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Headings for Persons and References Part 2. Title pageTitle page verso VISCOUNT MERSEY (Clive Bigham Mersey)

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1 Headings for Persons and References Part 2

2 Title pageTitle page verso VISCOUNT MERSEY (Clive Bigham Mersey)

3 22.6ENTRY UNDER TITLE OF NOBILITY 22.6AGeneral rule 0200836980883 1001Mersey, Charles Clive Bigham, ‡c Viscount, ‡d 1872-1956. 24514The viceroys and governors-general of India, 1757-1947 / ‡c by Viscount Mersey (Clive Bigham Mersey). 260Freeport, N.Y. : ‡b Books for Libraries Press, ‡c 1971. 300xi, 179 p., [34] leaves of plates : ‡b ill., map, ports. ; ‡c 23 cm. 4901Bibliography index reprint series 500Originally published: London : J. Murray, 1949. 500 Includes index. 830 0Bibliography index reprint series 181Rule 22.6A1Title of nobility [Field 100 -- Main Entry—Personal Name] [Subfield c -- Titles and other words associated with a name.] 1001Mersey, Charles Clive Bigham, ‡c Viscount, ‡d 1872-1956 4001Mersey, Clive Bigham, ‡c 2d Viscount, ‡d 1872-1956 [OLD CATALOG HEADING] 4001Bigham, Clive, ‡d 1872-1956 4001Bigham, Charles Clive, ‡c Viscount Mersey, ‡d 1872-1956

4 Title pageTitle page verso 44 Sidney and Beatrice Webb

5 1001Webb, Sidney, ‡d 1859-1947. 24514The decay of capitalist civilization / ‡c by Sidney and Beatrice Webb. 260New York : ‡b Harcourt, Brace, ‡c c1923. 300xvii, 242 p. ; ‡c 20 cm. 504Includes bibliographical references and index. 7001Webb, Beatrice, ‡d 1858-1943. 182Rule 22.6B3Disclaimer of a title Rule 22.2CChange of name -- Latest name 10010Webb, Sidney, ‡d 1859-1947 40010Passfield, Sidney James Webb, ‡c Baron, ‡d 1859-1947 [OLD CATALOG HEADING] 1001Webb, Beatrice, ‡d 1858-1943 [non-LC] 4001Webb, Beatrice Potter, ‡d 1858-1943 [COMPATIBLE] 4001Passfield, Beatrice Potter Webb, ‡c Baroness, ‡d 1858-1943 4001Webb, Sidney, ‡c Mrs., ‡d 1858-1943 4001Potter, Beatrice, ‡d 1858-1943 4001Potter, Martha Beatrice, ‡d 1858-1943 [He renounced the title Baron Passfield; she renounced the title Baroness Passfield.]

6 Title pageTitle page verso

7 22.8ENTRY UNDER GIVEN NAME, ETC. 22.8AGeneral rule 1000Leonardo, ‡c da Vinci, ‡d 1452-1519. 24514The notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci / ‡c arranged, rendered into English and introduced by Edward MacCurdy. 260New York : ‡b G. Braziller, ‡c 1954. 3001247 p., [8] leaves of plates : ‡b ill. ; ‡c 22 cm. 500Originally published: Reynal & Hitchcock, 1939. 504Includes bibliographical references (p. 1163-1173) and indexes. 7001McCurdy, Edward, ‡d b. 1871. 183Rule 22.8A1Name that does not include a surname [Field 100 -- Main Entry—Personal Name] [1st Indicator 0 -- Forename] 1000Leonardo, ‡c da Vinci, ‡d 1452-1519 4001Vinci, Leonardo da, ‡d 1452-1519 4000Leonardo da Vinci, ‡d 1452-1519 [OLD CATALOG HEADING] 4001Da Vinci, Leonardo, ‡d 1452-1519

8 Title pageTitle page verso By “M”

9 22.10ENTRY UNDER INITIALS, LETTERS, OR NUMERALS 1000M. 24514The sensuous man : ‡b the first how-to book for the man who wants to be a great lover / ‡c by M. 260New York, N.Y. : ‡b Lyle Stuart, ‡c c1971. 300253 p. ; ‡c 21 cm. 184Rule 22.10AName consists of an initial 1000M. [non-LC]

