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Smart Store Mobile POS. Presentation Overview What is the Product about? Features of this Product Scope of this Product Business Revenue Model Market.

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1 Smart Store Mobile POS

2 Presentation Overview What is the Product about? Features of this Product Scope of this Product Business Revenue Model Market Research

3 What is the Product about? If you’re running a shop, this Is an all-in-one solution for retail store maintenance product that runs on all Android Phones and Tablets. Is a complete package for selling products, management of stock, Reports generation, Employee & Customer management and lots more with no (or) minimum hardware setup with absolute ease. Aimed at Individual, Small & medium level stores located in INDIA,UK,US,DUBAI and lots more all around the world.

4 What’s Special There are lots of products for this purpose but there is no ALL IN ONE app for all needs of a Store including Employee & Customer Management, Multiple Currencies etc. Like this product. Absolute low Pricing and lots of offers to choose from. No Transaction Charges like many other products charge. No or Minimum requirements to setup for your store. o No hardware setup required for single user store o Create a multi Devices & multi salesman environment with just devices using Mobile – As - Server technology without any computer/server requirement.

5 Standout Features All In One for Sale, Reports, Inventory Management, Employee Management and lots more… Multiple Currency Support. Localization by Local Language Implementation. Absolutely easy to use & Customizable User Interface. No Data lost by using Backup & Security. No/Minimum Hardware/ Computer Required with our new “Mobile As Server “ Technology. Absolute Low Price, lots of offers to choose among different Subscription models available.

6 Current Available Features Below are the list of available features o Store Owner & Store Setup o Store Device(s) Management o Store with Single User with Single Device o User ( Operator ) management & Role Based Features o Multiple Currencies Support o Stock Management o Sale Transactions..Continued

7 Current Available Features Tax management Customer Management Suspend & Resume Transactions Search Transactions Import Inventory Data Export Reports & Sales Data Reports Generation Receipt management Acceptable Payment Methods- Cash, Credit/Debit Cards..Continued

8 Upcoming Planned Features External Hardware Integration o Swipe / Insert EMV Machine, Mobile Receipt Printers Support of More currencies Support of More Tender Types Deal Setup Store with Multiple Users with single & Multiple Device(s) Device Configuration & Security & Remote management Manager Approvals Remote Manager Approvals..Continued

9 Upcoming Planned Features..continued Back Office Reporting Own Branding Hardware Store in Cloud Upgrading Stores to Cloud Store Subscription model implementation Analytics and Intelligence

10 Sale Transaction Features Scan Item Barcode using Camera Scanner (or) External Bluetooth Scanner. Customize NOF item Details & ability to add the NOF item to Inventory. Price Override Tax Override on Item Level & Transaction Level Apply Discounts on Item Level & Transaction Level Reorder from past transactions. Search Previous Transactions by Customer and type..Continued

11 Sale Transaction Features Suspend Transaction Resume Transaction Void Transaction Reprint Receipt Attach Customer to transaction & Filter View Recent Transactions Sales Summary widgets..Continued

12 Sale Transaction Screenshots..Continued

13 Stock Management Add Item by Scan barcode Supports Separable quantity( Liters/Grams) items Input Stock Units for SKU/Product Update Stock units by SKU/Product See Available & sold Stock Report Batch Scan Support Supports all types of barcode formats Support for Any external Bluetooth scanner..Continued

14 Stock Management Screenshots..Continued

15 Supported Tender Types Currently, we implemented for Cash & Credit/Debit Cards. Implemented multiple currency support. Cards are recognized using Smart Scan by PayPal’s Card.IO library or input the card details. Smart Scan allowed for low light conditions & supports all phones/tablets. In Future, we support o Card Swipe/Insert by External own branded devices. o More & Customized tender types implementation...Continued

16 Payment Process Screenshots..Continued

17 Signature Capture & Receipt Screenshots..Continued

18 Multiple Language Support The Mobile Application supports below languages at this moment. o US English Upcoming o Arabic o Spanish..Continued

19 Currency Support Below are the list of available Currencies o US Dollar o UK Euro o Indian Rupee Upcoming o Dubai AED..Continued

20 Store Customers Management Register/Save your store customer details in store. Attach sale transactions to corresponding customers. Filter/Search Transactions by Customer Name or Mobile Number. Reorder the Transactions by Customer Mobile Number (or) transaction number. Find Customers who are highest bought, most frequent, loyal. Email the sale receipts to customer email...Continued

