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Print: past, present and future Frank Romano Professor Emeritus RIT School of Print Media

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1 Print: past, present and future Frank Romano Professor Emeritus RIT School of Print Media

2 The print market Erosion of U.S. print volume continues Competing business sectors Inplants versus commercials Technology upheaval Geographic displacement Power to the designer and print buyer

3 Competing business sectors

4 A pyramid of firms

5 Decline in print establishments 1995=62,000 establishments Mostly consolidations

6 Decline in employees Mostly automation

7 An increase in revenue? Mostly from digital print and ancillary services

8 Digital print is growth engine

9 Print is many things

10 Printing processes compete Digital will be half of all printing

11 Digital color printing placements 40ppm and faster color printers, by year, ww Digital color units, ww, 40+ppm

12 Competing Print Technologies

13 Technology changes Phototypesetting Laser Imaging Digital Print CTP DI

14 Changes in reproduction

15 Follow the Printed Product Ad and Promotional Flyers, brochures, booklets, inserts, circulars--collaterial material--signage, and point- of-purchase Books Mass market, professional, elhi, college, and university press Catalogs Business, consumer Direct Mail Post cards, self-mailers, booklets, letter mail Directories White, yellow pages, trade, and organizational Financial/Trans. Annual, quarterly reports Internal/Forms Flat, carbonless, multi-part forms, reports, handouts Miscellaneous Wall and wrapping paper, greeting cards, calendars, posters Newspapers Dailies, weeklies, Packaging/Labels Flexible, folding cartons, labels, corrugated Periodicals Magazines, journals, newsletters Stationery Letterhead, envelopes, business cards, note pads TechDoc Manuals, guides, instructions

16 The spectrum of print products Books Soft cover Hard cover Specialty Periodical Magazine Journal Newsletter Reprint/Preprint Reply cards Catalog Consumer Business Other Newspaper Daily Weekly Other Directories White Pages Yellow Pages Parts/Price Lists Other Office Communication Reports Presentations Forms Other Stationery Envelopes Business Cards Social Stationery Packaging Labels Tags Folding Carton Flexible Packaging Bags Corrugated Cartons Test Packaging Miscellaneous Greetings Cards Wrapping Paper Wall Paper Calendars Posters POP Displays Promotional Flyers Brochures Booklets Circulars Ad Inserts Direct Mail PostCard Self Mailer Booklet Envelope Mail Technical Documentation Manuals Guides Tech Bulletins Instructions Legal-Financial Annual/Quarterly Reports Transactional Statements Trans Promo Legal Reports IPOs Other

17 Future of the printed product Millions of tons of paper

18 Most mail is print But not all print is mail

19 Industrial printing DISPLAY/SIGNAGE Signage Point-of-Purchase (PoP) Fleet graphics Posters Banners/Billboards Building/Vehicle Wraps Awnings Nameplates TEXTILE Apparel Ties and scarves Smart clothing Wall coverings Upholstered furniture PACKAGING Cans Bottles Cartons Flexible packaging Pouches Bags/Multiwall sacks Corrugated Caps and lids LABELS Self-adhesive Cut and stack Shrink/stretch Sleeve/Wrap HOME/OFFICE Shower curtains Venetian blinds Ceiling tiles Floor coverings MANUFACTURING Components Wires and cables Detectors 3D prototypes FOOD/MEDICAL Drug delivery Food Cell printing DECORATION/COATING Caskets Ceramics Foil/metal Glass Leather SECURITY Cards Smart IDs Passports ELECTRONIC Circuitry PC boards RFID LED/OLED displays Bio-chemical sensors (proteomics) Membrane switches Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) DOCUMENT Publications Books Advertising/promotional Transactional/transpromo Direct mail Coupons Playing cards Maps Utility IMAGERY Art reproduction Photo printing OTHER Currency Stamps Plastic cards Flip flops Binders/notebooks Lottery tickets Pool liners CDs/DVDs “ Video ” printing Toys/Games Lenticular imaging Pens/pencils Buttons Balls Smart Media/Audio Paper

20 Print volume Volume based on paper tonnage

21 Print 2015  A cross media world  Highly automated  Digital print revolution  Integrated services  Distributed printing  Web centric

22 The creative professional  1,200,000 graphic designers  Of 18,000 graphic design majors in 152 four- year programs conferring BA and BFA degrees 3,500 are graduated annually (NASAD)  Count 2-year degrees and the number could be as high as 40,000

23 No boundaries The print purchaser can be remote. The printing service can be remote. The ultimate recipient can be remote.

24 Survivors Innovative Integrated Internet-centric Intelligence Involvement

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