10 Title pageTitle page verso Professor X

11 22.11ENTRY UNDER PHRASE 0200870001892 1000Professor X. 24510This beats working for a living : ‡b the dark secrets of a college professor / ‡c by Professor X. 260 New Rochelle, N.Y. : ‡b Arlington House, ‡c c1973. 300160 p. ; ‡c 22 cm. 185Rule 22.11AName is a phrase or appellation 1000Professor X. 4000X, ‡c professor

12 Title pageTitle page verso by the author of The Cloud of Unknowing

13 0200809129728 (pbk.) 0200809104040 1000Author of The cloud of unknowing. 24514The pursuit of wisdom and other works / ‡c by the author of The cloud of unknowing ; translated, edited, and annotated by James A. Walsh ; preface by George A. Maloney. 260New York : ‡b Paulist Press, ‡c c1988. 300ix, 325 p. ; ‡c 23 cm. 4900Classics of western spirituality 500Writings of a 14th century mystic. 504Includes bibliographical references (p. 314-319) and index. 700 1Walsh, James, ‡d 1920- 830 0Classics of western spirituality 186Rule 22.11DPhrase naming another work 1000Author of The cloud of unknowing 4000Cloud of unknowing, Author of The

14 Title pageTitle page verso BY THE Authoress of Evelina and Cecilia

15 1001Burney, Fanny, ‡d 1752-1840 24510Camilla, or, A picture of youth / ‡c by the authoress of Evelina and Cecilia. 24630Camilla 24630Picture of youth 260Philadelphia : ‡b Printed by Ormrod & Conrad, ‡c 1797. 3005 v. in 3 ; ‡c 18 cm. 500By Fanny Burney. 187Rule 22.11DPerson is commonly identified by a real name or another name, but was identified on the chief source of information by a phrase including the title of another work 1001Burney, Fanny, ‡d 1752-1840. 4000Authoress of Evelina and Cecilia [non-LC] 4000Evelina and Cecilia, Authoress of 4001Burney, Frances, ‡d 1752-1840 4001Arblay, Frances Burney d’, ‡d 1752-1840 [OLD CATALOG HEADING] 4001Arblay, ‡c Madame d’, ‡d 1752-1840 4001D’Arblay, ‡c Madame, ‡d 1752-1840 4001D’Arblay, Frances Burney, ‡d 1752-1840

16 Title pageTitle page verso

17 22.14SPIRITS 0200130185159 0200130185647 (pbk.) 1001James, William, ‡d 1842-1910 ‡c (Spirit) 24514The afterdeath journal of an American philosopher : ‡b the world view of William James / ‡c Jane Roberts. 260Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : ‡b Prentice-Hall, ‡c c1978. 300241 p. ; ‡c 24 cm. 500Includes index. 7001Roberts, Jane, ‡d 1929- 190Rule 22.14ASpirits [See also Rule 21.26.] 1001James, William, ‡d 1842-1910 ‡c (Spirit) [non-LC] This authority record is based on the LC name authority record for him as a person.

18 Title pageTitle page verso

19 22.15ADDITIONS TO NAMES ENTERED UNDER SURNAME 0200394929209 (lib. bdg.) 0200394829204 1001Seuss, ‡c Dr. 24510There's a wocket in my pocket! / ‡c by Dr. Seuss. 260New York : ‡b Beginner Books, ‡c c1974. 300[34] p. : ‡b col. ill. ; ‡c 24 cm. 4901A bright & early book 520A household of unusual creatures help beginning readers recognize common household words. 830 2A bright & early book 191Rule 22.15ASurname and a word or phrase associated with the name [His real name is Theodor Seuss Geisel. The use of the "500" reference assumes the catalog has entries under Theodor Seuss Geisel.] 1001Seuss, ‡c Dr. 4001Seuss, ‡c Doctor [non-LC] 4000Dr. Seuss [non-LC] 4000Doctor Seuss [non-LC] 5001Geisel, Theodor Seuss, ‡d 1904-

