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Primary School “Christo Botev” Primary School “Christo Botev” Burgas, Bulgaria.

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1 Primary School “Christo Botev” Primary School “Christo Botev” Burgas, Bulgaria

2 * Our school gives primary education to the students who are from 7 to 14 years old.

3 Teaching methods - Discussion - Teachers’ description; - Observation; - Analysis; - Research.

4 What is easy……and what is difficult All kinds of extracurricular activities; Sport activities; Learning around the nature; Using the Internet when doing homework; Playing role games… Doing homework Learning lessons from textbooks; Paying attention all the time; Passing exams; Writing essays; Calculating without calculator…

5 Across the curriculum…or what we are interested in… Training karate Singing Football playing Dancing

6 The concerts… A lot of fun… They provoke our creativity A way to learn more about our customs and traditions We can show our skills

7 Meetings with famous people and organizations A lesson which I’ll always remember Something that I don’t need to learn on purpose There are discussions on different topics such as: -T-The specifics of a particular job and what they’d like to do; - Their dreams; he nature and animals.

8 Exhibitions and markets Markets – Students make objects, draw pictures or cards, think of a price and sell them. Exhibitions – Students find old things from their grandparents to enrich our ethnography exhibition

9 Learning for nature around the nature… Green schools and excursions

10 Art, Astronomy, Literature – excellent results Participation in contests

11 Project- Respect, Protect And Enjoy! What a load of rubbish…!

12 Project – tell me your opinion… The students were asked: What do you like at school? What don’t you like at school? What would you do for your school? What did you already do? Some of the results: *Likes – their classmates, *Dislikes – school’s building – needs repairing, *Would like to – do something new and interesting

13 There is a journalist club – students and teachers who are publishing the school newspaper. We already have five copies and a lot of readers. The school newspaper

14 Cooperation with parents Questionnaires for parents Topics: Methods of education at home; communication with their children; students’ interests and safety. School for parents Every last Thursday of the month. Discussing different problems. Teachers and parents meetings – about students’ marks and school behaviour

15 There is a lot more to achieve but you know…when there is a wish, there is a will! We are the future…

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