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Saving the Cactus League: How A Bill Becomes a Law.

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1 Saving the Cactus League: How A Bill Becomes a Law

2 Historical Background In 1988, The Cactus League was in serious risk of dying out, as the entire MLB were to train in Florida for the Grapefruit League. Governor Mofford created special task force to find possible solutions for keeping the Cactus League Solution – Tourism tax to create funds for baseball teams Organizations and groups created to continually monitor the well-being of the Cactus League

3 Why so Important? Economic Impact to Valley  1989: $160 million impact  2007 $632 million impact Internal health of state: addition of new jobs External health of state: tourism and recreational activities Impact on the Diamondbacks (1998) and Cardinals new stadium (2005)

4 How it Happened – Legislative Process How a Bill Becomes a Law in Arizona 1.Bill introduced to by either state senator or house representative to their respective chamber 2.Committee and Rules Committee must approve the bill before going back to chamber for another reading 3.Caucuses form for the bill, moves onto final reading for specific chamber before being out to a vote 4.Bill is sent to other chamber for reading; goes through process of chamber and committee readings, then put to vote 5.Conference committee appointed if amendments from second chamber are not approved by the first 6.Bill is sent to Governor to sign into law, if the governor vetoes, legislature can override it by a 2/3’s vote. Visual Display: uploads/resource- images/How%20a%20Bill%20becomes%20Law-Vertical.pdf uploads/resource- images/How%20a%20Bill%20becomes%20Law-Vertical.pdf

5 Your Task: Opinion Article Situation:  You are on the editorial board for an Arizona newspaper in 1989  Governor Mofford’s report has just been released  You will argue either for or against Arizona keeping the Cactus League  You will first conduct research on the issue using the article packet  Then you will write the opinion article  Requirements (see also the rubric):  You must cite specific evidence from the article packet to support your argument  You must incorporate discussion of the legislative process: how a bill becomes a law in Arizona  500 word limit  Complete for homework

6 Closure Read the following questions and talk with the classmate next to you about the possible answers. Write down the answers in your guided notes Be prepared to share your answers to the class How did Rose Mofford Impact the Cactus League? What were the economic benefits from the survival of the Cactus League What is the significance of the process of how a bill becomes a law? What is the most important aspect of it?

7 Sources Ye Hee Lee, Michelle, Alia Beard Rau, and Mary Jo Pitzl. "How a bill becomes law in Arizona." The Arizona Republic, January 1, 2011. Pruitt, Ryan. The Cactus League: Big League Bust or Major League Success: The Arizona Government realized the benefits of spring training and chose to contribute the resources necessary to save the league... Reprint, :, 2013. Mofford, Rose. Executive Order No. 88-3: Cactus League Baseball. :, 1988.

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