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1 Firing Young Peoples’ Passion to Change the World for Good Young Social Innovators 2011/2012.

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1 1 Firing Young Peoples’ Passion to Change the World for Good Young Social Innovators 2011/2012

2 2 Why Young Social Innovators?  Real life and work skills  Key skills development  Experience  Emphasis on active participation  Extends learning beyond the classroom  Development of the whole person  Promotion of general, technical and academic skills – self- directed learning

3 3 Who can take part?  Suits ALL abilities  Is ideal for Transition Year/LCA module  Also fits into a range of subject areas including:  SPHE  Business  Religious Education  Home Economics  History  Geography  Science  Mini companies  And many more…

4 4 Key Skills The 4Cs Framework NCCA identified 5 key skills

5 5 Elements of a YSI Project A.Identify Issues B. Select a Topic A. Build a Team B. Plan Project C. Collect & Analyse Information Make a Change/ Respond to Issue Communicate, Advocate & Celebrate

6 6 Elements of a YSI Project A. Identify Issues B. Select a Topic Care

7 7 Identify Issues Encourage young people to discuss and explore a wide variety of issues. Possible methodologies include:  Media monitoring – newspaper cuttings  Local/community concerns  Develop existing YSI project (“Step Up”)  ‘Where do you Stand?’  ‘Who wants to be a Young Social Innovator?’  ‘Ideas Wall’ For more ideas see workbook pages 9-13 or see YSI Website “The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas” Dr. Linus Pauling

8 8 A: 166 C: 250 B: 60 D: 152 50:50 How many members are there in Dáil Éireann? 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 €1 Million €500000 €250000 €125000 €64000 €32000 €16000 €8000 €4000 €2000 €1000 €500 €300 €200 €100

9 9 Sustained Projects A ‘Step Up’ Project:  Continuation of a previous project  Should demonstrate clear development  YSI teams may continue to work on project begun by previous YSI team  Projects that continue from one year to another are ‘Step Up’ Projects

10 10 Select a Topic Having identified an issue, select a specific topic to focus on. Useful approaches include: RRanking MMock court/political debate activity IIssue ‘champions’ VVote MMail Bag HHot Seating (exercise in empathy) YSI Project Outline – October (title and issue) For more ideas see workbook pgs 15-19 or YSI Website

11 11 John (16) Lives in medium sized town with parents, 2 older brothers & sister. Brief biography:  Believes everybody his age drinks  It’s ok to use pocket money to buy alcohol - will get money elsewhere if necessary  Great hurler, but gave up as too hung over on Sunday mornings  Looks up to older brothers Paula (?) Lives in same town with four children (10-17) Brief biography:  Under financial pressure – new supermarket opened up  Will sell alcohol to all customers – including underage teenagers  Warns her children not to drink alcohol  Believes she cannot be held responsible for other people’s actions Killian (32) Lives in same town with young family Brief biography:  Works as a paramedic  Believes majority of accidents related to alcohol  Disillusioned by what she sees every weekend  Does not drink Paul (17) Hurls on same team John used to play with. Brief biography:  Was friends with John, but not so friendly now  Does not go out every weekend  Loves playing all sports  Wants to study sports psychology in college  Interested in his fitness levels

12 12 Elements of a YSI Project A. Build a Team B. Plan Project C. Collect & Analyse Information Co-operate

13 13 Build a Team  Every YSI project is team-based (5-25 per team)  Ensure that team members have clearly defined roles  Encourage identification and recognition of each others’ skills and talents  Team-building activities are very worthwhile Team Talents, Paper Bag Game, The Tallest Tower  See problems that arise as opportunities to learn about working together For more ideas see workbook pgs 21 - 25 or YSI Website

14 14 Plan Project Every successful project needs careful planning and teams should think about:  What they want to achieve  What their goals are  Timeframe/deadlines  Roles and responsibilities  Support available  Try to ensure plan is flexible in case of unforeseen circumstances For more ideas see workbook pgs 28-33 or see YSI Website “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft a-gley, [often go awry]” Robert Burns

15 15 Collect & Analyse Information Use a variety of collection methods and a wide range of information sources. Background Research  Relevant Organisations  Talk to those affected/involved  Internet and other media sources (reliable sources)  Library Action Research  Questionnaires  Interviews  Visiting Speakers  Field Trips  Vox Pops For more information see workbook pgs 35-45 or see YSI Website

16 16 Collect & Analyse Information When information has been collected, teams should analyse it and consider their findings:  What do people affected by the issue think?  What does this information mean to our project?  What are our underlying assumptions and values?  Have you discovered any unexpected information/findings? For more information see workbook pgs 35-45 or see YSI Website

17 17 Elements of a YSI Project Change Make a Change / Respond to Issue

18 18 Respond to Issue At this stage, teams decide what innovative response to take.  Strong understanding of the issue  Passion to make a change  Reflect on problem  Identify possible solutions For more information see workbook pages 53-59 or YSI Website

19 19 Respond to Issue Creativity and Innovation consists of:  SEEING what everyone else has seen  THINKING what no one else has thought  DOING what no one else has dared!

