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WELCOME Retail Point of Sale Software “ The Leader in Information Technology” (Point-of-Sales)

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1 WELCOME Retail Point of Sale Software “ The Leader in Information Technology” (Point-of-Sales)

2 WMS-POS  WMS POS is the next generation Point of Sales system that enables companies to manage the business wirelessly or through mobile from anywhere, anytime.  WMS is designed to address today’s critical business needs that helps companies of every size to manage not only their money, but also virtually every aspect of business.  WMS is developed using industry-leading technology Microsoft dot net for an integrated set of end-to-end business management application.

3 Efficient : With the aid of common barcode scanners and touch screen interfaces, you can process your sales quickly and efficiently. Easy to learn : No expensive training for staff as easy to learn. Easy to use : Requires minimum keystrokes and the mouse is never required (but you can use it if you want). Flexible : Handles any combination of discounts, taxes, returns, credits and sales specials in one easy transaction.

4 Automatic : Applies automatic discounts or preferred price levels to special customers. Accommodating : If something is not in stock can send a customer order to the purchase order system Secure : Can view and automatically calculated profit margins and stock counts. Customer-Oriented : Let you know to rewards your best customers with a bonus points program.

5 Versatile : Prints sales slips, price quotes and account invoices. Modern : Works with all the modern retail devices including barcode, customer display, cash drawer, barcode scales and runs on any network. Email : The email send to the regular customer regarding new scheme for new product.

6 SOLUTIONS  WMS Retail Solutions.  WMS Retail Chain Solutions.  WMS E-Commerce Solutions.

7 WMS Retail POS  WMS Retail POS is a fully integrated retail management solution catering to a wide range of retail business including department stores, multi- stores chains and supermarkets.  WMS Retail POS supports multi-stores concept which allows the retail organization to maintain separate store-based purchasing price, as well as store-based retail price setting and Inventory control.

8 WMS Retail POS  WMS enables the management to check on the sales, inventory and other details of various branches across the globe at anytime, anywhere through the Internet.  New products and pricing can also be updated through the net from all POS branches.

9 WMS Retail POS  WMS is designed to support multi- stores concept for retail environment with powerful features.  The latest technology helps to get vital information about product sales through keyboard entry, bar-code scanning or touch screen.

10 WMS Retail POS  Unlike conventional wired system WMS gives total freedom to your business which is busy with customers, staff and management moving in all direction.  WMS Retail POS solution features full screen POS software with all powerful features that can serve more customers faster and more efficiently through tablet PC’s wirelessly.

11 Magnetic Strip Readers/ Power Platforms Power platform  Simplified credit card transactions.  Connects POS terminals to a single processor.  Quick data retrieval.  Reduces time, cost, and risk of credit card transactions.

12 Smart Cards, Debit Cards, and Contactless Payment Smart Cards  Embedded microchips.  Size of credit card.  Stores information in several files for different functions.  PIN necessary for access.

13 Smart Cards, Debit Cards, and Contactless Payment Debit Cards  Account must contain funds.  Transactions as fast as with credit cards Contactless Payments.  RFID technology.  NFC technology.

14 INVENTORY CONTROL - HIGHLIGHTS  Comprehensive stock control and tracking.  Vendor and purchase price specification for inventory items  Integration with Order Entry and Purchase Order modules.

15 SYSTEM MANAGER - OVERVIEW  System Manager is the central module of WMS System.  The System Manager controls access to all applications and information.  It is the hub from which all the other applications operate and affects nearly everything you do in WMS system.  System Manager includes tools to ensure data integrity and complete processing which makes easy for you to concentrate on the accounting aspects of your business and minimize the time on administrative tasks and activities.

16 T ECHNOLOGY U SED  Application: ASP.Net 3.5  Database: SQL Server 2008.  O/S : Microsoft Windows

17 Key Highlights Easy to use. Flexible & Adaptable. Powerful analysis & Reporting.

18 Front-end Specification  Search Product.  Password Control.  Multiple Card Payment.  Sign In, Sign Out.  Barcode Scanning.  Discounts.  Membership.

19 Back-end Specification  Inventory Management & Reporting.  Retail Sales Reporting.  Member Management.  Purchase & Sales Invoicing.  Opening/Closing Balance.  Payment Module-Credit Card/Nets.

20 Application Modules  Point of Sales.  Stock Management.  Purchase Management.  Discounts.  Campaigns.  Returns.  Reward Programs.

21 Clients Requirements  Microsoft Windows Operating system.  Intel Pentium II 255 Mhz or Higher Processor.  64 MB RAM.  5 GB of Hard Disk Space or more.  Any Web Browser.

22 Server Requirements  Intel Pentium II I 500 or Higher Processor.  256 MB RAM.  20 GB of Hard Disk Space or more.  ISCSI Drive recommended.  Operating System & Software Windows 2000 or later.

23 Payment Integration VPos [Nets] D2Pay [ DBS & POS bank accounts] Visa, Master, Amex Cash Card Cheque Cash

24 User Login Screen

25 Welcome Screen

26 Add Post to Make Retail Chain

27 Create Post Hierarchy to Make Retail & Stockiest Chain

28 Add Member License in Hierarchy According to Post

29 View/Edit Added Member License in Post Hierarchy

30 View Hierarchy of Added Members License According to Post Hierarchy

31 Add Retail Store in a Particular License

32 View/Edit Retail Store in a Particular License

33 Add Counter in a Particular Retail Store

34 View/Edit Counter in a Particular Retail Store

35 Add User for each License

36 View/Edit User for each License

37 User Permission to Access Retail Store

38 User Permission to Access Menu


40 Add Category of Items

41 View/Edit Category of Items

42 Add/Edit Attributes of Items

43 Add Brand of Items

44 View/Edit Brand of Items

45 Add Tax

46 View/Edit Tax

47 Quick Item Add

48 View/Edit Item Detail

49 Edit Barcode of Item Attribute Wise

50 Opening Stock Entry Store Wise


52 Add Customer

53 Sales Bill


55 Sales Return

56 Sale Invoice View

57 View Sale Invoice Detail and Reprint Sale Invoice

58 View Sale Return Invoice

59 View Sale Return Invoice Detail And Reprint


61 Add Supplier

62 View/Edit Supplier

63 Assign Brands to Supplier

64 Purchase Invoice

65 View Purchase Invoice

66 Edit/Update Purchase Invoice

67 Purchased Goods Received by Store

68 Purchase Order

69 Purchase Return


71 Customer Sell Detail

72 Item Sale Analysis

73 Margin Analysis

74 Fix Sale Price on Margin Analysis

75 Purchase Report (Invoice Wise)

76 Stock Detail (Store Wise)

77 Product Detail List

78 Goods Received (By Store) Report

79 Store Wise Stock Re Order Report


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