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优酷( Youku ). The second group member: Qiao jiaping Tan haiyan Tan zhouli Song tingyue Zheng zhiyi.

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1 优酷( Youku )

2 The second group member: Qiao jiaping Tan haiyan Tan zhouli Song tingyue Zheng zhiyi

3 PART I Youku Basic Information Speaker:Tan haiyan

4 Youku Introduction Youku Tudou Inc. (NYSE: YOKU) is China’s leading Internet television company. Its Internet television platform enables users to search, view and share high-quality video content quickly and easily across multiple devices. Youku, which stands for “what’s best and what’s cool” in China, is the most recognized online video brand in China.” 优酷土豆网公司( NYSE : YOKU )是中国领先的互 联网电视公司。其互联网电视平台,使用户能够通过 多样的设备快速而轻松地搜索,浏览和分享高质量的 视频内容。优酷,主张 “ 什么是最好的,什么是酷 ” 在 中国,是最被认可的在线视频品牌在中国。

5 Youku Development History 1 、 In December 21, 2006, was officially launched on the Internet. 2006 年 12 月 21 日,优酷网正式在互联网上推出。 2 、 May 16, 2007, Youku reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the Shengda, Youku became the exclusive game video support site; 2007 年 5 月 16 日,优酷网与盛大达成战略合作协议,优酷成为盛大 独家游戏视频支持网站。 3 、 June 5, 2007, Youku and the world‘s largest Chinese search engine Baidu reached a strategic cooperation. 2007 年 6 月 5 日,优酷网 与全球最大中文搜索引擎网站百度达成战略合作。 4 、 December 8, 2010, Youku listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 2010 年 12 月 8 日,优酷在美国纽约证券交易所挂牌上市。 5 、 August 20, 2012 approved, Youku Tudou has become a wholly owned subsidiary, Youku company name will be changed to "Youku Tudou."2012 年 8 月 20 日获得批准,土豆网已经成为优酷旗下全资子公 司,优酷公司名称将从优酷改为 “ 优酷土豆 ” 。

6 Founder Resume Name: Gu yongqiang 姓名:古永锵 English Name: Victor Koo 英文姓名: Victor Koo Nationality: Chinese 国籍:中国 Date of birth: 1966 出生日期: 1966 年 Education: MBA 学历: MBA College: Stanford University 毕业院校:美国斯坦福大学 Position: Youku CEO and Presiden 职务:优酷网首席执行官兼总裁

7 Youku users Audience Age :18-40 years old (受众年龄: 18-40 岁) Video Users:230000000 (视频用户: 2.3 亿) program type : Popular Television 、 Variety show 、 Fresh information (节目类型:热门 影视、王牌综艺、新鲜资讯)



10 PART 2 HOW TO USE YOUKU Speaker:Tan zhouli

11 1 、 Login mailbox or mobile phone the cooperative website account, such as QQ, Sina weibo etc.

12 2 、 Watch video The type of video, TV play, film, Variety Show etc. Select a video what you are interested in.

13 2 、 Watch video Episodes or related plot. Star’s fame ranking in the PK list.

14 2.1 Set the resolution set definition,avoid titles,go continuous play

15 2.2 Other options Praise, Collection, Sharing, Download, Video View, Comment. Share the video together with your comments to other media platforms.

16 2.3 About video Video score and General information.

17 3 、 Viewing records The viewing records exist in the upper right- hand corner of youku homepage And you can know where you have already viewed.

18 PART 3 Good ways to use Youku Speaker:Qiao Jiaping

19 1 、 Account security settings When you log in your account , u should connect your account with your e-mail, phone numbers, etc. in order to ensure your account safe.



22 2 、 Upload video When you upload videos, Youku will prompt you to add the video tag. Classification and labeling, is the main basis for your users to find your album. Tag is the shortcuts to search the keyword, the supplement to the classification, and important information to attract surfers. If u want to promote multiple videos of a same series, one of the tags can be set relatively unique words. So the users can see the series of videos which contain the tags after their search. Set the tags to hot topic nowadays, so the video will have more chance to be searched. It is stipulated that one video can add 10 tags, each six Chinese characters.



25 Score the videos after you watch them. After logging in, you can bookmark your favorite videos, you can also tap I want to recommend, or comment the videos.

26 3 、 Youku members When you become the members,u can enjoy the following privileges : 1 、 Get rid of Advertisements 2 、 Free watch pay movies 3 、 Watch programs in advance



29 4 、 Youku talents If you want to show your video on the Youku homepage, u must ensure your video fresh and interesting,maybe add some attracting tags. Youku talents are elected by voting online, if you want to be one of them,u should update some original, valuable videos, as your visitors go up, u can be next Youku talent.

30 自习室女生:周子琰 Zhou ZiYan

31 小灿 Xiao Can

32 Bad Ways to use Youku Upload pornographic or violent videos Cursing in the comments.

33 PART 4 Better use Youku Speaker:Zheng zhiyi

34 There are some better functions as follows: Uploading the Video Transmitting the Video Downloading the APP Subscribing to the Entertainment News of Some Famous Stars

35 If you want to upload a video, you need to do the following things.

36 I picked a video from my own computer which would be uploaded to the Internet.

37 You need to fill out these information when you upload the video: Title, Description, Tags, Classification. Title Description

38 Classification Tags

39 Then you have to set up the property of your video: Original or Reprint Public or Only a few people can see.

40 Transmitting the Video When you want to share a video with others, you can do these things: Copying the video address or Transmitting this video to your friends.

41 I forward the video to the Weibo.

42 Downloading the APP There are four types of APP which could be download.

43 The first one is suitable for the computer users


45 The second one is suitable for the users of the cellphone

46 And next one is suitable for the contact between the computer and cellphone.

47 Star Subscription : You can see the detailed information about some famous stars.


49 PART 5 YOUKU NEWS Spearker:Song tingyue

50 Youku News

51 contents 视频 专辑 拍客现场 奇趣精选 优酷全视角 Video The album Packshower and scene Interesting choice Youku all perspectives


53 the platform be used for journalism

54 Youku Special Man( 优酷牛人)

55 Journalists can use the platform for finding story ideas or people to interview.

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