20 20 Respond to Issue Example of innovation (video clip) For more information see workbook pages 53-59 or YSI Website

21 21 Respond to Issue Useful activities for innovative thinking:  Gap analysis activity  Critical Success Factors  Visualisation  Innovation Box  Think Tank For more information workbook pages 53-59 or YSI Website

22 22 Respond to Issue Think Tank Teams!  The Factual Team Information, facts, figures, statistics  The Emotional Team Emotions & feelings  The Creative Team New ideas, alternatives, suggestions, possibilities  The Legal Team Who is responsible and consequences of actions  The Optimistic Team Advantages, benefits or positive responses to situation  The Authorities Big picture, roles, timeframes and resources Learning: Using an assigned way of thinking, participants see a range of diverse angles and allow them an opportunity to narrow the focus down to a viable, innovative response. Provides opportunity for lateral thinking.

23 23 Elements of a YSI Project Advocate, Communicate & Celebrate Communicate

24 24 Advocate & Communicate  Advocacy and awareness raising may be a major focus of some projects.  Use as many opportunities as possible to communicate message – open days, parents’ nights, website, local media, display work in local hall/community centre….. For more ideas see workbook pgs 67-71 or see YSI Website

25 25 Project ReportSpeak Out! Evidence of Learning

26 26 Project Report  12 typed pages (max.) or 10 minute CD/DVD  Read ‘Guide to Writing a YSI Project Report’  January in-service workshop will focus on Report  Use the 4Cs to structure Project Report CareCo-operateChangeCommunicate Youth ledTeamworkYouth ledTell your story Level of understanding Working with others Innovative response Advocacy Submit report 2 nd March For more info see ‘Guide to Writing a YSI Project Report’ in workbook or see YSI Website/ resources section/Step by Step/ Write report

27 27 Advocate & Communicate Regional Speak Outs  YSI Advocacy Platforms  Advocate on the message and the response  Various locations - March 2012  Two minutes to advocate  Use creativity and imagination For more ideas see workbook pgs 74 -75 or see YSI Website

28 28 Advocate & Communicate See clip from Speak Outs 2011

29 29 YSI Recognition of Achievement Young People: Record of Achievement  Reference Letter of Participation  YSI Certificate Guides: ‘Certificate of Recognition’  Attend both Sept. ’11 and Jan. ’12 workshops  Guide a team to submit Project Report & present at Speak Out  Certified Guides who continue to participate in YSI are recognised as YSI Leaders

30 30 Celebrate Locally Create your own platforms and celebrate at local level. Some suggestions include:  Exhibit work in local library/ community centre  Invite other YSI teams to have mini Speak Out and present for students/staff/parents/those who supported project  Extend two minute presentation  Showcase project and presentation at Transition Year night  Use local media to publicise hard work For more ideas see workbook pgs 74 -75 or see YSI Website

31 31 Optional Elements Annual Showcase  Biggest celebration and showcase of social innovation YSI Den  Dragons’ Den format Fun-raising Challenge  Open to all teams who raise awareness and funds

32 32 Celebrate! Annual Showcase (optional)  Celebration of work and achievements of both young people and Guides  Selection of projects are showcased variety of themes  Entertainment/ music/open mic/ games  More information in January

33 33 Celebrate! See Clip from Showcase

34 34 Optional Extras YSI Den  Dragon’s Den format  Pitch ideas/plans to panel  Request money, means or mentoring for development Fun-raising Challenge  Teams who apply receive an information pack  Can enter a special Fun-raising Challenge at the Annual Showcase See website for clips of YSI Den 10/11

35 35 YSI Resources In-service workshops September:  Getting started  How to Guide a YSI project January:  Prepare for Speak Out/ Creative Communication  Project Report Planning Workbook:  Provides information, advice, worksheets and ideas  Provides young people with a structure for their Project  Project guide and planning tool  Designed for young people  New ‘Guide to writing a Project Report’ Innovate  Monthly e-zine

36 36 YSI’s website:  Resources (Step by step guide, activities, library)  Examples of YSI projects  Calendar  Gallery  Updates Guides’ Zone (ysiguide/ysi11)  Book Speak Outs  Pay fees  Access feedback  Guide forum  Programme forms

37 37 YSI Calendar September  Organisation applies  Attend ‘Getting Started’ Workshop October  Submit project outline & fee payment January  Attend ‘Communications’ Workshop March  Submit Project Report  Regional Speak Outs May  Annual Showcase  Local celebrations April  YSI Den  YSI Feedback on-line

38 38 Any Questions?

39 39 Thank You! January 2012 ‘Communications’ Workshop:  Project Report;  Speak Outs;  Creative Communications;  YSI Den;  Fun-raising Challenge;  Annual Showcase. See you there!

40 40 YSI (Charitable status) Main Sponsor The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government Sponsors Frank Young Memorial Fund

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