21 Customers Management Screenshots..Continued

22 Employee Management Each Operator/Salesman in store is considered as Employee. Everyone is identified with their login id & password, which created by Store Owner/Manager. All employees can perform work in single device, one at a time. Transactions are logged under the salesman. In Multi Devices Store, Salesman can log in to separate devices to perform sales. Transactions are logged under the salesman with the device...Continued

23 Employee Management Screenshots..Continued

24 Setup Store No (or) Minimum Setup requirements. Download Application from Play Store. Register the customer details Add store Details to Customer. Add device(s) to store. Choose Subscription Model that suits by features & duration. Now, Ready to use MOBILE POS for your store...Continued

25 Mobile-As-Server Concept One Mobile Device in a network acts as server to the other devices in same network, used to send/receive data & Commands by running in a port using socket communication layer. Requirements: o All Devices should connect to single Network using wireless Router. This mode can be used to create multi device environment in a store.

26 Setup Store Screenshots..Continued

27 Setup Multiple Devices Store Requirements: o Wireless Router. o All Mobile Devices should connect to single network. Procedure: o Choose any one device/tablet to acts as Server. o Add Inventory to this service device. o Use “Convert as Router” and note down IP & PORT. o On the other device, Use option ‘Work as Terminal’ option and input Server IP & PORT. o Setup Complete and You are ready to use Multi Devices in store. Note: You can also use Server device for your normal sale operations.

28 What Terminals Can Perform In Multi Device Store Environment, the device that connected To server is called as Terminal. Terminal can do below functions. o Login to application by using valid credentials. o Sale Products o View/Retrieve the transactions made only on the device. o Search/Resume transactions made on other terminals or server. o All Other options will be disabled including settings. All Sale operations made on terminals will be saved on Server Device and Server will reports all terminals transactions.

29 Hardware Requirements Android Phones & Tablets with OS 4.1 and above. Download Application from Play Store. If Single Device Store, you are ready to use immediately. If Multiple Devices store, require a wireless router to connect the devices in your store network. Choose one device to act as Server ( you can also this device for your operations at the same time)...Continued

30 Optional Hardware Requirements External Bluetooth Scanner for fast scanning of items. External Bluetooth Receipt Printer for receipt printing for each device. Buy an network printer, if want to use single printer for the store...Continued

31 Timeline

32 Scope of Product Current Scope is aimed for below Stores: Small Individual owned Small Stores with 2-3 Salesman. In Grocery/Stationary/Electronics/Consumer Goods etc. To use in Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Kiosks etc. Can be extended up to Enterprise package. Can be cloud-oriented ALL IN ONE POS systems in the market.

33 Business Revenue Model Planned to go with Subscription based revenue model. Publish at Android Play Store & other Channels. Subscription Models for Month/Quarter/Half Yearly o Varies by Country, features, number of devices. o $ 10-25 Monthly pricing o 1 Month Free Trail Period with limited features. o Offers on packages more than a Month. o Additional for personalize support & Customization...Continued

34 Target Customers Countries: INDIA,UK, DUBAI,USA Stores: Small Individual owned Single Outlets Small Stores with 2-3 Salesman. Medium Stores with 4-5 Salesman. Can be usable in below stores Grocery Stores Stationary/Electronics/Consumer Goods etc... Continued

35 Looking Ahead Investors for more resource hiring and improve the scalability and improve growth of development. Marketing Partners & Sale Partners to sale the product.

36 Dependencies and Resources Project Vendors Manufacturing Sales Engineering Remote Teams

37 Market Research on Mobile POS The market for mobile POS terminals has started gaining traction in a broader collection of retail locations. The global market for mobile POS is expected to grow from $132.5 million in 2010 to $227.4 million by 2015 at a Com- pound Annual Growth Rate of over 11.4%. Source:

38 The Benefits of Mobile POS Major benefits / ROI drivers of this technology include: Small, Portable Footprint – Form factor similar to personal devices— particularly smartphones—is familiar to associates and easily portable. Enhanced Labor Efficiency – Ability to serve customers and address their requirements at the point-of-decision. Targeted Sales – Highly personalized suggestive selling capabilities for sales associate helps to increase average ticket sizes. Lower Investment Threshold – The cost of these mobile POS devices is far less than their stationary counterparts. Speedier Checkout – Facilitates faster throughput, allowing customers to avoid long checkout lines, thus increasing overall satisfaction, building loyalty.

39 Who We Are We are NG6 Software Technologies Private Limited, a payment processing mobile company started with strong technical people who are into Enterprise retail POS Domain for last 10 years, based in INDIA. Experts in integrating All Kinds of payment processing solutions to Mobile Products and M- Commerce Products... Continued

40 Contact information Contact Us at sales@ng6.insales@ng6.

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