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1 Presented by: Cindy Coleman, Payroll Supervisor, Institution: Saint Xavier University May 21, 2013 Quarter and Year- End Processing.

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1 1 Presented by: Cindy Coleman, Payroll Supervisor, Institution: Saint Xavier University May 21, 2013 Quarter and Year- End Processing

2 2 Session Rules of Etiquette Please turn off your cell phone/pager If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversation during the session Thank you for your cooperation!

3 3 Introduction This session will give you the knowledge to complete your quarter and year-end processing in Colleague Importance of the timing involved in the sequence of steps Reports used for reconciliation

4 4 Agenda Slide Take a look at the parameters (PRPS) Go through the steps in QYPR Learn how you can monitor the progress Reports used for reconciliation

5 5 Quarterly Processing Parameters

6 6 PRPS – Payroll Parameter Setup –Establish the timeframe for processing Number of days either before or after the last day of the quarter that processing can begin

7 7 Quarterly Processing Parameters Quarterly processing cannot begin until: –The date processing begins is within the number of days specified on PSRP –QCBB has been completed for the prior quarter –All payrolls from the closing quarter have been completed thru EHUP –First Payroll of new quarter has not been CALC’d

8 8 Quarterly Processing

9 9 SSND – Soc Sec Discrepancy Report QYPR – Monitor Qtly/Yrly Processing –Provides the order in which to proceed –Shows processes that have been completed –Reset statuses and re-run when needed Quarterly Processing Steps

10 10 Quarterly Processing SSND Run Soc Sec Number Discrepancy Report (SSND) This can be ran at any time

11 11 Quarterly Processing EPAJ Employee Payroll Adjustments(EPAJ) –Wage –Tax –Ben/Ded This needs to be completed before the end of the quarter

12 12 Quarterly Processing QYPR QYPR – Monitor Qtly/Yrly Processing –Provides order which to proceed –Shows processes that have been completed –Reset statuses and re-run when needed

13 13 Quarterly Processing QYPR These are related to quarterly processing These are related to year-end processing First Step - for quarter/year (prior quarter)

14 14 Quarterly Processing Steps QCBB QCBB – Copies data from EMPBKUP to EMPKBUP.QTLY and archives it This is the last step in the QYPR process from the previously closed quarter

15 15 Quarterly Processing Steps QCBB

16 16 Quarterly Processing QCEB QCEB – copies data from EMPLOYES file that has accumulated from payrolls to EMPBKUP file Allows for continued payroll processing and updating of EMPLOYEES file while the quarter-end closing is in progress

17 17 Quarterly Processing QCEB

18 18 Quarterly Processing QCLT QCLT – clears QTD/YTD fields in the EMPLOYEES file QTD/YTD fields on EERN, ETAX and BENDED forms are cleared This process must be run before CALC of first payroll in new quarter

19 19 Quarterly Processing QCLT

20 20 Quarterly Processing QFTR QFTR – generates report of quarterly taxes by date Report is used to complete Form 941 and Schedule B Federal Report assists with completing the IRS quarterly returns Custom Report is for internal use and can be run for any quarter – good reconciling tool Report is sorted by date

21 21 Quarterly Processing QFTR YES indicates the Federal Report NO indicates the Custom Report Default is beginning date of quarter in process; can be modified for date of earliest known adjustment Fed Report - 12 th day of the last month defaults in Custom Report – No Default need to enter date

22 22 Quarterly Processing QRPT QRPT generates report of quarterly taxes by employee Summary on last page is helpful reconciling tool

23 23 Quarterly Processing QRPT Data from quarter in process defaults to required fields

24 24 Quarterly Processing QRPT

25 25 Quarterly Processing QTAE QTAE – creates an export file that can be sent for state/local reporting Depending on parameters in the Tax Agency Export Setup (QTAS), W2PP may have to be run before this process

26 26 Quarterly Processing QTAE

27 27 Quarterly Processing QYPR Progress has been made! Refer back to this form anytime during quarter-end process

