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1 Connecting the largest In-Market home buyer audience to national advertisers

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1 1 Connecting the largest In-Market home buyer audience to national advertisers

2 LPS Real Estate Group Summary Data and Analytics LPS REG supplies real estate data to major online destinations such as, Yahoo Real Estate, MSN Real Estate, AOL Real Estate, and many others Broker, Agent, and MLS Software Solutions rDesk; TransactionPoint; DocCentral, IDX; Paragon MLS, and others Website Development Over 23,000 developed & maintained Broker and Agent websites Real Estate and Living Media Network (REALM) Online and Offline advertising programs connecting national, regional and local companies with movers via the real estate professional community 2

3 REALM Network The REALM Network represents an advertising footprint on thousands of real estate agent & broker websites, MLS sites, and real estate listing portals across the country Real estate brokers that are represented by REALM generate over $75 Billion in annual home sales 3

4 Key Network Members 4

5 Where Are Consumers Searching 5

6 Rapid Network Growth 6 As the first company to launch a Media Network in the online Real Estate Vertical (June 2008), we have added 1800 local and regional real estate Web sites to the REALM network, with a monthly audience of 8.1 million unique users nationally *Future reach is based on internal projections

7 7 An Online Real Estate Leader Source: comScore, January 2011 TOP ONLINE REAL ESTATE PUBLISHERS Monthly Unique Visitors (000) Monthly Visits per Visitor Yahoo! - Zillow Real Estate Network16,949 2.1 Move Network12,908 4.6 ZILLOW.COM9,074 2.4 ContextWeb Real Estate8,951 Yahoo! Real Estate8,934 1.6 Real Estate8,868 LPS Real Estate and Living Media Network8,131 2.9 Trulia Network7,565 2.6 24/7 Real Media Real Estate6,641 MSN Real Estate4,850 3.3 Network4,041 1.9

8 Why Agent & Broker Sites Work 68% of home seekers start their property search by neighborhood (National Association of Realtors) Local realtors will spent more than $1.7B in 2008 to attract online consumers (Borrell & Associates, Forrester Research) 77% of online home seekers used local agent, broker, or MLS Web sites (Nielsen- There are over 670,000 agent and broker Web sites in the US – mostly all focused on a local, or semi-local market Home buyers still make their very personal real estate decisions by utilizing local experts and community information via real estate professionals. In other words…. 8 REAL ESTATE IS A LOCAL GAME

9 9 Advertising Opportunities

10 Leading Real Estate Brokers 10

11 Multiple Listing Services 11 Georgia MLS Consumer Site SoCal MLS Consumer Site REALM has many of the nation’s largest Multiple Listing Services’ public, consumer-facing websites

12 National Listings Portals 12

13 REALM Display Advertising 13 Take a strategically-targeted, vertical reach deep into the mover audience across the country, with one campaign across the Real Estate and Living Media Network 160 x 600’s 300 x 250’s 300 x 600’s 728 x 90’s Rich media In-Banner Video Pre/Interstitial Ads 300x600 or 160x600 Real Estate Listing Sites National Real Estate Portals Regional MLS Sites

14 The REALM Difference In addition to large-scale banner advertising, the REALM network also offers strategic and custom advertising solutions 14 Custom Widget Integrations Text Link & Logo Insertions Creative Services Search Targeting Audience Segmentation Integrated Email Advertising Pre-Roll Video Advertising Content Sponsorships

15 Network Custom Ad Examples 15 Opportunities for customized advertisements seamlessly integrated into REALM sites allow for more effective advertising campaigns Integrated Text Link on Listing Detail Pages Integrated Ad in Listing Alert Emails Custom Site Integrations

16 16 REALM Content Widgets Homebuyer content is integrated throughout the REALM network via specially-designed Content Widgets REALM Content widgets are ad- served in order to allow robust targeting options such as geographic, demographic, and audience targeting

17 17 Content Widget Sponsorship Sponsorship includes branding integration on the REALM Content Widget and follows through to all of the articles linked to from the widget

