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KX Driver and Utilities Reference Guide December 2002 Overview The world of office products has become increasingly more complex. The days of just selling.

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1 KX Driver and Utilities Reference Guide December 2002 Overview The world of office products has become increasingly more complex. The days of just selling “speeds and feeds” has given way to system and solution selling. In order to be competitive in today’s market, you must be able to prove that your product can do more than just what the specs say. The Drivers and Utilities that come with your product help answer the needs of your customers, and keep you competitive. In this Guide, we will review the software Driver & Utility offerings from Kyocera Mita, find out what each software package has to offer, as well as who it is important to, and why. For more in-depth knowledge, you should attend our Total Document Solutions Workshop. Q: What is a Driver? A: A Driver is a program that interacts with a particular device or special (frequently optional) software. The Driver contains the knowledge of the device or software that programs use in order to output to a printing device. Q: What are Utilities? A: A Utility is a small program that provides additional capabilities provided by the Operating System. A Utility can also be an application that is very specialized and relatively limited in capability but enables a user to perform a function that is outside the specifications of the printing device. Q: Why are these things important to MIS/IT? A: MIS/IT’s main concern is with the day-to-day operation of their equipment. Operational cost & product features are not as important as maintenance and stability of their networking environment. MIS/IT uses Drivers & Utilities to keep their networks running, and are constantly looking for a better way of doing business Q: Why do you need to know this? A: When speaking to MIS/IT, the Driver & Utilities should be your main focus. By knowing the Drivers & Utilities, you can speak intelligently to MIS/IT gain the confidence in your ability to keep their network operating smoothly and win support for your products.

2 December 2002 Features Common Driver One Driver for all Kyocera Mita Products User Friendly GUI Interface Users can see exactly what features are selected Complete print control over the Device from the desktop Print covers, inserts, adjust quality, resolution, select paper size, layout Electronic job storage capabilities with optional HDD Temporary/Permanent storage of print jobs, store documents in Virtual Mailboxes, and secure printing Complete functionality with Macintosh Operating Systems Read, create and store documents via Barcodes, directly from the Driver Why it’s important. Important to MIS/IT: Reduces training time requirements Reduces maintenance time needed for updating Drivers Fully functional in MAC environments (using PPD), allowing MIS/IT to have the same functionality with MACs as PCs Important to Users: Only need to learn how to use one device Driver Complete control over the printing device directly from the desktop e-MPS functionality gives users the ability to store and reprint large documents directly from the printer Important to Sales Reps: Kyocera Mita is the only company to offer one Driver for all our Copier/MFP’s and Printers, both Color and Monochrome, providing a unique distinction over other manufacturers! The KX Driver functions in both a MAC and Windows environment, allowing you to offer product into both areas without loss of functionality By utilizing the e-MPS functions of the KX Driver, you can search for more in-depth placement opportunities involving document storage & cost savings through waste management Commonality across all products allows you to train the customer’s technical group once, and not have to worry about re- training upon a release of a new product. KX Driver

3 KM-Net Viewer for Web (Admin) December 2002 Features Remote monitoring & notification of ALL print devices on the network, including those of the competition Visual, audible, and e-mail notification of any device alerts, from “low toner” to “device not responding” Customize alerts & device groups for easier administration and reporting Remotely configure a device without having to leave your office Why it’s important. Important to MIS/IT: One remote monitoring software package reduces the need for training & updating multiple pieces of software The printing device can notify MIS/IT, a field technician, and the dealership any time a problem arises Enables administrators to group printing devices in order to facilitate better response time and reporting Remote monitoring and configuration enables administrators to spend their time on more important functions Create system operation logs to present to support reps Access to firmware levels of each device. Important to Users: Problems that arise with network devices will automatically be communicated to the appropriate service personnel Faster response time, less workflow interruption Important to Sales Reps: Only one monitoring software package needed for “mixed” environments Gives MIS/IT control over all networked products Help identify problems more accurately before dispatching a service technician Broad scope of NET Viewer makes it more difficult for the competition to replace you in the account

4 Remote Operation Panel (ROP) (Client) December 2002 Features Remote monitoring of print devices for general users Provides audible and visual status alerts for a specific printing device Provides users with an image of the selected device to assist in troubleshooting Why it’s important. Important to MIS/IT: Provides a “First-line” of support, enabling general users to solve small problems without having to call for support Enables a user to give accurate information to technical support if a problem should arise Alerts a user to the status of a device, providing the user with options for their printing device choice Important to Users: Provides a better understanding of the problem, enabling users to better assist MIS/IT Provides users with a status of their current printing device, enabling them to switch devices if a problem arises Status alerts inform users if a problem arises, and show how to rectify the problem Important to Sales Reps: Remote Operation Panel will assist MIS/IT by eliminating some support calls Users will be able to assist MIS/IT with more information about the problem Easier tools means increased ‘clicks’

