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Teach A TeacherTeach A Teacher Mac EditionMac Edition.

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1 Teach A TeacherTeach A Teacher Mac EditionMac Edition

2 Do you think that students are better with ICT than teachers?

3 Do you agree that teachers need help?

4 The aim of this project is for you to teach a teacher about the Mac computer system.

5 This will happen in two ways … 1. Build a wiki Working collaboratively, you will use a wiki to build an online manual for your teachers to use. All Year 7 students will work on one system together. 2. Teaching Working in pairs, you will plan and execute a 10-minute lesson for a teacher of your choosing. You will have to teach them what they want to know.

6 So, what is a wiki?

7 Wikipedia is the most famous example of a wiki. Its content has been built up by thousands of individuals, working in different locations at different times.

8 What makes wikis great? 1. Collaborative Instead of getting one person’s ideas, you can harness the “wisdom of crowds” to get something better. 2. Free(dom) People can work on what they want, and say what they want. 3. Flexible People can work together, eve if they work at different times from different places. 4. Instant Changes can be made any time and are immediately viewable. Unlike books, you do not need to reprint.

9 How will your work be assessed?

10 Use this Rubric to Guide You

11 Welcome to ICHKWiki Let’s look at how you can log in and get started.

12 Browse to then click “Log in”. Getting Started Click on the name of a page to get started.

13 Click on the edit tab. Editing A Page

14 To input text, simply start typing in the text area. Editing Text For advanced functions, hover over a button to see what it does, click to insert the object, and then edit the text. For ordered lists, use a * before your text. Extra stars cause the text to indent. When you are finished, click on the “Save page” button under the text area.

15 Advanced Techniques 1. Links Use the link buttons in the Edit page to create a link internally to a wiki page or externally to another website. 2. Screen Capture Use Mac’s Cmd-Shift-4 shortcut to capture part of the screen. 3. Upload & Insert Image Upload an image to the wiki and insert it into a page. 4. Citation To include citations to show your sources, see

16 Beware revision control! The wiki system tracks all changes made to the contents of all pages. If you are thinking of vandalising the wiki, you will get caught… …it also allows me to see exactly how much work you have contributed, so you cannot hide behind others.

17 Let’s begin editing…

18 Licensing All original work used here is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution- Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Hong Kong License. For more details please look This license has been chosen to permit a high degree of sharing, whilst protecting the author’s control as to how the content is used. Please respect this license and use accordingly! Recycled and borrowed works from other sources are used under appropriate licenses, which are not affected by this license. The original source is always given. All original work created by Ross Parker (International College Hong Kong), except where specified.

19 Credits Aluminium iMac Image Matthieu Riegler, Wikimedia Commons

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