18 REALM Content Ticker 18 A fixed real estate news/content ticker integrated on multiple REALM Network sites that will “push” relevant content to online home seekers and movers. Contextually targets an audience and expose the brand to 2 million monthly UUs

19 Content Ticker Topic Sponsorship 19 Articles scroll throughout the ticker continuously - clicking on an article will take the consumer to that article page which will contain sponsored content (all articles in the sponsored topic contain an above-the-fold 300x250 as well as “Sponsored by [88x31 LOGO]” brand integration) Persistent and prominent logo/text link sponsorship on the ticker during the sponsored topic, ensuring actionable exposure to the home seeker audience for the entirety of their site sessions In addition to running on consumer-facing websites, the Content Ticker is available on real estate professional-facing sites/platforms as well – offering agents/brokers relevant industry news & content

20 Content Ticker Topic Articles 20 Clicking on an article on the ticker will spawn the editorial content in an overlay Sponsorship also includes ad placements within each of the sponsored Topic’s articles 300 x250 Medium Rectangle Prominent medium rectangle ad placement above-the-fold. Flash and 3rd Party tags OK 88x31 Sponsor Logo Clickable Logo at the top of the article underneath the subtitle text

21 REALM Targeting 21

22 22 Audience

23 In-Market Audience of ACTUAL home purchasers who use the internet to find their home, 81% of them use a local agent or broker Web site vs. other nationally-known real estate portals 23

24 24 REALM Audience Demographics Source: comScore, January 2011

25 Audience Segments 25 Enhance your ad campaigns by targeting specific audience segments as they go through the home buying process Featured Homegrown REALM Segments  Real Estate Professionals (REALM Pro)  First Time Home Buyers (FTHB)  Home Sellers  Luxury Home Buyers  Mortgage Seekers LIFE MILESTONES VACATION TRAVELERS CONSUMER ELECTRONICS PET LOVERS AUTO SHOPPERS HEALTH & FITNESS PROUD PARENTS GADGET LOVERS FOODIES HIP HOMEMAKERS REAL ESTATE INVESTORS FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS

26 REALM Pro: Real Estate Agents Advertise INSIDE the sites/tools that AGENTS access every day to manage their business With REALM Pro, your brand engages with agents during trusted online sessions in these intimate environments… Real Estate Broker Intranets MLS Membership Areas National Listing Portals Online Agent CRM Admin Panels TransactionPoint Platform 26 100% QUALIFIED We identify and target this valuable audience segment via their secure login to the various online tools, sites and memberships REALM has relationships with many of the nation’s most respected real estate Brokerages, MLS’s, and Home Listing Portals

27 First Time Home Buyers (FTHB) 27 REALM offers a premier First Time Home Buyers audience segment The FTHB audience segment on the REALM Network is unparalleled because consumers to identify themselves through a mandatory survey. This is a 100% guaranteed audience and not built off of assumptions

28 Home Sellers Audience Segment 28 Home Sellers are targetable on REALM sites after they’ve identified themselves as part of the audience segment via an interstitial survey

29 Follow Your Audience 29 Once an audience segment is targeted on the REALM Network, we can extend the campaign to follow this segment as they navigate off of our network onto the rest of the Web REALM partners with some of the largest networks in the industry to allow advertisers to continue their conversation with a chosen segment on most sites in the comScore Top 250

30 REALM of Opportunity Various opportunities throughout the REALM Network allow turn- key campaign options to optimize your success IAB Standard units, text links, widgets, and custom integrations Flash, Video, & Rich media ads accepted REALM offers in-house Creative Services Network-wide Content and Site Section targeting and sponsorships Search-based and IP-based Geographic Targeting Extensive Targeting and Audience Segmentation Industry Standard 3 rd Party Ad Tags accepted Direct Response Flexibility Dedicated Yield Management and Optimization team 30

31 Contact Us For further information: Phone: 1.866.542.1155 Email:

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