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Module2 Great books Unit1 Confucius’ works are read by many people.

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1 Module2 Great books Unit1 Confucius’ works are read by many people

2 Module 2 Great books 名著

3 literature They are famous _______ of Chinese literature. There are four _________ of famous works. works copies

4 It’s a work by Wu Cheng’en. It is written by Wu Cheng’en. Wu Cheng’en is the writer of the book. As far as I remember, If I’ve got it right, It is a pity (that)…

5 Confucius Confucius is known/famous for ______________. think thinker his work called Lunyu Confucius is known/famous as _____________. wise thoughts When three people are walking together, I am sure to find teachers among them. a wise thinker People in China show great respect to him. His thoughts still influence us today.

6 Shakespeare Shakespeare is known/famous for __________________. Shakespeare is known/famous as ________________. his plays and poems. a playwright and poet. Shakespeare is thought to be the greatest playwright in the world.

7 Mark Twain is known/famous for ______________________. Mark Twain is known/famous as ________________. his novels a writer Mark Twain is considered as the greatest writers in America. Mark Twain

8 influence playwright poem poet respect thinker thought wise novel a copy of be thought to be be considered as be known for/as… literature works 影响 剧作家 诗歌 诗人 尊重 思想家 思想 睿智的 小说 一份 / 册 被认为是 因为 / 作为 … 而出名 文学作品

9 He was born about in 551 BC. He is also called Kong Zi. call Kong Zi He is still respected by people today. respect, people He is still remembered by people today. remember, people

10 The book was written long long ago. write, long long ago His thoughts are included in Lunyu. thoughts, include 包括 It is still read by people now. read, people now

11 The play was written long long ago. write, long long ago The play is still seen by people every year. see, every year It is still enjoyed by people now. enjoy, people now

12 The book was written long long ago. write, long long ago The book is still read by people now. read, now It is still liked by people now. like, people now

13 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words : 1 Teahouse is a(n) _________ by Lao She. 2 The Tang _________ are great works of Chinese literature. 3 Confucius was a great ____________. is known for 4 Confucius is known for his ____________ thoughts. 5 Mark Twain is Mr Jackson’s favourite ____________. mainly 6 Confucius’ __________ are mainly found in Lunyu. great influence play poem respect story thinker thought wise writer play poems thinker wise writer thoughts be famous for=be known for

14 Confucius was a great ________ and a very ____ man. He is honoured in many countries. His ___________ were mainly __________ in Lunyu. For example, parents and grandparents ________ highly ______________. We ____________by him very much. Shakespeare is a great __________________. He wrote ________ and ________. Mark Twain is the _______________ writer in the USA. His ___________ are easy to read, such as the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. wise thoughtswritten down are respectedare influenced British writer playspoemsbest-known stories thinker

15 Answer the questions. 1. Who do you think Mr Jackson is? I think/Maybe he is a teacher. 2. What was Betty looking for in the library? Why? She was looking for some old copies of the school magazine. Because she wanted to start it again.

16 3. What does Betty think of Mark Twain’s books? She thinks that his books aren’t as popular as Confucius’. 4. What is Mr. Jackson’s opinion of what a great book is? It is still read by people today.

17 as far as I remember 归纳 :as far as sb. Do some copies of… If I’ve got it right not…any more=not…any longer think about something by sb. be known as =be famous as 作为 … 而出名 be known for=be famous for… be a bit difficult for… a monthly article a work of literature be influenced by… be respected by… be read by… In fact wise thoughts

18 Make a list of : 1. two great plays 2. two poems 3. two wise thinkers 4. two important writers 5. two great stories Talk about your favorite from it.

19 Children l ll love t tt these songs. These songs a aa are loved b bb by children. 结构: 主 +be+ v. 过去分词 +(by+ 动作执行者) 主动语态 被动语态 动作执行者动作 动作接受者 动作执行者动作动作接受者

20 一般现在时的被动语态 : 主 ( 动作的接受者 )+am/is/are+ v.pp+ by+( 动作的发 出者 )

21 1. Kate gives a speech. A speech is given by Kate. 2. They call the boy Mike. The boy is called Mike by them. 3. We eat up all the apples. All the apples are eaten up by us. 4. People speak English and French in Canada. English and French are spoken in Canada ( by people).

22 肯定句: 否定句: 一般疑问句: 回答: 特殊疑问句: Children love these songs. These songs These songs are loved by children. These songs are not loved by children. Are these songs loved by children. Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t. What What are loved by children? 特殊疑问词 +be+ 过去分词 +(by…)? 主语 +be not+ 过去分词 +(by…) Be+ 主语 + 过去分词 +(by…)? 主语 +be + 过去分词 +(by…)

23 1. 要表达 “ 被 ……” , “ 受 ……” 之类语义。 Teachers are well respected. 2. 强调动作接受者。 He is known far and wide. 3. 不知道或没有必要指出动作的执行者。 The room is cleaned everyday.

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