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Introducing AWS Quarry Weighbridge Solutions AWS is a Australia’s Premier weighbridge & associated software solution supplier. We welcome you to the world.

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1 Introducing AWS Quarry Weighbridge Solutions AWS is a Australia’s Premier weighbridge & associated software solution supplier. We welcome you to the world of efficient weighbridge solutions!

2 Features Software connects to your existing weighbridge/s Convert sales quotes & tenders to active jobs / contracts to delivery against in the program Monitor stock movements over the weighbridge Spilt – weigh long vehicles Check axle group weights Stop overloads leaving the site Full debtors invoicing & payment reconciliation Many, many more standard features

3 Tables provided for everything! Products weighed & counted Customers & suppliers Job / Contracts Three truck tables Destination & source tables Visitors, non transactional Drivers, trailers tables Offending truck table, report vehicles that don’t follow site procedure, or leave without paying cash sale Stock control and movements table Etc, etc….

4 Contracts / job numbers Your sales team can convert their quotes directly into new jobs/contracts The allocator can link vehicles directly to the job Cartage costs and charges can be automatically calculated from the job An unlimited number of products can be linked to the job, negotiated pricing is entered to avoid invoicing error Enter the Tonnes ordered and the software will count this down as dispatched Link QA information like test reports, stock pile location etc… Put a validity on the job to insure price review Send load details to mobile computers in a loader to avoid product dispatch error Dynamic delivery addresses available each load Dispatching the transactions using jobs/contracts minimizes user error, makes the system fast and user friendly!!

5 Save all your Customers & their details Unlimited customer records Enter account information for invoicing & credit control Apply preferred customer discount Even run internal departments, which are gst or charge free

6 3 Truck Tables Available Keep your company fleet separate to subcontract & customer fleets, allows detailed reporting options Store vehicle tare, whether auto split load is required, GVM, tare validity Enter cartage contractor costs & charges Link truck to job/s, saves time & errors Set permissions for drivers to use unmanned automatic systems, available $POA

7 Transactions are fast & easy... The client programs are event driven interfaces, Truck drives on weighbridge, simply enter rego or auto ID Rego may link to products, jobs, customers etc.. Press accept A docket prints immediately, as many copies as configured It’s that simple….

8 Use the weighbridge unmanned Weigh after hours automatically risk free Get more from your office staff, allow known vehicles to weigh without the operator??? Automate the business, minimize human error, use automatic ID systems DCS mode allows manned & unmanned transaction on same weighbridge & computer/s Interface & automate traffic control, interface boom gates, traffic lights, alphanumeric drivers displays with scrolling messages

9 Product pricing options Unlimited weighed & counted product records available Setup your price book with price in, out, minimum charge Include royalty & levy charges, all entries are calculated automatically by weight or count at transaction time Convert weight to volume by inserting conversion factors Link to Product Groups for detailed reporting Determine when minimum charges apply Insert a quota per day or period Schedule price increases forward Many standard price options

10 Powerful configuration module Customize the software to suit your operation Password protected Check event logs Add text & messages to accounting stationary Configure many hardware interfaces Change table names to suit your business terminology

11 Some of the standard function & features Reprint transaction tickets Edit, delete transactions, audit trail created Create manual transactions after power outages Export wizard, create your own export files to 3 rd party software, MS Office compatible Email direct from the program Cash user login, start of day float, end of day totals Audit trials on main tables, track user edits & changes

12 Set user permissions Five user logins standard licences Limit user access, control your system Set administration, weighbridge, management users

13 AWS is a client & server software suite The AWS Quarry Management Solution provides an imbedded relational database server with a range of client user interfaces, dependant on the role of the computer or user. Hundreds of client computers can be connected simultaneously, all performing tasks and transactions.

14 Control what is printed on your dockets Select the fields you like on the weighbridge tickets Select how many copies you want to print Design your own ticket layout in MS Word and use as a template Add barcodes that may be scanned to access restricted areas Select where to print dockets to when network printers are available Print the drivers signature when using a touch screen monitor

15 Consolidate Data Business wide Weighbridge Site 2Weighbridge Site 3Weighbridge Site 4 Weighbridge Site 1 Weighbridge Site 5 AWS Central Database Use AWS Replication to control data business wide, automatically, no manual import / exports.

16 AWS support the product Fast, affordable level 1,2,3 in-house support Online & phone support from our own professionals Version upgrade files available under the agreements PC movies and knowledgebase articles accessible

17 Standard Optional Interfaces Integrated CCTV Electronic Identification Systems Traffic Control & Automation Alphanumeric Drivers Remote Displays Vehicle Positioning Sensors Cash Draw POS Printers Remote Pin Pad Entry

18 Sales & Service Phone: 61 1300 366 131 Email AWS Technical Sales Exclusive Distributers of:

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