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Introduction to the System Dynamics Society. Agenda System Dynamics Evolution The System Dynamics Society Activities Annual Conferences Publications Awards.

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1 Introduction to the System Dynamics Society

2 Agenda System Dynamics Evolution The System Dynamics Society Activities Annual Conferences Publications Awards Membership Products and Publications Educational items for sale Webpage How can you participate? System Dynamics Society

3 System Dynamics Evolution In 1956 Jay Forrester joined the Sloan School of Industrial Management Apply principals of feedback to social systems Industrial Dynamics Urban Dynamics World Dynamics System Dynamics Society

4 System Dynamics Evolution International meetings were organized informally in 1976 and 1981. First formal conference held in 1983 in Massachusetts. System Dynamics Society System Dynamics Conference at Oslo, Norway, 1984

5 System Dynamics Evolution Taught in more than 60 schools around the world including: – European Masters Program Jointly at Radboud University, University of Bergen, New University of Lisbon, and University of Palermo – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA – University at Albany, SUNY, NY – Washington State University, WA – Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA – Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management System Dynamics Society

6 System Dynamics Evolution Span of Applications – Corporate planning and policy design – Public management and policy – Biology and medical modeling – Energy and the environment – Theory development in the natural and social sciences – Dynamic decision making – Complex nonlinear dynamics System Dynamics Society

7 The System Dynamics Society The Society was formed at the 1983 meeting. Incorporated as a non-profit, international organization in 1985. Devoted to encouraging the development and use of System Dynamics around the world. System Dynamics Society

8 The Society Provides a forum in which researchers, educators, consultants, and practitioners interact and build on each other's work. Provides services not only to members, but anyone interested in the methodology. System Dynamics Society

9 Activities – Annual Conference Now, over 500 people participate. System Dynamics Society

10 Activities - Annual Conference More than 250 papers get presented in plenary, parallel, or poster sessions. System Dynamics Society

11 Activities - Annual Conference Get to know and talk to luminaries of the field System Dynamics Society

12 Activities - Annual Conference Includes the PhD Colloquium, where PhD students present and discuss their dissertations. System Dynamics Society

13 Activities - Annual Conference Student volunteers are the backbone of the conference. System Dynamics Society

14 Activities – Annual Conference Includes the Modeling Assistance Workshop and ends with a workshop day free for conference participants. System Dynamics Society

15 Activities – Annual Conference Come to the conference and … – Stay at the forefront of developments in the field – Make personal connections To build a research or professional network To apply to academic programs To apply for jobs – Review others’ work; get feedback on your work – Meet and interact with leaders of the field in person System Dynamics Society

16 Activities - Publication Our research journal: – The System Dynamics Review Established 1985 – Editors: Eric Wolstenhome 1985-1989 George P. Richardson 1989-1996 Graham Winch 1996-2001 Brian Dangerfield 2001-2011 Rogelio Oliva 2012- – Since 1991 publication of the System Dynamics Review was taken over by Wiley & Sons. System Dynamics Society

17 Activities - Publication Other publications many available on the Society website: – Bibliography – DYNAMICA – Jay Forrester’s Biography – Newsletters from 1988 – Conference Proceedings from 1983 – The Case Repository – Oral History and other historical documents – Reprint of The Electronic Oracle – Collection of Books offered from the world of System Dynamics System Dynamics Society

18 Activities - Awards The Jay W. Forrester Award – Presented for the best contribution to the field of system dynamics published in the preceding five years. System Dynamics Society

19 Activities - Awards System Dynamics Applications Award – Presented once every two years for the best "real world" application of System Dynamics conducted within the last ten years. System Dynamics Society

20 Activities - Awards Dana Meadows Student Paper Award – Presented annually for the best student paper presented at the conference. System Dynamics Society

21 Activities - Awards System Dynamics Society Lifetime Achievement Award – Presented only three times to date, for a significant contribution to a field or a practice over an extended period of time. System Dynamics Society

22 Activities - Awards Other Society awards and scholarships: – System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award – Scholarship for attending the conference – Best Poster Presentation External Awards: – The Lupina Young Researcher Award – The Barry Richmond Award – Australian Best System Dynamics Essay Many Opportunities for Students! System Dynamics Society

23 Activities - Membership Membership is diverse and embraces: – Professionals in various types of private practice and public service – Professors – Scientists – K-12 educators and administrators – Military personnel – Students All disciplines are welcome! System Dynamics Society

24 Activities - Membership The Society has a tiered-dues structure The intention is to make membership in the Society as accessible and worthwhile as possible to the largest number of people. Over 1,159 members in 73 countries System Dynamics Society

25 Activities - Membership Student Participation – The Student Chapter and PhD Colloquium An encouraging environment for presentation of work – Student-specific awards and scholarships – Student discounts for conference registration and membership fees – Extensive networking opportunities System Dynamics Society

26 Activities – Membership Attend Special Interest Groups and Chapters Meetings and events during the conference and regionally. SIGs: Biomedical, Business, Conflict, Defense and Security, Education, Energy, Environmental, Health Policy, Information Science and Information Systems, Model Analysis, and Psychology Chapters: Africa Regional, Australasia, Benelux, Brazil, Canada, China, German, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Russian, South Africa, Swiss, United Kingdom, Economics, and Student System Dynamics Society

27 Activities – Membership Special Interest Groups and Chapters The aims of the Student Chapter: – To extend the knowledge of feedback systems – To intensify communication – To arouse interest among undergraduate students – To promote communication between students and practitioners – To facilitate contact with field-related graduate studies and job opportunities System Dynamics Society

28 Products and Publications System Dynamics Society Educational items for sale:  Jay W. Forrester Seminar Series on DVD  MIT Literature Collection on DVD  The Electronic Oracle, book by Donella H. Meadows and Jennifer M. Robinson  Fireside Chat with Jay W. Forrester on DVD  The Production-Distribution Game (The Beer Game)  A Collection of Books from within the world of System Dynamics

29 Our electronic presence: http://www.systemdynamics.org

30 System Dynamics Society


32 All Open Source

33 System Dynamics Society






39 Online resources to learn system dynamics: - Road Maps, A Guide to Learning System Dynamics: At MIT under the direction of Professor Jay Forrester - Introduction to System Dynamics: The Department of Energy by Michael J. Radzicki -WPI's Advanced Study Program in System Dynamics. -Strategy Dynamics Online course -University of Bergen’s Graduate Course in Natural Resources Management

40 System Dynamics Society We distribute the Production- Distribution Game (The Beer Game)


42 System Dynamics Society All Open Source

43 System Dynamics Society


45 How you can participate? Become a member Attend the conferences Join SIGs and Chapters Volunteer System Dynamics Society


47 Questions and for more information, please contact: Roberta L. Spencer Executive Director System Dynamics Society

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