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A detailed guide on how to follow orders, manage contacts & more! Please Note: Storefronts are compatible with all browsers, however, for optimal use of.

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Presentation on theme: "A detailed guide on how to follow orders, manage contacts & more! Please Note: Storefronts are compatible with all browsers, however, for optimal use of."— Presentation transcript:

1 A detailed guide on how to follow orders, manage contacts & more! Please Note: Storefronts are compatible with all browsers, however, for optimal use of the Admin Interface we recommend using Mozilla Fire Fox or Google Chrome. Contacts & Orders Workflow

2 Tool Tips Throughout the Admin Interface and Storefront Order there are tool tips that can be found by pointing your mouse at the “?”. We strongly recommend you navigate through both systems and point at EVERYTHING as it will help you to understand what things are and what they do.

3 Table of Contents Section 1 - Orders/Jobs Pages 1-14 – Page 1: Accessing Orders – Page 2: Browse Orders Work Flow – Page 3: Browsing Orders – Page 4: Reading Orders/Jobs Sheet – Page 5: Reading Orders/Jobs Sheet, Cont. – Page 6: Viewing Jobs: General – Page 7: Viewing Jobs: Job Name & Add Email – Page 8: Viewing Jobs: Job Specs – Page 9: Viewing Jobs: Artwork – Page 10: Viewing Jobs: Misc. – Page 11: Viewing Jobs: Customer Memo – Page 12: Viewing Jobs: Extras – Page 13: Viewing Jobs: Sales Rep Sharing – Page 14: Viewing Jobs: Relationships

4 Table of Contents Section 2- Managing Contacts Pages 15-29 – Page 15: Access Contacts – Page 16: Browsing Contacts – Page 17: View Contact Page – Page 18: View Contact Page, Cont. – Page 19: View Contact Page, Cont. – Page 20: Edit Contact Prices – Page 21: View Contact Prices – Page 22: Manage Contact Credit Cards – Page 23: Managing Contact Storage – Page 24: Edit Contact Page – Page 25: Edit Contact Page, Cont. – Page 26: Edit Contact Page, Cont. – Page 27: Add New Contact – Page 28: Import Contacts – Page 29: Adding Sales Reps

5 Accessing Orders 1 1. Order/Job number The first 8 digits are the date, the last 4 digits are a random set of letters. Each transaction is assigned an order number and every job (product) is assigned an extension of the order. 2. There are several ways to access an order from the home page. 3. In upper left corner there is a tab called Orders and in the left nav there is also a link. Either of these will take you directly to your Browse Orders interface. 4. To the right there is a Search Bar that will allow you to search for any order. 5. Towards the middle of your screen you will see a report of all the orders placed today. 1. 4. 5. 2. 3.

6 Browse Orders Work Flow Pending: Jobs that have not been paid for, such as a declined order or a custom project. Approved: All paid Jobs come into the system as approved. On Hold: A Job can be placed on hold due to no artwork being uploaded or a balance being owed. Pre-Press: Once the artwork has been pre-flighted and is ready for production it is moved to Pre-Press. In Production: Job has been moved into production and no changes can be made. Review: If there is an issue with a job that may require it to be re-printed it will be moved to Review. Completed: The job is done and has shipped or will ship very soon. The bottom row signifies status in production In Design: The job ordered was Design and it is in progress. In Print: Job is currently on the press, coater or cutter and will be completed very soon (unless it requires finishing). In Bindery: If the job has any finishing such as scoring, folding, die-cutting. In Mailing Dept: Jobs that have mailing services and are being prepared for drop. Ready: Jobs that have been cut and boxed but have not yet been moved to the shipping department. 2

7 A number displayed here next to the status. For example: “7/9” signifies the number of orders/jobs, so this would be seven orders with nine jobs. The box checked in the Browse Orders interface will display the orders/jobs associated with that status whether it be Approved, On Hold, etc. You can have more than one box checked at a time and the status of all orders/jobs will be displayed in the list. 3 Browsing Orders

8 Reading Orders/Jobs Sheet T.A. (Turn Around): E: Economy (5 Business Days), STA: Standard (3 Business Days), PRI: Priority (2 Business Days), ND: Next Day (Next Business Day), SONIC (Same Business Day). Ex. (Extras): If something is present here it means that the job has extra finishing. The type of finishing will be signified by the first letter, ie. F: Fold, M: Mailing, D: Die Cutting, etc. Files: This signifies if artwork has been uploaded to the job and how many files were uploaded. 4