28 28 Year-End Processing

29 29 Year-End Processing Preliminary Steps EHUP – Last Payroll of the Year EPAJ – before 12/31/XX PEBR – Person’s Earnings & Benefit Report (PEBR) Copy/Review/Update tax tables & SSA (TXTR) Update Employee & Employeer tax tables (TAXC  EETT & TAXC  ERTT) SSND Continue w/Quarter closing thru QCLT Review tax form box set up (TXFB) Clear benefit/deduction limits (CEML) First January payroll can be ran QRPT & QFTR can be ran

30 30 Year-End Processing PEBR Run Person’s Earnings & Benefit Report (PEBR) Run before QCEB – Use to check against W2VR Run on all employees

31 31 Year-End Processing Double check state ID number (TAXC) Review W-2 address hierarchy set-up for HR.W2 (NAHM) Make any needed changes to W-2 addresses (CHCK) Review 3 rd party Set up (QTAS)

32 32 Year-End Processing W2SP W-2 Statement Parameters (W2SP)

33 33 Year-End Processing W2PS W-2 Processing Setup (W2PS)

34 34 Year-End Processing W2BA W2BA – allows for benefit adjustments to data in EMPBKUP file Must be run after QCEB because data has not been copied to EMPBKUP file yet Must be run before W2PP because data has not been incorporated to TAX.W2 file yet

35 35 Year-End Processing W2BA Adjustments you can make on W2BA –Increase/decrease a taxable amount –Eliminate a taxable amount by making a negative adjustment –Add a taxable benefit/deduction

36 36 Year-End Processing W2BA

37 37 Year-End Processing W2BA Type the amount of the adjustment in this column

38 38 Year-End Processing W2BA Detail on the benefit code in W2BA and now the adjusted amount is reflected

39 39 Year-End Processing W2PP Based upon Name/Address Hierarchy field in W2 Setup (W2PS) Generates a report of showing all W-2 data by box for each employee Rerun W2PP if there is an address change on NAE or use W2AJ

40 40 Year-End Processing W2PP Final page is a summary by box code – great reconciling tool

41 41 Year-End Processing W2AJ W2AJ – adjustments after W2PP Changes for tax amounts, or miscellaneous box amounts, address, social security number, and check boxes Changes on W2AJ are not permanent; won’t be reflected on CYSH or other CY accumulators

42 42 Year-End Processing W2AJ Timing/Critical Points: –After W2AJ do not rerun W2PP for all employees otherwise all changes will be lost –Can rerun W2PP for only the affected employees –Best practice is running W2VR to incorporate W2PP changes

43 43 Year-End Processing W2AJ Adjustment: increase taxable wages for fringe benefit Box 1 Before Adjustment Enter comment for adjustment and dollar amount Change amount +/- in box

44 44 Year-End Processing W2AJ Saving out of W2AA shows the adjusted amount reflected on W2AJ

45 45 Year-End Processing W2VR W2VR – generates a final reports which includes all adjustments Serves as your final reconciling tool before W-2’s are printed W2VR is run after W2PP, after W2AJ, and before W2FP

46 46 Year-End Processing W2VR

47 47 Year-End Processing W2FP Are you ready to print W-2’s ??? –Go back to QYPR –Are printing parameters set on W2PS?

48 48 Year-End Processing W2FP W2FP – gathers all data for printing forms and also stores it in WEB.W2.ONLINE Used to reprint modified W-2’s after all forms have been printed Provides options for who you want printed forms (are you using W-2 online?)

49 49 Year-End Processing W2FP First printing should include all W-2’s These options based upon online W-2 or not Print on plain paper or pressure seal?

50 50 Year-End Processing W2PP Specify the max number of pages for each PDF file PDF files will be generated in a Private HOLD file Output defaults to PDF printing

51 51 Year-End Processing Final steps: –W2EX – create export file for SSA, state/local –QCBB –YCYS

52 52 Year-End Processing YCYS YCYS – copies data from previous calendar year from EMPBKUP to EMPCYEAR Allows for viewing of calendar year in CYSH Must be run after QCEB, after W-2 processing is complete and W-2 Export to SSA is complete

53 53 Summary This is your goal!!! NO

54 54 Questions & Answers Quarter-End Complete Year-End Complete Relax!

55 55 Thank You! Cindy Coleman © 2013 Ellucian. All rights reserved.

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