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Copyright Information  This information is copyright © 2007, Streetsmart Marketing. All rights reserved. No part of these materials may be reproduced.

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2 Copyright Information  This information is copyright © 2007, Streetsmart Marketing. All rights reserved. No part of these materials may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means (electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior permission of Streetsmart Marketing.  Mal Emery Rebellious and and Masters Of Cashflow Logo are trademarks of Streetsmart Marketing.

3 Breakthrough Marketing The7 Keys to Making $100,000 in 100 Days

4 At the end of the next 90 minutes you are all going to be very excited about the idea of making a lot of money fast, even if right now you think it’s a load of rubbish.

5 1. I’m going to prove to you that the biggest thing holding you back from making lots of money fast is you. 2. I’m going to show how I and other Rebellious marketers make money fast in the clearest possible way I know how. 3. I’m going to show you how to do it in your business so you can uncover hidden profits fast that you never knew existed. Today I’m Going to do 3 Things With You

6 SOME OF MAL EMERY’S BUSINESS SUCCESSES Started $10,000SOLD $32,000 – 13 months - Approx Bought $30,000SOLD $230,000 – 5 months - Approx Bought $145,000SOLD $345,000 – 18 months - Approx Bought $160,000SOLD $200,000 – 6 months - Approx Bought $32,000SOLD $85,000 – 24 months - Approx Bought $175,000SOLD $258,000 – 20 months - Approx Started $00,000SOLD $150,000 – 20 months - Approx Started $10,000SOLD $88,000 - 36 months - Approx Bought, Sold & Started 20 Businesses Who Am I And What Gives Me The Right To Be Standing Here.

7 A Lifetime of Amazing Results. Stories, comments and case histories from clients Winner of the 2003 Telstra Australian Small Business Of The Year Award Back in 1996 our sales were OK but we knew we had to take our business to the next stage and we knew we had to do something different because we couldn’t afford to wait years for it to just happen. We built our business on your marketing premise and now in 2004 our business has grown massively since then in spite of the fact we are 40% more expensive than most our competitors. Ross Fitzgerald. National Sales Manager For Footwear Industries Winner of 2003 Telstra WA Young Business Women Awards under 30yrs category When I first sought Mal Emery’s knowledge, I was a working mother with two children and my husband was a partner in a business going nowhere. Three years later my husband and I run a very successful business selling the product which I designed for my children in 450 outlets around Australia. In two years I’ve sold 65,000 Snug-as- a-Bug Baby Wraps. I have now taken out world patents and my products are being sold in 5 countries internationally. Without Mal’s knowledge none of this may have ever happened. Corinna Herbert, Emso Marketing, Mandurah WA Technophobic Queensland Couple Discover the Lazy Mans Way to Riches and Make $250,000US in 12 Months Online, then Retire from Traditional Business “As a direct result of Mal’s teaching, we now make money in our sleep, day after day, living a lifestyle we previously only ever dreamed of. We literally pinch ourselves daily with excitement. Mal promised financial freedom, and we’ve achieved that because we’re about to quit our fee-for- service consulting work. This wouldn’t have been possible without Mal.” Dr Daryl Grant.

8  About 5% are rich – 5% control most of the wealth  About 20% should be OK if they don’t do anything stupid  About 30% at the other end can barely afford to pay attention  Nothing’s changed in the last 50 years – 20% are winners and 80% are losers  You can’t change human behavior or the %’s – some are staying behind Let’s Talk About Money

9 1.For the Lifestyle – you’re not a saint for being broke. Broke isn’t better. 2. It’s Your Duty to be Rich – so you can help others who will never have the opportunities you will. 3. Who You Have to Become to Be Rich – you take yourself with you wherever you go, proud of yourself. 3 Reasons to be Rich and Financially Enlightened You’re Income Will Only Grow to the Extent You Do


11  It tells us life is too difficult for most people  It tells us we should do everything possible to change those percentages  The only thing you can control is the choice of which group you’re going to be in  So, you really NOW want to focus on your choice of where you want to be, more than anything else  And it’s just as important to figure out what to stop doing as it is to find anything new to do  It’s just as much about the anchor as it is about the opportunity What all this Means… No shame or harm in being temporarily broke, but plenty wrong with staying that way

12 Managing Your Own Mind Is The #1 Secret To Success And Happiness “What’s Your Money Blueprint?” KEY # 1 – WEALTH MASTERY Money is Made Mentally Before it is Collected Physically