9 Reading Orders/Jobs Sheet: Cont Green Square with Chain: This signifies that the job is “Linked” to another job. This will appear for orders that were placed separately, that are shipping together or for a job that is a reprint of another. Red Square with A: This signifies that “Action is Required”. This will appear if an order has finishing, if there is a RUSH on the job or a specific note is present that needs to be addressed. Orange Square with Lock: This signifies that the job is “Locked”. This occurs when you, the client or someone from home office is viewing or editing a job. This is to prevent another person from making a change to a job while someone else is. Magnifying Glass: Hovering your cursor over this will display a summary of the order or job, including options selected such as coating, colors, turnaround time, etc. 5

10 Viewing Jobs: General Info 1. Towards the top you will see the Current Date, the Job Placed date and the Due Date of the job. The Due Date of the job will not populate until the job has been pre-flighted. Due dates are subject to change prior to pre-flight for any issues with art that may arise. 2. The shipping information on the job will be located in the yellow box. 3. If a coupon was used on the job it will be displayed here. 6 1. 2. 3.

11 Viewing Jobs: Job Name & Add Email 1. Customers can name jobs as they are placing them. This can be edited by you, if needed. If a job name is not present you can also add one, if needed. 2. If a customer asks to have the order correspondence sent to secondary email address it can be added and all emails will be sent to both email addresses. 7 1. 2.

12 Viewing Jobs: Job Specs Default options such as quantity, product name, paper type, colors, coating and turnaround will be displayed automatically. Clicking the + symbol will expand and show all options and what has been selected on the job. 8

13 Viewing Jobs: Artwork 1. Customers are shown a proof of their artwork when placing an order. From the View Order page you can fetch a link for an additional proof if the client would like one. 2. If a job has not been pre-flighted, you can Reassign the artwork to a different job, if needed. 9 1. 2.

14 Viewing Jobs: Misc. 1. The Subtotal, Coupons, Store Credit, Sales Tax and Shipping are displayed with a Total Cost. 2. You can mark a job as Action Required if an action outside of normal production is needed. 3. The WS job cost will be displayed. 4. The Order Status will be displayed and will change in real time. 5. Shipping and Tracking info is updated in real time. 6. You may see notes we have made and make notes of your own. 10 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

15 Viewing Jobs: Customer Memo 1. You may select from pre-loaded variables from the left menu such as the customer’s name, the job number, etc., along with a typed message. 2. Click Save & Stay on Page to view the content of the message. DO NOT check the box next to Send Customer Memo. (Save buttons are located at bottom of page) 3. To send after, or without, viewing simply check the box next to Send Customer Memo and click any Save button. 11 1. 2. 3.

16 Viewing Jobs: Extras 1. You may check this box to have a follow up email send to the client about their job. 2. The transaction amount of the order will be displayed here. 3. Clients can set re-order reminders for themselves when ordering. You may also set one for the client. 4. There are several different Save buttons that will help you navigate to different pages or stay on the same page. 5. Every order placed through the system sends the client a receipt. If an additional receipt is needed, it can be sent from here to the email on the job or a different email. 12 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

17 Viewing Jobs: Sales Rep Sharing A sales rep will be assigned to every order. If there are no additional sales reps added, the storefront owner is the default. Sales reps can be added to an order and assigned a percentage of profit. 1. Select a sales rep from the drop then click Add Sales Rep. 2. Using the sliders, you can assign percentages to any number of different reps. Once the numbers match up click Update. 13 1. 2.

18 Viewing Jobs: Relationships A relationship between jobs can be created for any number of different reasons. Using this feature will link two jobs together. 1. Enter the Job Number that you would like to link, along with a brief description. 2. The green square will now appear next to the order number and will also be present on the Browse Orders sheet. 3. The jobs you have created the relationship for can be accessed from each other by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. 14 3. 2. 1.

19 Accessing Contacts Contacts can be accessed from several places throughout your Admin Interface. 1. In the header menu, click Contacts. 2. In the left navigation, under Contacts, click Browse All. 3. On the home page interface, under Contacts, click Browse. 15 1. 3. 2.

20 Browsing Contacts 1. You can search for a contact using an email address, contact’s first or last name. 2. Clicking a contact’s name will take you to View Contact page. 3. Clicking the email address will open an email window to contact that client. 4. This will display the number of orders/jobs that contact has placed. 5. Login will allow you to login as that contact. 6. This gear will take you to the Edit Contact page. 7. This will display the lowest set tier for that contact. For example, if their default tier is retail but you have them set for Tier 3 on 500 standard business, Tier 3 will be displayed here. 16 1. 2. 3. 4.5.6. 7.

21 View Contact Page 1. General information about the contact will be shown on this page. 2. Clicking the gear will take you to the Edit Contact page. 3. Clicking the globe will load a map and street view of the contact’s location. 4. Clicking the box next to the email will launch the website associated with the email, if there is one. 17 1. 3. 2. 4.

