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Masks Common material and unique artistic styles 1.

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1 Masks Common material and unique artistic styles 1

2 2 Nietzsche-influenced free-thinker, artist, Jozef Mrva has created a series of animal masks made from readily available cardboard. Mrva himself describes his process for creating the masks, "I consider these masks as experiments with identity, especially in a rituallistic way. Animal masks resemble skulls or remains or abominations, they bear shamanic, Dionysian symbolism, the form, material and overall execution is primitive, harsh and expressionistic. They are made to inspire the inner forces of man and allow behavioral self- expression through identity alternation. " Jozef Mrva Prague, Czech Republic

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12 12 Which Elements of Art and Principles of Design is this artist focusing on in his work? Which elements and principles is he least concerned about?

13 13 Meet Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry. Nikki is an artist and fashion blogger, Amy is a freelance writer, editor and stylist. In January, 2010 the two women founded the Paper-Cut-Project, a company that conceives art direction and highly crafted installations in paper for window installations, runway, catalog and advertising campaigns. * Read article

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23 23 “I’ve learned from [this] particular series/project to observe the texture of the hair, or the horn, to study patterns in nature. How you manipulate paper to achieve what you see makes it your own. The layering of white paper in particular creates shadows and that creates the perception of depth. Again, take note of the direction of fur and know that sometimes to achieve the effect you must layer the paper. The differences in texture and pattern in nature is fascinating!” --Amy Flurry

24 24 COMPARE THE ARTISTS Jozef MrvaAmy Flurry and Nikki Salk

25 25 Now what? 1.Determine an animal for your subject matter. You will need pictures for reference*. 2.Decide on your style – texture and material 3.Sketch out ideas* – be thinking 3-dimensional 4.Consult with me about your idea. 5.Begin assembling your mask. Materials we will use: paper, cardboard, scissors, xacto knives, Elmer’s glue, masking tape.

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