13 “Give me 5 minutes and I will predict your financial future for the rest of your life” T. Harv Eker HOW? Each of us has an in-grained money blueprint in our subconscious mind and it’s this that determines our financial success Secrets to the Million Dollar Mind

14 “This means you can know everything about something (business, sales, marketing, share trading) be the BEST, but if your subconscious money blueprint isn’t preset for a high level of success, you will never amass a large amount of money and if you do, you will lose it” Trump Secrets to the Million Dollar Mind

15 We have other subconscious blueprints like relationships and happiness Your money blueprint is how you THINK FEEL ACT around money and wealth Secrets to the Million Dollar Mind

16 Your thoughts lead to FEELINGS which lead to ACTION which lead to RESULTS $$$ Your thoughts and feelings and actions are your MONEY BLUEPRINT The Process of Manifestation

17 They Are Unconscious Ways Of Thinking And It’s All BS People who believe they are unworthy have made it up for any number of their reasons and now they are living it The Process of Manifestation

18 Friend, Relatives, Culture, Media, Leaders (Money doesn’t grow on trees) Most of us are not taught about money and most of our teachers didn’t have any money The Primary Ways we are Programmed

19 We automatically adopt these ways of thinking and it becomes normal for us 3 PRIMARY WAYS WE ARE PROGRAMMED 1.VERBAL – What you heard 2.MODELLING – What you have seen 3.SPECIFIC INGREDIENTS – What you experienced …When you were young The Primary Ways we are Programmed

20 Your mind is a big old filing cabinet categorised and labeled for future reference Your mind is a survival mechanism -Financial survival -Physical survival -Emotional survival The Primary Ways we are Programmed

21 You can only act according to what’s in your filing cabinet and that’s normal and natural based on what you know at the time The only way you can get different results is to get new information “New tools in your tool box” A Friend The Primary Ways we are Programmed

22 AWARENESS – that you may be thinking in ways that are not supportive to the level of financial success that you want to attain. UNDERSTANDING – your thoughts are not who you are. Don’t believe a thought you have because it may not be playing the right tune How to Change Your Money Blueprint Instantly

23 FORGET EVERYTHING – you ever learned and replace them with supportive ways of thinking BECOME ENLIGHTENED – examine every thought that comes into your mind and ask yourself “Is it supportive or disruptive to my happiness or success” 80%-90% How to Change Your Money Blueprint Instantly

24 EXAMINE every thought because your mind makes up a story around everything Your beliefs aren’t right or wrong, true or false, their beliefs based on your filing cabinet. How to Change Your Money Blueprint Instantly

25 Categorise every thought into 3 categories 1.EMPOWERING – Run with it 2.NEUTRAL – Keep it 3.DISEMPOWERING – Cancel it immediately How to Change Your Money Blueprint Instantly

26 Work to earn money So you can save money To support you in retirement some day What if you outlive the money you saved? This strategy is totally wrong and that’s why 95% of people never enjoy total financial freedom. Instead, you should work on ACTIVE income and PASSIVE income. Why Most People Never Enjoy Total Financial Freedom and Popular Misconception

27 “People have more hang ups about money than they do about sex” Prosperity Preacher Reverend Ike Why they don’t teach it at university… 1.They don’t know how to teach it 2.They have a bias against it Most people want to blame everyone and everything except themselves Money is Made Mentally Before it is Collected Physically

28 HABIT # 1 – Be willing to make more mistakes often, fast and cheap. (Babe Ruth hit more home runs but also had the most strike outs) HABIT # 2 – The more mistakes you make the closer you’re getting to success. It’s impossible that you’re getting further away. Success Habits – A biased for Action

29 HABIT # 3 – Don’t take mistakes personally and let your ego get in the way – either way you’ll get a result “The things I do well I once did badly, the things I still do badly is because I never committed enough time, energy and money in doing them well.” HABIT # 4 – No place for drama in business Success Habits – A biased for Action

30 1.ACTION - People don’t take action because of fear of failure – it won’t kill you 2.FEEDBACK – The result you get by testing and measuring fast, cheap and often 3. CORRECTION – Your response to the results you get “Success $$$ is a mechanical process, all the other stuff that gets in the way of your success is your own BS” The ULTIMATE Success Formula (Jim Rohn)

