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Microform/Reproduction Charlene Chou at the CEAL RDA Workshop March 19 th, 2013 1.

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1 Microform/Reproduction Charlene Chou at the CEAL RDA Workshop March 19 th, 2013 1

2 Agenda RDA rules and guidelines Case studies – Microform (from print) – Reprint (facsimile) – Reproduction is a compilation – Note: the examples of reprint serials and e-serials covered in the serial session; e-books in the monograph session; digital still images in the Still image session Discussion 2

3 LC-PCC PS definition LC-PCC PS for 27.1--Related manifestation is a core element for LC for reproductions.27.1 The word “reproduction” is being used in its broadest sense to include all resources formerly identified as reproductions, republications, reprints, reissues, facsimiles, etc., that still represent equivalent content between an original resource and a reproduction of that original. Revised editions represent different expressions and are not treated as reproductions. 3

4 LC-PCC PS for RDA— Referencing related manifestations27.1.1.3 Same carrier (775 field) – Reprint Different carrier (776 field) – Microform (from print) – Online serials (from print) Exceptions: – Reproduction is a compilation – Reproduction: a facsimile of a manuscript 4

5 Appendix J.4—Relationship Designators for Related Manifestations J.4.2 (Equivalent Manifestation Relationships) – electronic reproduction of (manifestation) An analog manifestation used as the basis for an electronic reproduction. Reciprocal relationship: electronic reproduction – facsimile of (manifestation) A manifestation used as the basis for an exact reproduction. Reciprocal relationship: facsimile 5

6 6 Data element (MARC 21)RDA LeaderReproduction 007 Physical description fixed field / 008 Type of date, Form of item Reproduction value used 008 DatesReproduction (Date 1) and Original (Date 2) 008 Place of publication, etc.Reproduction (place of original could be coded in 044 if scope changes made in MARC) 008 All other positionsWould reflect both original and reproduction 245 TitleReproduction; (Title of original, if different, could be recorded in 775/776$t) 250 EditionReproduction (Edition of original in 775/776$b) 264 Publication, etc. 300 Physical description Reproduction (Publication, etc., information of original in 775/776$d) (Extent of original in 775/776$h, and could be added as subunits in 300$a) 490 Series statementReproduction (Series statement for original in 775/776$k) 533 Reproduction noteN/A 775 Other edition entry 776 Additional physical form entry Use to record attributes of the original on a record for the reproduction, and vice versa

7 Preservation photocopies 7

8 Microfilm: not a compilation 8

9 Exceptions If the manifestation is a compilation containing reproductions of works not published earlier as a compilation, give a bibliographic history note, rather than MARC 775/ 776 linking fields, about the individual works if you think that information would be helpful to the user775776 If the reproduction is a facsimile of a manuscript and attributes of the original for use in a MARC 775/ 776 linking field are not readily ascertainable, give a bibliographic history note with the information you have. 775776 9

10 Microfilm: filmed-with as a compilation 10

11 Discussion 775/776 vs. 533 Born digital vs. digitalized resources – Digitalized resources RDA—manifestation-specific vs. Provider Neutral Record guidelines New MARC code: 340 (physical medium) – Korean example includes $o Polarity 340 $o negative Flowchart: decision process 11

12 Reproduction: decision process 12 Reproduction RDA1.11/27.1 Electronic reprod? Serials/ bks? Yes PN Yes Microfom ? No Serials ? CONSER Yes No

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