20 Title pageTitle page verso MRS HUMPHRY WARD

21 22.15BTerms of address of married women 0200192817523 (pbk.) 1001Ward, Humphry, ‡c Mrs., ‡d 1851-1920. 24510Robert Elsmere / ‡c Mrs. Humphry Ward ; edited with an introduction by Rosemary Ashton. 260Oxford ; ‡a New York : ‡b Oxford University Press, ‡c 1987. 300xxiv, 585 p. ; ‡c 19 cm. 4901The world’s classics 504Includes bibliographical references (p. [xix]). 7001Ashton, Rosemary, ‡d 1947- 830 4The world’s classics 192Rule 22.15B1Term of address of married women [donna's note: AACR2 now agrees with MARC in terms of order of elements] 1001Ward, Humphry, ‡c Mrs., ‡d 1851-1920 [COMPATIBLE] 4001Ward, Mary Augusta Arnold, ‡d 1851-1920 [OLD CATALOG HEADING] 4001Arnold, Mary Augusta, ‡d 1851-1920

22 Title pageTitle page verso

23 22.16ARoyalty 020 0306701553 1000George ‡b III, ‡c King of Great Britain, ‡d 1738-1820. 24514The correspondence of King George the Third with Lord North, 1768 to 1783 / ‡c edited with an introduction and notes by W. Bodham Donne. 24617George the Third's Letters to Lord North 260New York : ‡b Da Capo Press, ‡c 1971. 3002 v. (lcii, 307, 452) ; ‡c 24 cm. 4901The Era of the American Revolution 500"A Da Capo Press reprint edition"—T.p. verso. 500Reprint. Originally published: London : J. Murray, 1867. 504Includes bibliographical references. 7001North, Frederick, ‡c Lord, ‡d 1732-1792. 7001Donne, William Bodham, ‡d 1807-1882. 830 4The Era of the American Revolution 193Rule 22.16A1Person with the highest royal status within a state or people 1000George ‡b III, ‡c King of Great Britain, ‡d 1738-1820 4101Great Britain. ‡b Sovereigns, etc., 1760-1820 (George III) [OLD CATALOG HEADING] 5101Great Britain. ‡b Sovereign (1760-1820 : George III) [The use of the “510” reference assumes the library already has an entry under that name in the catalog.]

24 Title pageTitle page verso William P. Mack and William P. Mack, Jr.

25 0200933852703 020093385269X (invalid) 1001Mack, William P., ‡d 1915- 24510South to Java : ‡b a novel / ‡c by William P. Mack and William P. Mack, Jr. 260Baltimore, Md. : ‡b Nautical & Aviation Pub. Co. of America, ‡c c1987. 300460 p. ; ‡c 24 cm. 7001Mack, William P., ‡d 1943- 194Rule 22.17AAddition of a person’s dates [Field 100 -- Main Entry—Personal Name] [Subfield d -- Dates associated with a name.] [Field 700 -- Added Entry—Personal Name] [Subfield d -- Dates associated with a name.] Additions to Distinguish Identical Names 22.17DATES 1001Mack, William P., ‡d 1915- 1001Mack, William P., ‡d 1943-

26 Title pageTitle page verso

27 22.18FULLER FORMS 1001Lewis, C. S. ‡q (Clive Staples), ‡d 1898-1963. 24510That hideous strength : ‡b a modern fairy-tale for grown-ups / ‡c by C.S. Lewis. 260New York : ‡b Macmillan, ‡c 1946. 300viii, 459 p. ; ‡c 21 cm. 195Rule 22.18AFuller form of a person's name is known and the heading does not include all of the fuller form [Field 100 -- Main Entry—Personal Name] [Subfield q -- Fuller form of name.] 1001Lewis, C. S. ‡q (Clive Staples), ‡d 1898-1963 4001Lewis, Clive Staples, ‡d 1898-1963 [OLD CATALOG HEADING] 4001Lewis, Jack, ‡d 1898-1963 4001Hamilton, Clive, ‡d 1898-1963 4001Clerk, N. W., ‡d 1898-1963 [The last three “400” references would be made only if it is a library’s policy to make references from other names used by a person even if those names are not represented in the catalog.]

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