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Mudd Buggs John “Doug” Reeves Matt Cook Brady Goyn.

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1 Mudd Buggs John “Doug” Reeves Matt Cook Brady Goyn

2 Background Mudd Buggs was created by rich billionaire mechanics that got bored and decided to take on a new sector of sales. Too make our wives upset, were going to play in the MUD.

3 Roles of the Company CEO- Brady Goyn CFO- John D. Reeves IV CTO- Matt Cook

4 Services Services offered – Bike Testing – Crash Testing – Bike Repair – Bike sales – Stunt Bike Shows – Party Planning

5 Processes Dirt Bike Flash Mobs Child Volunteering (Meaning my kids do what I tell them) We’ve delegated and chosen suppliers all across the United States so as to provide quicker shipping and better customer satisfaction.

6 Products Available online and at our stores: Bikes – Specialized in Stunt Dirt Bikes Everything from 150cc to 300cc – SigmaTron 250cc is our personal specialized bike. Apparel – Assortment of Jackets, Gloves, Helmets, etc. All printed with our own company's logo – Custom Team Uniforms – Goggles – Exoskeletons Bike parts – Tires – Engine – Framework – Miscellaneous Storefront presence: Beginner Riding Classes Mechanic Classes Stunt Classes Team Racing Stunt Team

7 Customer Demographics We cater to the reckless, adrenaline junkies, the bored, children of all ages from 2-92 We work with company movie stuntman and celebrities.

8 Marketing Mix Social Networking – Facebook official – We have a blog for other dirt bike bloggers to enjoy Youtube Banner X-games – Flyers and Banners promoting our company Volunteering for the wrecked- promote our company by volunteering time to those who have been seriously injured by motorsports Bike shows- show off our products and tell about our services at conventions and shows. Talks/shows at elementary and middle schools – Explain motorsport safety and have stunt shows LinkedIn account Local parties and events- with “Mudd Buggs” posted everywhere Free team gear if on the team

9 Discounts Members are mailed coupons every month and receive some free gear In all Dirt Bike magazines as monthly specials Monthly specials – This includes if you buy a certain item you can receive an item for free.

10 CRM-SalesForce Being in the sales industry we thought it would be better if we were more friendly to our customers. The CRM helps us communicate with the customers quicker and more effectively than we would be able to with an ERP system. It is also more suited towards creating great customer relationships. Since we have bike testing, crash testing, bike repair, and bike sales; we have to be in contact with our customers and be able to maintain healthy relationships. SalesForce CRM product lets us do just that through their Service Cloud.

11 SalesForce Provides: Custom applications and webpages to provide a user friendly webpage. Up to date analysis of our companies performance. Ability to expand the company and increase the profit through the Sales Cloud Great customer services through Service Cloud including our marketing mix strategy through social media using Marketing Cloud.

12 Different Features Sales Cloud-Mobile feature that allows us to make a sell anywhere within service. Ability to get custom forecast's in real time. Service Cloud-Develops a contact center so the customer has the ability to get in contact with us. This also provides a customer service center that will answer our valued customers’ questions immediately. Marketing Cloud-Gives us the ability to reach out to the community from connections through customers. Including videos, images, and links. Used by 100,000+ companies

13 Businesses and Industries using SalesForce Software and Internet, Manufacturing, financial services, Computer manufacturing, Technology Solutions Services., Walmart, HP, Asics, Haagen-Dazs, and many more

14 More on Why SalesForce Simple and easy user interface Straightforward customization for different products that they offer Good customer service Good security for the company its self

15 How our company will use SalesForce A big part of our companies success will ride on the ability to market through Marketing Cloud. This will makes us favored more also for the customer service this company will provide. This company will help us boost our sales from Sales Cloud as well as keep track of all of our sales

16 Pros of SalesForce The SalesForce platforms are leading in its industry. Emphasis on Marketing Ease of use Programming tools making it easy to change to fit the company

17 Cons of SalesForce System interruptions make the program not always available for use. Subscription costs are expensive and recurring Invisible cost add-ons Mixed customer reviews (possibly from system interuptions)

18 SalesForce Cost 125$ per user per month

19 References Laudon, Kenneth C., and Jane P. Laudon. Management Information Systems. 2006. Reprint. New Jersey: Pearson, 2010. Print. Shifley, M. (1999). crm system review. Retrieved from Salesforce pricing & editions. (2000). Retrieved from

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