5 Printer Disk Manager (Admin) December 2002 Features Administer multiple Printer Hard Disk Drives, including Virtual Mailboxes and Macros, directly from an individual workstation Print, Delete and Change contents of the Hard Disk Drive Why it’s important. Important to MIS/IT: Remote administration of the Hard Disk Drive allows MIS/IT to accomplish several tasks from one location Administer Print Jobs and Virtual Mailboxes for any device that is connected to the network Remote maintenance of the Hard Disk Drive enables MIS/IT to implement changes in multiple locations, all from an individual workstation Manage Disk space and available memory from a remote location Ultimate security – an administrator can erase a drive remotely Important to Users: Maintenance of the Hard disk Drive can be controlled by MIS/IT Addition/Removal or Maintenance of VMB can be handled from the desktop Important to Sales Reps: Hard Disk Drive maintenance is restricted to Administrator use only Full Hard Disk Drive functionality from an individual workstation MIS/IT can maintain the Hard Disk Drive of all connected products without having to manually visit each device

6 Printer Job Manager (Client) December 2002 Features Access print jobs that are stored on the Hard Drive Modify output specifications of a stored job, including Stapling, Duplexing and total sets, directly from the desktop Manage storage space on a Hard Disk Drive in an easy-to- understand format Why it’s important. Important to MIS/IT: Using the optional HDD, users can store, modify and print jobs more efficiently Combined with e-MPS, Printer Job Manager offers a complete document storage and retrieval system for the end user Using Printer Job Manager eliminates the need to directly interact with the print device, which reduces user involvement when utilizing the Hard Disk Drive Using Printer Job Manager to reprint reduces network traffic, since the print job is already RIPed on the Hard Disk Drive Important to Users: Frequently printed documents can now be stored and reprinted directly from the printer, removing the chance of losing the hardcopy or misplacing the electronic file Electronically stored print jobs can be modified from Printer Job Manager (add Finishing, Duplexing, etc.) directly from the desktop Important to Sales Reps: Printer Job Manager provides full access to stored print jobs for all products Printer Job Manger provides user access to only their documents on a client level Printer Job Manger allows users to take full advantage of e-MPS functionality By using Printer Job Manger, users can expect a faster job turnaround since the print job does not need to be “re-RIPed”

7 IC Link December 2002 Features Combine multiple PRESCRIBE projects to one file Migrate combined projects to a Compact Flash Card for use within a CFC ready product Portability of data from device to device Why it’s important. Important to MIS/IT: PRESCRIBE forms and projects must use this Utility Using IC Link, PRESCRIBE projects can be loaded onto Compact Flash Cards, which can be transported and loaded onto multiple output devices Important to Users: Using PRESCRIBE, customers can create forms that will assist them in eliminating pre-printed forms, reducing cost and improving efficiency Important to Sales Reps: IC Link is THE tool to use when building/migrating PRESCRIBE projects IC Link is an instrumental tool when working with Compact Flash Cards or a MicroDrive Gives you an advantage over the competition. Once in use throughout an account, it would be more difficult for the competition to replace you

8 PRESCRIBE December 2002 Features Page Description Language that is native to all Kyocera Mita products Customize PDL in order to work with any software application or platform Design forms and store electronically on a Compact Flash Card or Printer Hard Disk Drive Enables font selection and downloads, Vector graphics and file patterns and Barcode printing Why it’s important Important to MIS/IT: PRESCRIBE gives you the ability to integrate products into any environment (software and system independent) By building electronic forms, users can eliminate costly pre- printed forms, as well as replace old line printers with new laser devices PRESCRIBE macros can be built in order to communicate with homegrown applications, giving you the ability to place product virtually anywhere PRESCRIBE can be utilized to interact with legacy devices and applications, providing MIS/IT with a solution that is less expensive than updating software Important to Users: PRESCRIBE enables users to convert to electronic forms, which generate clean originals (at a reduced cost) when compared to pre-printed forms PRESCRIBE will allow users to use KM devices with legacy software applications Satisfy unique printing applications by creating PRESCRIBE code to work with mission critical applications Important Sales Reps: PRESCRIBE is the perfect way to integrate KM solutions into any environment Using PRESCRIBE to build electronic forms is a great way to make a sale while saving your customer money By being able to create a custom solution that fits your prospect’s needs, you become more difficult for your competition to displace

9 Where Can I Find More Information? December 2002 Digital Library CD (Included with every product) KX Driver KM NET-Viewer KM NET-Viewer for Web Remote Operation Panel Printer Disk Manager Printer Job Manger IC Link DealerNet Kyocera Mita Web Page ( Who can I contact with questions Your Regional Digital Marketing Manager Your Regional Technical Manager Kyocera Mita Solutions Group

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