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Honoring our Heritage: Exploring Issues of Discrimination 1.

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1 Honoring our Heritage: Exploring Issues of Discrimination 1

2 Mission Statement Our Mission is to inspire and motivate youth of all cultures by teaching and modeling honor, self- awareness, honesty, integrity, and acceptance. We believe that by staying in school, staying alive, staying sober, and creating healthy communities, the youth of today will bring positive changes to the world. 2

3 We Believe... Every culture contributes to the richness of our past and present. Stereotypes and unequal treatment exist in our community today. Understanding cultures increases the opportunities for open communication and honor. 3

4 Teaching Empathy “More than ever children need skills in how to work with changing teams of collaborators and how to seek solutions rooted in the needs of others.” “ Empathy is more than just awareness and concern. It’s about cultural sensitivity and conflict resolution.” Hockenberry, Alison. Christian Science Monitor. June 8, 2012 4

5 Curriculum Overview Middle and high school focus Aligned to Common Core Standards Aligned to Washington State’s Social Studies Standards Essential Questions for each lesson Assessment and Reflection at conclusion 5

6 Curriculum Lessons Provoke thoughtful conversations Establish environments of trust Help individuals set personal goals Empower individuals to make a difference Can stand alone Integrate primary sources and technology 6

7 Looking at the Holocaust: How Did This Happen? What was the Holocaust? How do these things happen? What techniques were used to create discriminatory beliefs? What role did propaganda play in the Holocaust? What have we learned from the Holocaust? 7

8 Teenage Stereotypes: Making Emotional Connections What is a stereotype? How do stereotypes get created? How do stereotypes impact you and the people around you? What can you do to change a stereotype? 8

9 Washington State: A History of Discrimination How does culture impact perceptions and perspectives? Can discrimination be justifiable? How do national policies influence local events? 9

10 A Closer Look: Native Americans in our Community How has the Doctrine of Discovery impacted indigenous people in the United States? What is sovereignty? In what ways has sovereignty been an issue with Native American cultures? How have treaties impacted Native Americans in our area? In what ways have cultural perspectives influenced the creation of these treaties? What perspectives/stereotypes exist today regarding Native Americans in our community? What can be done to change perspectives? 10

11 Our Community Today: Recognizing Stereotypes and Discrimination Why is it important to be able to communicate effectively with others? What stereotypes exist in our own community? How does discrimination impact open communication? What can be done to build communication between different peoples? What role can you play? 11

12 A Community of Honor What is empathy? What is honor? In what ways do we honor someone? How do empathy and honor create more effective communication with others? What can you do to promote honor in your family, school, and community? 12

13 Sample Assessments Reflective journal Podcasts School Board presentations Documentaries Interviews Scrapbooks Public Service Announcements 13

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