31 There is a good reason for this type of thinking. After all… 1.Most workers get paid by the hour/week/month 2.Taxes are paid by the year 3.Most bills are charged monthly or quarterly Most people make the mistake of equating money with time and effort, and if you ain’t got it you have got to look at your thinking Why Most People Can’t Get Their Head Around $100,000 in 100 Days

32 Breakthroughs Come from Violating Industry Norms  If you want abnormal results you can not adhere to normal convention.  The majority is almost always wrong. - They’re late, behind of emerging trends, opportunities and threats. - They’re just plain WRONG -5% of the population has 95% of the wealth  The norms are created and put in place by the average/mediocre of your industry If you can’t find a genuine model for success, look at what everybody else is doing and do the opposite KEY # 2 – WEALTH MASTERY You Need a New Paradigm

33 Waiting to have the resources like time, money, skill and people – your ducks will never line up Resources VS Resourcefulness The truth is you have all the resources you need right now to achieve whatever you want to achieve provided you are resourceful The BIG BIG Mistake Most People Make – Waiting for Their Ducks to be in a Row

34 1.Identify the Problem 2.Aggravate the Problem 3.Solve the Problem 4.Prove you can solve the Problem 5.Call to Action The most powerful money making secret of all time, the ability to write compelling words on paper KEY # 3 – WEALTH MASTERY You Have to Write Killer Copy

35  Obvious value far in excess of what’s being charged (M-B)  Bonuses, make them your product  Outrageous Guarantees  Sell money at a discount  Fish on a plate done for you  High Price – High Margin KEY # 4 – WEALTH MASTERY You Have to Have a Killer Offer

36  Enter the conversation in the mind of the prospect  Message to Market Match  Overcome objections  Preponderance of proof  Create urgency, a powerful reason to act now  Yes or Yes close  Take-away selling  Payment options  Add massive value KEY # 5 – WEALTH MASTERY How to Get Them to Throw Money at You

37 Waiting to have the resources like time, money, skill and people Resources VS Resourcefulness The truth is you have all the resources you need right now to achieve whatever you want to achieve provided you are resourceful KEY # 6 – WEALTH MASTERY The BIG BIG Mistake Most People Make

38 KEY # 7 – WEALTH MASTERY Profitable Business Success Formula Psychology Mathematics 1.You can’t substitute great market for bad math 2.You can’t substitute good math with bad psychology 3.Put yourself in a position where it is hard to lose

39 The Awesome Money Making Power of the Niche Niche Market Customisation ADDS Value and Allows You to Boost Price With No Additional Cost Find A Niche That’s An Inch Wide And A Mile Deep Be a BIG FISH in a SMALL POND

40 The biggest difference between People Who Have Money and People Who Don’t The ability to work smarter not harder, the ability to get more done and deliver more value to more people and make more money with less time and energy. It’s the ability to replace yourself as much as possible! The Universal Law of Leverage

41 Mastery of Marketing and Promotion Continual Learning Utilising Other Peoples Talents, Skills, Knowledge, Credibility and Resources Delegate as Many Tasks as You Can to Others Managing Time More Effectively Utilising Your Own Database Advances in Technology Fully Utilising the Power of Media Improving Your Health and Increasing Your Energy Key Leverage Ways to Get More Done, Deliver More Value and Make More Money With Less Time and Energy!

42 The WORD is The Meaning of Life in a Word DECIDE

43 I want to leave you with information so you can make more money in business fast, uncover hidden profits you never knew about, and live better business lives. I’ve put together a few packages that walk you through the complete step-by-step system so you can Turbocharge your Sales and Profits in Business.

44 Instant Profits Secret Stash Of Proven Direct Marketing Winners Swipe (Cheat) File $2497FREE Killer Copywriting Checklist$197FREE 174 Of The Greatest Old Ads In History$395FREE Headline Creator Pro$47FREE Instant Sales Letter Software$950FREE Yes! I’d like to INSTANTLY acquire KILLER copywriting skills so I can instantly extract the most amount of money from prospects and customers ethically, legally and morally by being able to write copy so good, I could sell sand in the desert! I want to use every tool I can to exploit human nature, and ethically make me a fortune helping my marketplace! I am anxious to become a better direct marketer, and realise that the “Killer Copywriting” pack is totally unique, cutting edge and is unavailable anywhere else! I also understand that all of “Killer Copywriting” comes with a no-hassle, 30 day money back guarantee! 367 Greatest Headlines Ever Written$450FREE “Killer Copywriting” Course First Hundred Million$30FREE FREE Second Opinion Critique Certificate For Any Ad, Letter, Email, Web Site, etc.) $600FREE Separate Purchase Killer Copy Writing Pack “Killer Copywriting – How To Write Copy So Good, You Can Sell Sand In The Desert!” $1967$667 Total Value$7133 Your Price$7133**$667** Total Saving$6466

