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Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 The LEP Exam Preparation Workshop and Study Workbook Presented by: Sean Surfas Ph.D. LEP Licensed Educational Psychologist.

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1 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 The LEP Exam Preparation Workshop and Study Workbook Presented by: Sean Surfas Ph.D. LEP Licensed Educational Psychologist


3 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 2901 ACTIVE LEP’s in California 1900 are in Southern California 800 are in Northern California 200 are in Central California 1 on Catalina Island Represented by: CALEP and CASP

4 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 The Board of Behavioral Sciences NEW LEP LAWS 2007 You must apply in advance to take the test. LEP Exam is now computerized and given year round. Written Exam No Oral Exam

5 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Statistics BBS LEP Exam Statistics October 2011 Total Examinees 1st Time Takers:70% Passed/40 Participants 2nd Time Takers:60% Passed/11 Participants October 2012 Total Examinees 1st Time Takers:70% Passed/ 27 Participants 2nd Time Takers:50% Passed/ 6 Participants

6 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Introduction to the LEP EXAM

7 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 125 Multiple Choice Questions 125 Questions 100 are scored 25 are experimental questions

8 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 EXAM TIME Two and one half hours

9 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 There are multiple forms of the exam on the Computer…

10 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 EXAM CONTENT # of Questions  Assessment44  Legal & Ethical Issues20  Intervention18  Consultation12  Outreach6

11 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Scenarios and Multiple Choice Questions

12 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Multiple Choice or Guess??? Eliminate the worst answers Find the two correct answers Pick the best answer!!!

13 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Test Preparation Prepare Carefully Have a Study Plan Use Time Management

14 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Utilize Study Skill Strategies Index Cards Listening to Tapes/Cd’s while on the road.

15 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Form a Study Group

16 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 STRESS!!! Use Stress Reduction Techniques

17 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 What to Study? Stay on Target!

18 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Always Utilize Reference Materials

19 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Assessment 44 Questions Largest Section Assess client’s cognitive abilities, academic achievement, personality, and social-emotional status to determine client level of functioning in school settings. Administer standardized tests that access client’s intelligence, affective state, vocational interests and vocational skills. Identify client’s learning strengths and weaknesses.

20 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Best Assessment Resource “Assessment of Children”- Fourth Edition 2000 By: Jerome Sattler Tests in Print IV Mental Measurements Yearbook Test Catalogs Psy Corp Pro-Ed NASP

21 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 STATISTICS Know the terms of Norm Curve Validity Reliability Standard Deviation Mean, Median, Mode

22 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Memorize Age Ranges Preschool to Adult

23 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Application How to use/apply test? What does the test measure? Std. Scores/ Percentiles Understand bilingual, gender, Socio-econ. & cultural factors.

24 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Tests of Intelligence Wechsler: WISC-IV, WAIS-III,WPPSI, Kaufman:K-ABC,K-BIT,KAIT Woodcock-Johnson-III; Cognitive Tests Stanford-Binet IV Raven’s Progressive Matrices McCarthy Scales Slossen-R Differential Abilities Scale Letter-Old Edition or New?

25 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Tests of Achievement WRAT-3 Woodcock-Johnson-III Kaufman WIAT II CTOPP TOWRE PIAT TOWL-3


27 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Neuropsychological and Memory Tests WRAML Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning TOMAL Test of Memory and Learning BVRT Benton Visual Retention Test WCST Wisconsin Card Sorting Test


29 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Development & Adaptive Behavior Vineland (VABS) Bayley Infant Development Scale Woodcock SIB Health & Medical History Career/ Interest Strong Campbell

30 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Legal and Ethical Issues 20 Items 2 nd Largest Section

31 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Legal and Ethical Issues Comply with legal and ethical obligations related to confidentiality, suicidality, scope of practice and special accommodations. Disclose information regarding abuse, suicidality and professional services to relevant parties. Apply laws, regulations and codes to accommodate persons in accordance with state codes and state and federal laws pertaining to special education. Maintain legal and professional boundaries in professional relationships.

