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… I can take your company to the next level. If you need an executive with the vision to create a dynamic organization based on proven ability… 1.

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1 … I can take your company to the next level. If you need an executive with the vision to create a dynamic organization based on proven ability… 1

2 My Name is Dave Rowland and I offer… Diverse background with Fortune 500 companies: Caterpillar Inc., Ford Fiat New Holland, & Brunswick Corporation. Extensive P & L experience: Directed two successful turnarounds. 15+ years of progressive Director & General Manager level responsibilities, including 10 years of managing international operations. Directed multi-site, integrated manufacturing operations of highly engineered products and controlled budgets up to $500 million. Certified Champion of Lean Six Sigma and the 4 Disciplines of Execution. B.S. in Management and Business Administration from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. Continued studies in finance, accounting, economics, and marketing. 2

3 I Bring Three Key Strengths To The Table…. Bottom line results through strong leadership. Process controls to operations using Lean Six Sigma, Toyota Production System, and ISO principles. Executable business strategies. 3

4 Examples of my knowledge, skills and abilities using actual situations I have faced throughout my career, include: 1.Supply Chain 2.Process Capabilities (Lean Six Sigma) 3.Change Turnaround Management 4.Strategic Vision (Global Capabilities) 5.Executive Leadership 4

5 Supply Chain New Holland N.V. Situation The joint venture between Fiat, Ford and New Holland was in its first year. Needed to consolidate suppliers and distribution networks to take advantage of synergies and leverage the cost structure. Action Applied lean six sigma tools such as SIPOC charts, value stream maps and spaghetti diagrams to evaluate logistics channels. Separated the 6,000 + suppliers into commodities and location. Audited all suppliers based upon risk, quality, pricing and delivery performance. Result Consolidated all ocean freight into a single carrier using a long term agreement. Reduced the number of over-the-road carriers to 3, separated by geographic regions and service levels. Reduced the supply base from more than 6,000 to less than 1,700 suppliers. Improved on-time delivery performance 10% and reduced costs 13%. 5

6 6 Process Capabilities (Lean Six Sigma) Mercury Marine Situation Prior to 2007, the lean six sigma program was achieving: Less than $2 million in annual LSS savings. Averaged 160 days to complete a DMAIC project. Averaged less than 0.6 completed projects per Black Belt, per year. Action Used lean six sigma tools (SIPOC, voice of the customer, value stream mapping, etc) to create a future state. Established Executive Committee, chaired by Director of Operations, to oversee the program. Integrated Black Belts into operating departments. Established clear and measurable goals. Result In 2008,the lean six sigma program achieved: $8 million in annual cost savings. 400% improvement. Averaged 123 days to complete a DMAIC project. 24% improvement. Averaged 2.4 completed projects per Black Belt, per year. 300% improvement.

7 7 Change / Turnaround Management Mercury Marine Ltd., Canada Situation Brunswick, the parent company, was investigating the possibility of shutting down all Canadian operations. Cost structure was not aligned with revenues. Quality of service was poor. Leasing program was losing money. Result Returned to profitability within the first year. Decision was made to keep Mercury Marine Ltd., and integrate all of Brunswick’s finance and treasury functions under the control of Mercury Marine Ltd.. Earned President’s Award Action Sold 550,000 sq. ft building and leased a 65,000 sq. ft building. Reduced 8 service training centers to 2. Reduced staff from 122 to 44. Implemented LSS and ISO9000 principles. Introduced internet sales channel for the backend of the leasing program.

8 Strategic Vision (Global Capabilities) Mercury Marine Situation No global procurement capabilities at Mercury Marine. Two purchasing locations in NA, only 2 Buyers with international experience, and no global expertise in Supplier Quality Assurance. Minimal international logistics experience with in-bound freight and duty practices. Action Hired 2 international Procurement Agents and 1 Supplier Quality Assurance Manager. Consulted senior managers to align identified needs with business strategy. Mapped the global supply base, identified capabilities and risk for each targeted supplier. Recommended Asia & Central Europe as our primary targets. Result Implemented $16 million in annual cost savings within the first six months resourcing castings, hydraulic cylinders, and engine fuel components. Established local sourcing offices in S. Korea, Poland, Italy, and Mexico. Within 2½ years, balanced global sourcing pattern from 14% to 43% at annual savings of more than $60 million. 8

9 9 Executive Leadership MotorGuide Marine Situation MotorGuide had lost $15 million. Market share slipped from above 50% to less than 25%, R&D expenses were consuming 9% of total revenue due to recent entry into marine electronics market. Action Stabilized cash flow: collected accounts receivables, reduced inventories, and renegotiated pricing. Consolidated manufacturing and distribution centers. Dropped marine electronics lines. Opened new sales channels and filled product “white spaces”. Result Company rebranded as the pro-fisherman’s choice. Became a global product line with sales in Asia, Europe, Canada, and Latin America. Broke-even financially the first year and made a 6% EBITDA the next year. Achieved a 41% market share and became the world’s #2 brand. Earned President’s Award

10 I am open, fact based, and results oriented. I am a forceful and decisive leader oriented toward results. I provide clearly defined goals to generate focus on accomplishing a stated and transparent purpose. I am unafraid to completely overhaul an organization if necessary. I enjoy lively debates that cut to the core of a situation. My Management Style…… 10

11 I prefer to think-act-think in my approach to problem solving. I am a strategic thinker, looking beyond what is known and understanding how things are related to possibilities. I am critical and demanding of myself, set high standards, and I am not easily deterred. I am skilled at analysis, seeing differences and creating well thought-out plans. I seek efficiency. My energy is directed toward necessary change and the development of strategies. How Do I Approach Things …… 11

12 Executive Intelligence… I have honed my team building, listening, conversation and interpersonal skills with customers, global vendors, legislators, and diverse workforces across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. I am a convincing oral and written communicator who prepares and delivers concise reports and presentations to all levels. 12 I am able to judge myself and adapt my behavior accordingly to accomplish tasks, working with and through other people.

13 My Career Goals …… To apply my knowledge, skills and abilities in an executive level role of a multi-faceted, integrated manufacturing or manufacturing service based organization. Working for a progressive company that is excited about what they are doing, sets high expectations, and has a global reach. I am targeting the consumer goods, industrial, and durable goods product sectors, as my skills are directly transferable. 13

14 Recognition & Awards… 14 President’s Award; Mercury Marine2001 Field & Stream “Best of the Best” Award; MotorGuide2006 Cabela’s “Award of Excellence”; MotorGuide2006 President’s Award; Mercury Marine 2007 JD Powers Award; Mercury Marine2007 Brunswick Safety Award; Mercury Marine2008 “Volunteer of the Year”; Family & Children Services2009

15 Enclosed is a copy of my resume. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about career opportunities. 15 David Rowland 8448 S. 69 th East Ave. Tulsa, OK 74133 Phone: 918.688.6623 Email:

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