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Developing your Own Online Resources Bruce Landon, Ph.D. Douglas College

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1 Developing your Own Online Resources Bruce Landon, Ph.D. Douglas College

2 Agenda Why bother with online resources? Background Issues Basic Resources Finding Resources Break Making your resources Making Resources Available Collaborating with students Near Future trends and implications

3 Usability Issues Usability by sleep deprived students Accessibility to students with disabilities First time use versus Reviewing (student forgetting loglog linear) Preventing cognitive overload Preventing “lost in cyberspace” feeling Design guidelines [interfacedesign.html]

4 Copyright Issues The reality that the digital original and the digital copy are exactly the same presents unprecedented difficulties and benefits (Napster phenomenon 20 million users) Millennium Copyright Act Notion of fare use for educational purpose The Xerox solution – prohibitive time to copy materials prevented excessive infringement of intellectual property rights

5 Preventing Academic Dishonesty Statistical risks in your student population [whoswho.html] Technical solutions at an inconvenient price Time limited assignments & multiple versions Promoting the student’s understanding of the importance of their own intellectual property Automated checking strategies (essay archives) – matching error analysis [ /index.html]

6 Side benefits of using technology Involving the shy students Involving the Back Row Personalizing feedback a low personal cost The learning can be proceeding even when you are not teaching. Class notes and papers may well become permanent artifacts of the culture and accessible for lifetimes to come

7 Basic Connectivity Resources email account Home page Server space for public course files Search Engine [] File transfer program for uploading files to your home page location [] Alternatives at []

8 Slipstreaming other basics Free Web storage sites [Freeonlinefilestoragespace.htm] Free Virtual Office sites [] More office sites [] Free ICQ online chat [] Advertising versus subscription fees issue

9 Course Level Resources Publisher resources with texts [publisherstuff.html] Links to web resources - example - VassarStats [] Links to restricted resources Local Copies for in-class use Shared course resources Making your own resources

10 Saving word processed documents as html and then posting them to your site Inexpensive flatbed scanners make it easy to move paper resources to the web. Webcams are inexpensive input devices for still pictures but expensive for video quality IntelPlay Microscope (10x, 60x, and 200x) make it child’s play (windows 98 only but new version for the xmas market)

11 Break

12 General teaching resources Free tools [makehtml.html] Free demo tools [] Commercial image tool [imageready.exe] Subscription office tools [] College level tools []

13 Searching for free tools and materials Search Engines – [] Freeware and shareware [] Java and Javascript resources [] Teaching Physiology and the World Wide Web: Electrochemistry and Electrophysiology on the internet (PDF format article) [ 6/S2.pdf] The link to the above resource [http://phys-]

14 Desktop tools Hands on demonstration Desktop Microscope Desktop Webcam WebOS [] Bungo [ rt.taf]

15 Web based tools demonstration Hands on demonstration [makehtml.html] Storage 100MB [] WebCT chat tool for collaboration []

16 P2P Collaborative tools Hands on demonstration [] Colloquia Rules [colloquiarules.html] Wired guide to global file sharing []

17 Online Educational Delivery Applications Landonline [] Free Applications (some assembly required) Hosted Applications College supported Applications

18 Making Decisions about Expensive Tools The big expense is always your time Psychology of decision-making Decision aides Technology trends – near term IMS Project and Learning Objects

19 Collaborating with students Developing students as scientists Developing students as problem solvers Evaluating new course resources pretesting student usability

20 Advanced collaborating Evaluating accessibility of materials with bobby [] Student web based projects Developing your collaborative skills

21 Trends and Implications More and more resources plus Cheaper and cheaper storage = more stuff Need for Organizing Strategies - searching skills - organizing skills – by course, by topic - continually deciding what to leave in and what to leave out – decision tools vs memory - migrating your resources into new systems means keeping them portable (the [] Meta-tag approach with xml)

22 Maintaining your resources Why bother A personal example Meaningfulness of a memory or a resource is in the linkages The Google check [] Science/Biology/Physiology [ ogy/Physiology/] AltaVista local site search service And Atomz [ htm] Involving your librarians

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