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DSpace CD Tutorial Workbook Stuart Lewis & Chris Yates

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1 DSpace CD Tutorial Workbook Stuart Lewis & Chris Yates

2 Information Version –DSpace 1.4.2 CD and workbook created by: –Chris Yates –Stuart Lewis

3 Information Work provided by: –Repositories Support Project – – Funded by: –JISC as part of the RepositoryNet projects

4 Contents 1.Introduction to the tutorial CD 2.Create the database 3.Build DSpace 4.Deploy DSpace to the web server 5.Create DSpace users 6.Create communities and collections 7.Deposit an item

5 Contents 8.Create a workflow 9.Search system initialisation 10.Scheduled background jobs 11.Enable RSS feeds and thumbnails

6 Introduction to the tutorial CD Intended to be used with tutorial Ubuntu LiveCD DSpace version 1.4.2 Shouldn’t affect your PC Installs no software Can be reused DOES NOT SAVE DATA!

7 Create the database Create a database user –Who will own the database –Called dspace Create the database –Called dspace –UNICODE encoding –Owned by the dspace database user

8 Build DSpace DSpace needs to be compiled Uses ‘ant’ build system Inserts default data into the database –Table structures –Dublin Core metadata schema –Bitstream formats Builds package for the web server Configuration can be changed

9 Deploy to the web server.war files are packaged applications Tomcat is a Java web application server –Tomcat automatically unpacks.war files Two web applications –DSpace & DSpace OAI interface Copy.war files to Tomcat directory Start Tomcat

10 Create DSpace users Create an administrator Log in Log out Create a normal user Modify a group

11 Communities & collections Communities –Often used to represent organisational units –Can have sub-communities and collections –Can be branded (logo) and have own policies Collections –Holds items

12 Deposit an item Choose collection Enter metadata Upload file Confirm details Agree to the licence

13 Create a workflow Three workflows –Accept/reject step E.g. Head of research “Should item be included in the repository?” –Accept/reject/edit metadata step E.g. Repository manager –Edit metadata step E.g. Librarian

14 Search system initalisation Build indexes –Index metadata Extract from database –Index full-texts Extract from PDF/Doc files Extra MediaFilters can be written

15 Scheduled background jobs filter-media –Extract texts and build indexes sub-daily –Email subscription emails checker –checks bitstream checksums stat-* –statistics

16 RSS feeds and thumbnails Configured in dspace.cfg RSS feeds: –webui.feed.enable = [false|true] –webui.feed.localresolve = [false|true] Thumbnails: – = [true|false] – = [false|true]

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