22 View Contact Page: Cont. 1. Sample request info and history. 2. User specific coupons. 3. Internal notes about contact 4. Login as Contact 5. View contact’s cart items. 6. Contact order history and financials. 18 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4.

23 View Contact Page: Cont. Edit Prices will open the dialogue box allowing you to set specific tier prices for specific products for that specific contact. View Prices will log you in as the contact directly to their View Prices interface in the profile. Manage Credit Cards is where you can add, edit or delete saved credit cards assigned to the contact. View Storage Area will take you to the contact’s storage area where you can assign files to orders and upload new files for the contact. 19

24 Edit Contact Prices 1. Editing a contact’s prices can be done by setting tiers for an entire product category, such as Flyers. 2. A specific product such as 4.25x5.5 (1/4 Page) Flyers. 3. You can dial down as specific as one quantity or other options, such as turnaround. 4. Once you have dialed to the option level, such as quantity, you can you use the tiers or set a custom price. (Custom Price cannot be lower than your WS cost.) As you click through, more options will be made available. 20 1. 2. 3. 4.

25 View Contact Prices 1. Clicking the category in the left will display all sizes and quantities for that category. 2. Making different option selections will change the prices displayed. 3. Prices are displayed in a matrix for easy side by side quoting. Clicking the price of the desired size and quantity will load that product into the shopping cart calculator. 21 3. 1. 2.

26 Manage Contact Credit Cards Manage Credit Cards will allow you to edit a card on file or insert a new one. Once the card has been saved it can no longer be viewed - only the last 4 digits and expiration date are visible. 1. Insert new cards 2. Edit existing card 22 1. 2.

27 Managing Contact Storage 1. The User Storage Area gives every contact up to 300MB to store files. 2. Files in the Storage Area can be assigned to a job in the system. 3. You can upload files for the contact. 4. Checking this box will send a notification email to the contact letting them know you have uploaded a file for them. 23 2. 1. 4. 3.

28 Edit Contact Page Edit general information on a contact, including billing, shipping and password. 24 1. Change sales reps from list available. 2. Set a contact to Active, Inactive or Suspended. 3. Edit default pricing for contact across the board. (For Edit Tier Pricing see Slide 20 - Edit Contact Pricing is the same interface.) 4. A contact is considered a “Lead” until they have placed an order at which time they become a “Customer”. Note: When any action is taken on this page it must be saved using the buttons at bottom of page. 3.3. 2.2. 4.4. 1.1.

29 Edit Contact Page: Cont. 25 1. Internal Notes will allow you to make note about a contact that can only be seen by you and the home office. This is useful for remembering things specific to a contact. 2. High Priority can be set for a contact that may require special attention. 3. Free UV will give a contact UV for no charge on all orders. 4. Reseller will set No Tagging by default and give the contact the option for drop shipping to their clients. 5. Tax Exempt will make a contact’s orders Tax Exempt. Tax ID must be entered for this function. Note: Depending on your platform level some of these features may not be available. 1.1. 5.5. 2.2. 4.4. 3.3.

30 Edit Contact Page: Cont. 26 Affiliate Customer Credit is the amount of credit given to a contact that refers another through the affiliate program. Extended Cutoff is the fee charged to extend cutoff for a job a contact is ordering. Store Credit is something that is issued for a transaction or order that was canceled. No Tagging turns that option off for the contact making “Do Not Tag” the default on all jobs. Send Account Info resends the same email to the contact that they received when they first created their account. Free Shipping will make the contact exempt from shipping charges. Disable Promo Codes will make a contact unable to use promo codes. Can Save Credit Cards will allow for a contact to save credit cards to their account. Sample Pack Request, Sent & Feed Back are tracking dialogue for samples.

31 Add New Contact Add New Contact will give the exact same interface as the Edit Contact Page, except this function creates a new contact in the system. Note: You should never create a new account on your storefront for a contact. Any time a contact is being added by you it must be done here. 27

32 Import Contacts Following the instructions on this page, you can import a list to create a group of new contacts. (Please note document type and column assignments of data.) In doing this, you may set the system to send a Welcome Email. You may also assign the group to a specific sales rep and set their default pricing tier. 28

33 Adding Sales Reps 1. To add a sales rep you must first access the ACL Roles. 2. Once you have accessed the ACL, browse for Admins in the Sales Rep Role. 3. Click Add Users to Role 4. You will then see displayed the existing sales reps or search contacts for users to add. In order for someone to be added as a sales rep, they must already be a contact in the system. 29 1.1. 4.4. 2.2. 3.3.

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