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1 Financial Management Tool FMT Salary Workbooks.

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1 1 Financial Management Tool FMT Salary Workbooks

2 2 FMT – Need to Know OPTA = Workbook Name Salary Workbook 777_SP0450 Financial Workbook 777_FP0123 (same as org) Grants & Contracts 777_GC0123 (same as org) Project = Project_Task 1002875_00 FMT

3 3 Workbooks General FMT has three types of Workbooks Salary – Where you plan who you intend to pay. It shows all the employees you are responsible for and how and how much you intend to pay them. All of these details easily roll up to standard and customized reports. Financial –Where you plan and project revenue and non-salary expenses, except for Fed and Non-Fed Grants and Contracts. Grants Contracts –Where you manage Fed and Non-Fed award expenses. FMT

4 4 FMT – How the pieces fit together SalaryWorkbookFinancialWorkbook Reporting G&CWorkbook FMT

5 5 A 3 Bulletins are posted on the Welcome Page to alert you to changes in the system. These links will take you to the FMT Manuals and other related material. Welcome Page FMT is navigated either through the drop-down Plan menu bar or through Treeview. FMT

6 6 Double click on Plans to access your workbooks. You will see a list of all the workbooks available to you based upon your security access. Accessing Your Plan Workbooks FMT

7 7 Workbooks General Maximize worksheet size by double-clicking the blue bar. Workbooks are built with data from Oracle. Yellow cells are input cells. Red Text indicates a place where rows may be added. Minimize Treeview by clicking the << characters in the upper right. FMT A 1

8 8 Salary Workbook A Salary Workbook has eight tabs: Introduction Utilities SalSum HomeDept OtherDeptOut SplitsIn Summary Sheet 1 Most departments manage all of their employees in one Salary Workbook. FMT

9 9 The Introduction page of the Salary workbook includes: -A Description of the Salary Workbook -Contact Information -Link to FMT Bulletin Board Webpage -Links to FMT Instruction Manuals Salary Workbook Introduction FMT

10 10 The SalSum worksheet is the basic data page for your department’s employees. The data is pre- populated from Oracle HR. Start and End dates, FTE%, Extra Comp and Salary Increases are managed here. New employees can be added at the bottom. Salary Workbook SalSum FMT

11 11 How each SalSum employee is paid is managed on the HomeDept tab. PTAEOs, monthly spread, fringe and burden are managed here. New Employees added on SalSum must also be added here. Salary Workbook HomeDept FMT Salary workbooks are built with labor actuals (post distribution adjustments) and labor commitments. A 3

12 12 Your employees that receive all or partial funding outside your department are managed on the OtherDeptOut tab. Salary Workbook OtherDeptOut FMT

13 13 Other department’s employees that receive all or partial funding from your department are managed on the SplitsIn tab. Casual, Overtime and StaffOther payments can be managed here, each as a lump sum. Salary Workbook SplitsIn FMT A 1

14 14 The Utilities tab provides the user with the ability to copy a current year plan to a variety of columns for reporting purposes. In the meantime, the user can continue to work on the current year plan beyond that particular time period. Salary Workbook Utilities FMT

15 15 The Summary Sheet provides a snapshot of your workbook data for use in report verification. Salary Workbook Summary FMT

16 16 To add lines to your worksheet, place your cursor on the appropriate red text. Right-Click and choose Add/Update Planning Methods from the drop down menu. Add/Update Rows (SBM’s) FMT Predefined formulas and formats that are used to add new rows to a worksheet or change how values are calculated are called SBM’s (Standard Business Methodologies). A 1

17 17 Plan>Save is the only function that will save your data back to the database. Plan Save FMT However, File> Save is a quick way to save your data as you go along.

18 18 FMT Reporting FMT Database Immediate FMT Reports Plan Save DWH Reports Next Day

19 19 The powerful, flexible and user friendly reporting capability of FMT presents data in an attractive format. ReportsOverview FMT

20 20 To access Reports, go to Treeview or the Plan Menu and select Reports and click Open. Reports A ccessing FMT

21 21 You will see a list of department folders. You will only have access to your own department(s) and to the SRC Report Library, where you can find four folders of reports that you can use or modify. ReportsFolders FMT

22 22 Open a Report by double-clicking on the report name and clicking on Continue. ReportsOpening FMT

23 23 Each Report contains four or five color coded tabs: Report Instructions Settings Orientation Delivery (optional) Reports FMT

24 24 The Instructions tab describes each report and its format, provides instructions for running the report, and indicates who to call for assistance. Reports Instructions Tab FMT

25 25 Reports have white input cells in the Headers for entering criteria like department nickname, org, award, or employee ID number. The F9 key brings data into the report. Reports Report Tab FMT

26 26 ReportsDrilling Reports have a Drill feature to let you see the underlying data for most line items. Highlight the line item, right click and select Detail Drill. FMT

27 27 ReportsDrilling Select the criteria and level you would like to see. FMT

28 28 ReportsDrilling The detail is presented as a new tab on the report. FMT

29 29 Once the report has been F9’d simply go to Plan>Prepare Current and print the report. Library reports have been formatted to have headers and footers and the print size and orientation have been pre-set. ReportsPrinting FMT

30 30 Getting Started The program opens to this screen. Click on Enable Macros. Then deselect the Always ask… box. Login by clicking on the Professional Edition Icon on your Desktop FMT

31 31 Click OK. Log In FMT

32 32 Type in your Employee ID and password. The temporary password is dummypass. You should change it later. Log In FMT

33 33 FMT FMT Bulletin Board has links to all FMT materials and information. Check here each morning for the ok to log in!!

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