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Transforming Content Archives Into Rich Data/Business Information ALM Media Ellen Siegel VP, Licensing & Business Development.

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1 Transforming Content Archives Into Rich Data/Business Information ALM Media Ellen Siegel VP, Licensing & Business Development

2 ALM Media ALM products and services include: –Magazines –Newspapers –Online properties –Conferences and tradeshows –Books –Newsletters –Jury Verdict Reporters –Expert Witness Directories –Attorney Directories –Custom media –Market Research & Competitive Intelligence

3 Derivative Products & Revenue Streams Utilizing Editorial Content Key product categories –Reprints and permissions Custom compilations –Informational compilations –Third-party licensing –Research Database access Enhanced product –Directories –Direct-to-user access to archives Advertising revenue Product sales

4 ALM Content Life Cycle Lists and Rankings

5 Reprints and Permissions Creating Marketing Materials from Positive Press –Custom Reprints: Reproduction of individual article in a customized print presentation Largely dependent on current content –Distribution options Advertising inserts –Other marketing products Tradeshow materials, including signage –Custom Compilations: Replication of multiple articles based on a theme, e.g., client firm’s diversity hiring Archives are key to developing these compilations XML Repository will drive our ability to expand this business Reduces reliance on editorial calendars

6 Custom Marketing Compilations

7 Permissions Lower value permission requests redirected to Copyright Clearance Center RightsLink, CCC’s online permission system used on network sites –“Online” permissions are increasing as a percentage of reprint/permission revenue –Accounts for 15% to 20% of ALM Legal’s reprint/permission revenues Opportunities for both current and archival content

8 Informational Compilations New initiative –Joint reprint and research project Creating packages of selected articles based on topic or issue First package in development –“C” level law firm surveys Articles and research data

9 Licensing ALM licenses current and archival news, magazine, newsletter, book, and primary source content to third party providers –Significant source of revenue Licenses include providers outside core markets – Including educational and general library markets Recently signed exclusive third-party license in core market for legal content –Part of a broader strategic relationship

10 Directories “Go to Law Firm” directory series –Utilizes editorial survey content –Includes both web and print component –Generates both advertising and product sale revenues Potential but not significant opportunity for archival content

11 Creating a Research Business from Editorial Content

12 ALM Research Leveraging ALM’s industry-leading “Lists and Rankings” –Financial, demographic, client, and technology data –Response to growth of business development and competitive intelligence within the legal market Target markets: –Law firm management and decision-makers Managing Partners CMOs and Marketing Directors CIOs Executive Directors Librarians –Vendors –Consultants –In-house counsel law firm management; vendors; in-house counsel

13 ALM Research Database First step: Market research –Surveyed legal business market –Tested market with individual “list” products Next step: Product design and database development –Joint editorial/business/IT project –Inventoried all “list” data from national publications Archives for18 individuals lists included –Product design for phase 1 focused on business reports; “individual list products” and custom benchmarking reports –Developed tables and keys to allow for maximum flexibility –Coordinated with advertising-based online products New and archival list content posted on free sites Achieving balance between content posted “for free” and content marketed for sale

14 ALM Research Online Developed in Year 2 Growth was limited by lack of customer interface Partnered with Alacra to build; providing users with direct access to Search based on decision tree Database now integrates all national and key regional “list” data Two subscription options available: –Access to current data only (Base) –Access to archives and current data (premium) Selected products offered for transactional purchase at the ALM Research Store: –Individual lists on Excel® –Law Firm Reports –Syndicated Research Reports

15 ALM Research Today A strong product A loyal and growing subscriber base Annual subscriptions start at $3500 for base and $8500 for premium –Subscriptions sold primarily by field sales reps Transactional products geared to non-core markets and price- sensitive customers –Generate leads for subscription products Initiatives for future growth –Expand database with new ALM content and third-party content –Additional subscription options –Enhanced functionality –New research reports utilizing data –Grow transactional sales

16 Establish the industry hub for legal market research Features offered, include: –ALM Research Blog –ALM Research law firm web search –ALM Research Newsletter –ALM Research Law Firm Profiles –ALM Article Search Achieve tighter integration with other related ALM sites Add more community features



19 Content Repository The Key to Fully Leveraging ALM Content Phase 1 of ALM’s XML Content Repository launched in 2006 –Current and archived editorial content for ALM magazines, newspapers, and newsletters Benefits to existing derivative businesses –Research –Reprints/Custom Compilations –Informational compilations Facilitate development of new businesses Next phase to launch next month –Includes better search capabilities, more options for downloading, cleaner data, and creation of RSS feeds Planning for direct-to-user subscription and pay-per-view access

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