 1. $6, packets pieces

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