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Prepared for: MUA 2005 Ian Wales Senior Pre-Sales Consultant 15 th November 2005.

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1 Prepared for: MUA 2005 Ian Wales Senior Pre-Sales Consultant 15 th November 2005

2 Agenda  Customer Quote  Architecture Overview  Version 4.x Update  Design Center Overview  Profile Manager  Reprint  Interactive Forms  Enhanced Security  Output Center  Questions

3 What our customers say… “The StreamServe Enterprise Document Presentment (EDP) solution has returned a staggering ROI: It has enabled us to modify documents in minutes rather than weeks; reduce the size of an invoice from four pages to a page, and slash our letterhead costs by 90%. With StreamServe EDP, we can also deliver invoices to suit each client’s needs, while promoting our brand consistently across Europe. As a result, StreamServe EDP has been a real strategic asset for us on a number of levels.” Matt Pemberton, Analyst Programmer – Commercial Systems, Information Management, Stanley Europe October 2005

4 StreamServe Focus  Document composition and design  Distributed Output Management (DOM)  Multi-channel distribution  Document Interaction (E-forms, Interactive forms)  Document archiving (storage)

5 StreamServe Architecture Configuration Environment Design Centre Win 2K/XP Overlay Editor Profile Manager Output Center Interactive Forms Enhanced Security RePRINT Application Modules Win 2000 Win 2003 Unix Linux Control Centre Job Gateway Runtime Environment Win 2K/XP

6 Version 4 Core Focus Ease of use Flexibility Performance Scalability Security

7  New Tools  Design Center  MessageIN/OUT  PreformatIN  ReditectOUT  Web Center  Updated Tools  Control Center  PageIN  PageOUT  Profile Manager  Overlay Editor  StreamIN  StreamOUT  XMLIN  New / Updated Functionality  Multiple event to single process  Dynamic Input Pipeline  Queueing – Job Gateway  Post Processing  Bundling & enveloping  Sorting  Sheet layout  OMR Marks  Labels  Notifications & Error handling  Status Messenger  SNMP Traps  PKI Support  Driver Updates  New Scripting Functions 4.X New Features

8 Design Center  Overview of 4.1.2 Design Center  Resources  Platform  Messages, Events and Processes  Runtime

9 Design Center

10 Based on LDAP technology and Directory Server Stores profiles for users, groups, devices and custom business rules Managed internally/externally through a Web-based user interface. It enables personalized business communication between a company and its business partners. Self-profiling lowers administration costs. Maximum flexibility with design and distribution of business documents, independent of business applications. Cost savings through migration to electronic channels. Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Dramatically improved service with no additional costs. Profile Manager

11 Transaction File LDAP Customers/ SuppliersCSRs Profile Manager



14 StreamServe RePRINT can be used to: Store documents that have been processed by StreamServe Communication Server.The documents can be in the form of emails, print files, XML, HTML, PDF, PCL etc. True representation of the document as originally sent. Assist finance department or CSRs with retrieval of documents matching customers copy. Re-print or re-send stored documents. Watermark stored documents with “Copy”. RePrint


16 With StreamServe Interactive Forms, organizations can:  Ensure intelligent input management as well as a smooth workflow from a simple browser-based interface  Simplify business processes and underpin key administrative tasks  Deploy a complete inbound and outbound communication solution when implemented with StreamServe BCP.  Benefit from Cost reduction (printing, distribution, storage, and processing costs) associated with paper.  Significant improval of data quality (validation at entry).  Removes limitations of HTML (browser dependent rendering, non paginated, doesn‘t print directly).  Integrate seamlessly with all types of IT infrastructure, due to open architecture StreamServe Interactive Forms


18 No client application (web browser) Auto-population of data Data validation at input Ad-hoc Workflow Creation of completed document Data delivered into ERP/database StreamServe Interactive Forms

19 StreamServe Enhanced Security incorporates a full-fledged Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that integrates the legal and policy components required for safe and enforceable communication. With StreamServe Enhanced Security: Only intended recipients can decrypt data (encryption for confidentiality) Unintended changes are immediately detected (digital signatures for integrity) Someone is always undeniably the originator of the data (digital signatures for authentication). Functions of Enhanced Security

20 StreamServe Enhanced Security

21  Print Device Management (alerts on printer errors email, SMS etc)  Print Job Management (status, purging, alerts, prioritisation, resubmit)  Assured Print Delivery  Automated and manual print job redirection  Print Scheduling  Print Auditing/Accounting Functions of Output Center

22 StreamServe Output Center Application PRT1 PRT2 Output Center File FAX MAIL StreamServe Server ……

23 StreamServe Output Center

24 Questions?

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