45 The Ultimate Million Dollar Marketing Expert$150Included What’s Hot – Boom Business – DVD$75Included Speed Selling – “No Bull Sales Success”$139Included How To Write Headlines & Classified Ads$75Included Website Marketing Check List$89Included 3 Months Free Trial Midas Touch CD of the Month$87Included Turbo Charge Your Sales & Profit Mega Pack Separate Purchase Turbo Pack Ordinary Business To Extraordinary – manual & DVD$180Included Total Value$795 Your Price$795**$695** Total Saving$100

46 Joint Venture Millions “Joint Venture Millions” Pack: YES! I’d like to INSTANTLY make millions of $$$ working with third parties… where I won’t need products, customers or money of my own! I want to leverage what’s out there already so I can take advantage of my marketing knowledge to make insane amounts of money from other people/companies’ resources so I can be a lazy slug! I am anxious to get rich the easy way, by becoming a world class expert on the art of doing Joint Ventures with your Joint Venture Millions course, and realize that the Joint Venture information is totally unique, cutting edge and is unavailable anywhere else! I also understand that all of Joint Venture Millions comes with a no-hassle, 30 day money back guarantee! On that basis, please accept my order for $997 plus $20 p&h Total Saving$5839 Separate Purchase JV Millions Pack Joint Venture Millions$2497$997 “2006 JV Kit” BONUS – Consulting Success Shortcut Package $2990FREE 58 Sample Agreements/Pitches On Disk In Microsoft Word $397FREE Building Wealth with Licensing!$355FREE Select collection of MIM and MDM Teleseminars$597FREE Total Value$6836 Your Price$6836**$997**

47 FREE “Instant Killer Products” Reprint Rights Licenses When You Buy All 3 Products Separate PurchasePack “Killer Copywriting” $7133$667 “Turbocharge Your Sales & Profit Mega Pack” $795$695 “Joint Venture Millions”$6836$997 Reprint Rights for all 3$7,500FREE Total Value$22,264 Your PriceNA**$2,359** Total SavingNA$19,905 Yes! I’d like to take advantage of your ridiculous offer for the Reprint Rights Licenses to all 3 products (Killer Copywriting, Turbo Charge & Joint Venture Millions). I realise I qualify for all 3 licenses when I purchase each product. Total price $3,161. Our retail Reprint License Fees includes License to sell and reprint the products, and keep all the profits. 1. “Killer Copywriting” $2,000.00 2. “Turbocharge Your Sales & Profit Mega Pack” $2,000.00 3. “Multiple Streams of Income ” $3,500.00 Total Reprint Rights $7,500.00 We will GIVE YOU the $7,500.00 Reprint Licensing Rights to All 3 Products for FREE! This is a $7,500.00 value.

48 EXTRA SPECIAL FREE BONUSES IF YOU ORDER ANYTHING TODAY Small Business Marketing Magic…101 Secrets to a Six-Figure Income CD valued at $497 2 Free Tickets to the October 2007 Super Conference in Sydney valued at $1,994 TOTAL FREE VALUE: $2,491

49 EXTRA SPECIAL FREE BONUSES IF YOU ORDER ANYTHING TODAY Two hour break-through session with Mal (over the phone) - if you’re one of the first… Payment plan option – 3 equal payments TOTAL FREE VALUE: $2,000

50 Toyota Prius valued at $40,000+

51 Risk Is On Me, Iron Clad, No Weasel Out, Outrageous Double Guarantee 90 DAY UNCONDITIONAL No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee If You’re Not Completely Satisfied. 365, $10,000 DAY CONDITIONAL GUARANTEE I Invite You to Use The Package For 365 Days and If You Don’t Get At Least $10,000 Worth of FREE Publicity Your Never Would Have Had I Want You to Ask For a Full Refund.

52 Committed to Multiplying Your Profits and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism Mal Emery THANK YOU… Silent Killer Superconference, SYDNEY20 th – 21 st October 2007 Professional Speaking and Coaching Summit, SYDNEY22 nd – 23 rd October 2007 Silent Killer Superconference, Auckland NZ27 th – 28 th October 2007

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