32 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Law and Ethics Resources Laws and Regulations Relating to the Practice of MFT, LCSW and LEP. BBS- Jan. 2000

33 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Other Resources Code of Ethics Guide CASP 2003 NASP Professional Conduct Manual Special Education Programs: A Composite of Laws. Includes the California Code of Regulations: Title 5 California Department of Education, ’02 Americans with Disabilities Act Rehabilitation Act 504 IDEA

34 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Web Sites for Laws and Regulations in California Board of Behavioral Sciences BBS Code of Regulations California Law and Codes California Department of Consumer Affairs California Business and Professional Code Bpc_table_of_contents.html

35 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Scope of Practice The LEP shall be authorized to perform any of the following professional functions pertaining to academic learning possesses or the educational system of both: a) Educational Evaluation, diagnosis, and test interpretation limited to assessment of academic ability, learning patterns, achievement, motivation, and personally factors directly related to academic learning problems. b) Consulting services for children or adults for amelioration of academic learning problems. c) Educational construction, research, and direct educational services.

36 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Advertising as a LEP Letterhead Yellow Pages Business Cards

37 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 CONFIDENTIAL Physical Abuse Sexual Abuse Emotional Abuse Neglect Elder Abuse

38 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Release of Records Client Parent/Guardian Teacher Police Court

39 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Dual Relationship

40 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Informed Consent Voluntary Nature of Service Posted License Fee Policy Cancellation Policy Exceptions of Confidentiality Written Permission to Record

41 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Intervention 18 Questions 2 nd Largest Section

42 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Wearing the LEP Hat The role and scope of the LEP license has many of the same duties and yet is much different than the School Psychologist credential.

43 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Do’s & Don’ts Do’s Provide interventions to improve client’s learning in school settings. Apply specific strategies or intervention techniques to modify client’s behavior within educational settings. Improve client’s school performance. Don’ts Psycho-therapy services for marital discord, substance abuse, emotional and personality issues related to non-educational issues.

44 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Behavior Analysis and Modification Including Functional Assessments Developmental Theory and Application Counseling Theories and Intervention DSM-IV-TR

45 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Behavior Analysis and Modification Operant Conditioning (Skinner/Watson) Reinforcement Antecedents Consequences Functional Assessments Behavior Plans (BIPS) Cognitive Coaching Strategies Interventions Stop and Think

46 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Developmental Theory and Application Piaget Erickson Freud Stages of Development Developmental Analysis Parallel Play Conversation Concrete vs. Abstract Thinking

47 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Counseling Theories and Intervention Application and Education Building rapport Assessment of situation Intervention or referral

48 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 DSM-IV: Disorders of Infancy, Children and Adolescence Related to Educational Diagnosis Mental Retardation: Mild, Moderate, Severe, Profound Pervasive Dev. Disorders: Retts, Aspergers, Autism Learning Disorders: Reading, Math, Written Expression Attention/ Behavior Disorders: ADHD, Antisocial Behavior Conduct, Oppositional Defiant Disorder Tic Disorders: Tourette’s, Motor/Visual, Transient

49 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 More DSM-IV I-C-A Disorders Feeding/Eating Disorders: Bulimia, PICA Other I-C-A (Infant-Child-Adolscent): Selective/Elective Mutism, Separation Anxiety, Reactive Attachment Mood Disorders: Major Depression, Bipolar Substance Disorders Schizophrenia

50 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Consultation Twelve (12) Items

51 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Services for: Teachers Students Schools/ Colleges Individuals Groups

52 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Consultation Provide counseling and consultation services to individuals, parents, community groups, and agencies related to learning issues in school. Advise client about educational options to increase learning. Advocate for client in school settings.

53 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Consultation with Parents  Parent Education: Child’s Development, Behavior Intervention, Educational Counseling and Guidance, Career/Vocational Planning.  Advocacy: Access to Services, Parent Rights, Complaint Procedures, 504 Modifications, etc…

54 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Consultation with Teachers Classroom Issues Behavioral Interventions, Classroom Modifications, Curriculum Assistance, In-services on Crisis, Behavior, etc…

55 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Consultation with Students Problem Solving Conflict Mediation, Stress Reduction, Study Skills, Time Management Intervention Suicide and Crisis Counseling, Educational Counseling, Self-Talk, Cognitive Thinking Strategies. Remediation/Learning Reading Improvement, Tutoring, Use of Manipulatives, Assistive Technology Modification, etc.

56 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Outreach Six (6) Items

57 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Outreach Provide training programs and informational services pertaining to learning disabilities and other handicapping conditions to individuals, parents, professional community, and community based organizations. Develop ongoing or in-service training programs about learning disabilities and other handicapping conditions to the public.

58 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Referral Facilitator Refer to: Programs Clinics Remediation Centers Therapists: Speech and Language Physicians Orthopedists Eye Specialist

59 Sean Surfas Ph.D. 2005 Knowledge of Educational Options In the Schools In the Community Training Programs (Disability Awareness) Information Services (Disability/ Law, etc.) Advocacy

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