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CORE Oklahoma The Office of State Finance CORE HCM Forum April 20, 2011 __________________________________________________ 1.

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1 CORE Oklahoma The Office of State Finance CORE HCM Forum April 20, 2011 __________________________________________________ 1

2 CORE Oklahoma Agenda Drivers License Data, Benefit Record # and Department Alan Binegar Total Comp Statements Frank Wade, EBC ELM Update, Systems Integration, Travel Checks & Direct Deposit Stacy Bonner Payroll Enhancements, Tips & New Changes Carol Barton __________________________________________________ 2

3 CORE Oklahoma Alan Binegar HRMS Administrator The Office of State Finance – ISD CORE __________________________________________________ 3

4 CORE Oklahoma Drivers License Data Developing an interface to load in existing data from legacy systems Working on a file to send to DPS __________________________________________________ 4

5 CORE Oklahoma __________________________________________________ 5

6 CORE Oklahoma Benefit Record Number Benefit Record Number must match Empl Rcd# Errors on Concurrent Jobs may affect other agencies Benefit Record Number will now default to Empl Rcd# __________________________________________________ 6

7 CORE Oklahoma Department Pins – NOT Valid __________________________________________________ 7

8 CORE Oklahoma Agencies with Department Pins __________________________________________________ 8

9 CORE Oklahoma Frank Wade IS Administrator The Employees Benefits Council (EBC) __________________________________________________ 9

10 2011 Total Compensation Reports – Update

11 Total Compensation Example Page 1 Governor’s Letter Purpose of the Report Printed for Employees Total Compensation Survey Individual Statement in BAS Compensation and Salary

12 Total Compensation Example Page 2 Compensation Insurance Benefits Retirement Benefits (based on retirement plan) SoonerSave

13 Key Facts for Total Compensation Reports are for 2010 Employment of a currently active employee. New Hires after December 31, 2010 will not receive a statement. Benefits Coordinators for each agency will receive the printed statements beginning April 15 th from EBC by interagency mail. If you have not received your Total Compensation Statements by April 25 th, call your benefits coordinator who can verify receipt (or not) and then call EBC if it is missing. Employees may retrieve their personal statement by April 18 th by signing on to BAS and selecting Reports> Reprint Total Compensation Report Survey available by signing on to BAS and selecting the Survey from the middle of the page (Note box). In addition, a paper copy of the survey will be available for employees through their Benefits Coordinator by April 18 th, 2011.

14 Employees Benefits Council - Home Page How to Fill out the Employee Survey or Reprint your Statement

15 BAS Employee Page (Once signed on you can select …) Employee Page with Survey Reports>Reprint Total Comp. Stmt.

16 CORE Oklahoma Stacy Bonner HRMS Administrator & ELM Project Lead The Office of State Finance – ISD CORE __________________________________________________ 16

17 CORE Oklahoma ELM Update Phase II for ELM –Utilizing about 10% of the application functionality –Project goes through June 2011 Phase III for ELM –In the proposal stage for FY2012 budget –Proposal to include: Web-learning, Certification Programs, Training Plan & Budgets, Employee Self Service Rollout, Enhanced Reports, Financials Integration, etc. __________________________________________________ 17

18 ELM Agencies Pilot DEQ OSF-CORE Classes Phase II OSEEGIB Career Tech ODOT OPM OSDH DRS DCS OSF – Certified Financial Officer Training 18

19 CORE Oklahoma ELM Update External Learners –ELM to only service a small population of External Learners –AMANDA Project will handle large populations of External Learners serviced by the State Licensing, Certifications, etc Brett Johnson or __________________________________________________ 19

20 CORE Oklahoma PeopleSoft System Integration What is it? __________________________________________________ 20

21 CORE Oklahoma System Integration __________________________________________________ 21

22 CORE Oklahoma System Integration __________________________________________________ 22 HCM to ELM HCM to CRM HCM to FIN Name changes address Name, Phone address Direct Deposit Time & Labor Data

23 CORE Oklahoma System Integration How is it changing the way we do business? - No more duplicate entry - Reduces the error rate - Provides more accurate reporting - Allows for time to do other tasks __________________________________________________ 23

24 CORE Oklahoma What is the role of CORE? Maintain software functionality Partner with OPM, DCS, etc. to develop Business Processes applying State Laws & Rules to PeopleSoft Systems Upgrade and Implement new software services Support Agency Business Professionals Conduct independent enhancement projects with agencies Evaluate Business Processes for agencies __________________________________________________ 24

25 CORE Oklahoma Mandatory PeopleSoft Applications HCM – HR & Payroll Financials – Payables, General Ledger, Procurement, etc. CRM – Helpdesk EPM - Budgeting ELM – CORE & HRDS Classes Optional PeopleSoft Applications HCM – Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, Bi-weekly Payroll, etc. Financials – Grants, Contracts, Projects, etc ELM – Internal Catalog Management 25 __________________________________________________

26 What is the process for getting new services? 1.Log a Helpdesk case at (405) or 2.You will be contacted and a demo will be set up for your agency. 3.A Business Process Analysis (BPA) session will be conducted. 4.Evaluation and planning occur between OSF and agency. 5.Your application environment or service is built. 6.User Acceptance Testing (UAT) occurs. 7.When business processes are proven and testing is completed, then agency is ready to Go-Live with the new service. CORE Oklahoma 26

27 Travel Checks & Direct Deposit Notice Name & Direct Deposit Info vs Business Addresses –Name & Bank Info Flows to Financials automatically (System Integration functionality) –Business Address is captured in HCM, then published to FIN through a process –Currenty in the process of capturing all addresses in HCM, since they were populated for the ELM OPM classes –Travel check recipients are now receiving notifications when their check have been processed through Accounts Payable CORE Oklahoma 27

28 CORE Oklahoma Carol Barton HCM Coordinator & Production Support Lead The Office of State Finance – ISD CORE __________________________________________________ 28

29 CORE Oklahoma Payroll Enhancements Users Locked out of System from 9 PM to 1 AM Bar Coding to be Added to Garnishment Letters A new report was added to the Longevity Process that will show any employee on paid leave status that may need to be paid Longevity __________________________________________________ 29

30 CORE Oklahoma Longevity Process __________________________________________________ 30

31 CORE Oklahoma Payroll Tips Check Issue Date on Paysheets that are manually created Earned Income Credit on Tax Data Page __________________________________________________ 31

32 CORE Oklahoma Earned Income Credit __________________________________________________ 32

33 CORE Oklahoma New Payroll Changes PeopleSoft Tax Update 11-B has been tested and will in Production on April 23, 2011 Work has been started on Centralizing Child Support Payments for the State of Oklahoma –Accounts Payable check will auto generate Testing has started on the FY12 Combo Code change over – watch for changes __________________________________________________ 33

34 Next HCM Forum Wednesday, June 15 th, 2011 Suggestions for Topics? –None were received –Please submit a Help Desk Case and the Team will address topic in the next HCM Forum CORE Oklahoma 34

35 CORE Oklahoma Thank You! __________________________________________________ 35

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