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The Fun in Re fun ds! Processing Refunds in Banner using TouchNet Sissy Hendricks University of North Carolina Wilmington.

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1 The Fun in Re fun ds! Processing Refunds in Banner using TouchNet Sissy Hendricks University of North Carolina Wilmington

2 Session Etiquette Please turn off all cell phones. Please keep side conversations to a minimum. If you must leave during the presentation, please do so as quietly as possible. Thank you for your cooperation! UNC SYSTEM FINANCE CONFERENCE 2015

3 What we will cover Overview of UNCW’s Refund Procedures Reviewing TSARFND (report created by Banner) Touchnet Refund Process UNC SYSTEM FINANCE CONFERENCE 2015

4 History – Checks Vs. Electronic Refunds – Prior to FY10 UNCW utilized the services of an Outside Vendor – Implemented refund processing with TouchNet in FY10 – Process approximately $50 million in refunds annually – 85% of student refunds processed electronically UNC SYSTEM FINANCE CONFERENCE 2015

5 Banner Refund Procedures Run TVPREQA- Updates Title IV authorization information Run GLBDATA – Population Selection (Selects student population in delinquent status) Must be completed prior to application of payments! Run: TGRAPPL – TGRUNAP - TGRAPPL Create Refund Population (GLBDATA) Second Time UNC SYSTEM FINANCE CONFERENCE 2015

6 GLBDATA- Parameter Example Parameter Values 01 Selection Identifier 1 = ALL_REFUNDS2 02,03,04,05 are all blank 06 Application Code = STAC 07 Creator ID of Selection ID = GREENED 08 Is blank UNC SYSTEM FINANCE CONFERENCE 2015


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9 Banner Refund Procedures Run Auto Refund Credit Amount Report TSRRFND (3 steps involved) a.Select – All Refunds (Including Plus Loans) (this will produce the information for the report) b. TSARFND – The actual report for review c. Select – Step 2 All Refunds (Including Plus Loans) this will provide the actual refunds to be processed to the student accounts. 9

10 10

11 Banner Refund Procedures The total amount from step C should agree with your extracted report from TSRRFND d. Select – Step 3 All Refunds(Including Plus Loans) this process will post the refunds to the accounts and close your cashiering session Print your closed cashier session 11

12 Reviewing the Refund Report - TSARFND In reviewing the refund report we further exclude students with special circumstances a. Pre-paid Parking Tickets b. Dropped Classes prior to end of drop/add c. Tuition Deposits d. Questionable accounts that need further investigation Note: This process is only possible after initial refunds at the beginning of semester due to high volume 12

13 13

14 Illustration – Extracted TSARFND 14

15 Processing Refunds - TouchNet After the closing of cashier’s session(s) in Banner, log on to TouchNet Bill +Payment to review refund configuration setup. Bill+Payment Home Administration System Settings Refunds Configuration 15

16 Processing Refunds - TouchNet The data should read: Refund to this host system account: 4–eRefunds Detail code for pending refunds: 6000 Detail code for completed refunds: 6005 Description for completed refunds: TouchNet Refund For students with no profile, hold refunds for: 0 days. 16

17 17

18 Processing Refunds - TouchNet Launching Refunds in Bill+Payment TouchNet: Refunds Manage Refunds On the right-hand-select term for which refunds are being issued (we do not use dates-leave blank) Select where to direct refunds-Refund only to the students’ ACH refund profile Click on Process Refunds…. Are you sure you want to launch refund? YES 18

19 19

20 Processing Refunds - TouchNet After these steps are completed you will be able to see the refund status- it will show you how many refunds were found and the number of successful refunds. FYI…for refunds that process toward ACH accounts, Bill+Payment will generate an ACH credit for each student who has an eligible ACH profile. The ACH credit is added to our pending ACH file. 20

21 Processing Refunds - TouchNet Log on to TouchNet Payment Gateway: This will show all ACH refunds pending Reports Report Selection On the right-hand side-select ACH, Select Individual Merchants, Student eRefunds View Report The total on this report is the amount of your refunds for that day. 21

22 22

23 23

24 Processing Refunds - TouchNet As the ACH credit is created, Bill +Payment updates the refund detail code on the student’s account in Banner to 6005. Students receiving a refund will receive an automatic e-mail notification. Students who are due a refund but who have not set up an ACH profile will receive an e-mail prompting them to set up the profile during the regular AP Check process. In Banner you will need to review your cashier’s sessions for that day since the detail codes will have change from 6000 to 6005 and reprint your sessions. 24

25 Summary The fun in refunds is when the students receive a direct deposit which allows faster access to their funds and less phone calls to us. The AP check process is conducted once a week. Checks are available once a week with limited hours to pick them up. 25

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