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For Business Barry Castle Interviewing for Senior PMM Position July 2010.

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1 for Business Barry Castle Interviewing for Senior PMM Position July 2010

2 Headings 1.Develop the commercial elements of the Product Plan with guidance and approval from Product Managers and Business Unit General Managers including: – Value proposition definition and product positioning – Feature prioritization for product roadmaps – Market and opportunity sizing – Pricing (elasticity) 2.Own the Go-to-Market Strategies and Product Marketing Plan for their product(s) including: – Product Marketing Plan budget, messaging, customer targets, and metrics – Product and BU specific marketing campaigns – Partner marketing throughout the lifecycle – Implementation across corporate marketing, 3 rd party agencies, and marketing partners 3.Own new and existing customer relationship and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) campaigns including: – Campaign briefs and budgets – Collateral and targets – Post-campaign analysis – Implementation through centralized CRM 4.Maintain customer and business intelligence 5. Undertake and support “white space” market research to identify new product opportunities at the Business Unit General Manager/Director level 6. Manage and develop Associate Product Marketing Managers Yes: 3Com, ShoreTel, Samsung Sintel, Vordis Yes: 3Com, ShoreTel, Samsung Yes: ShoreTel (Siebel), Samsung (in-house tribute to Yes – ShoreTel, Samsung Yes – ETSI, ShoreTel, Samsung Yes – ShoreTel, Samsung

3 For large (external only) products, 6+ years experience technical / internet product marketing experience or management consulting with a focus on developing business cases and product plans including a minimum of 2 years in a post-MBA position For small to medium (external only) products, 4+ years experience technical / internet product marketing experience or management consulting with a focus on developing business cases and product plans Appropriate experience in B2C or B2B context depending on product(s)/BU’s to support Appropriate content specific knowledge of Mobile marketing Ability to build and execute marketing plans (e.g. channels, reach, lifetime value, cost per acquisition, etc.) Where appropriate, experience managing and developing teams of direct reports Solid knowledge of both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies through scholastic course work or hands on research experience A proven ability to design cross-channel, multi-media integrated campaigns Experience in viral growth environment a significant plus Knowledge of pricing and promotional research a significant plus Product launch experience a plus Yes: ShoreTel – raised $19mill Yes: 3Com, ShoreTel, Samsung Yes: B2B-BD, PMM, Mkting Yes: Samsung, Sintel Yes: ETSI, ShoreTel, Samsung Yes: 3Com, Samsung Yes: ShoreTel, Samsung Yes: ShoreTel, Samsung, Yes: All Yes: MS-OCS, 3CX

4 Behaviours Highly data-driven, having worked with products with 1M+ users/customers showing ability to generate and clearly articulate insight from raw data Excellent analytic / quantitative reasoning and strategic skills Proven ability to build fact-driven business cases and secure buy-in from management Microsoft Excel guru Experience with Microsoft Access, SQL and/or statistical modeling tools ideal Yes: 3Com, Samsung Yes: ShoreTel, Samsung Yes: ShoreTel $19mill and GTM Strategy Will get a refresh Yes: OECD - modelling PHP/MySQL programmer Samsung internal and SAP

5 Communication Ability to translate insight and complex technical capabilities into customer benefits. Frequently developed from marketing new / start-up products where customers have limited understanding of benefits (e.g. Twitter) Creativity in media and form of communication (e.g. viral video experience) Experience communicating internationally from working with a global product or internationally Ability to effectively interface and collaborate with Senior Management, Product Management, Marketing Operations such as having delivered multiple presentations to Senior Management Yes: ETSI, 3Com, ShoreTel, Samsung Yes: Studied photography at Parsons Think graphically Brochures, Datasheets, Posters, Presentations Yes: All ETSI General Assembly VC investment round Monthly board meetings

6 Organization and Inter-Personal skills A progressive, creative thinker, with analytical and problem solving skills, and the ability to integrate best practices Strong organisational abilities to manage multiple research efforts simultaneously Excellent people and management skills to interact with staff, colleagues and cross-functional teams, and third parties Team player with the ability to collaborate with and influence others A strong initiative and capability to take ownership and drive projects to completion Attention to detail and an eye for quality Yes: Put ETSI on the Net Co-Founded TIPHON Cisco Competitive Campaign Transitioned ShoreTel Channel Samsung Personal Development prgrm Sintel Comp Plan Yes: ETSI Context Switching ShoreTel Roadmap Samsung Roadmap Yes : ETSI, 3Com, ShoreTel, Samsung, Sintel Yes : ETSI, 3Com, ShoreTel, Samsung, Sintel Yes: Put ETSI on the Net Cisco Competitive Campaign Samsung 7000 launch Yes : eg Cisco competitve Samsung OfficeServ 7000

7 Qualifications Bachelor’s in business / marketing or equivalent experience MBA preferred Yes: I hold: 1.BA in Business 2.MSc in Computer Science (software engineering) In 2009: I taught a Masters degree course at Thales University (France in VoIP and Network Security)

8 Values User Focused & Humble Disruptive & Fun Respectful & Honest Collaborative & Creative 1. Have spent hours on support lines, I know what it’s like 2. We are all human – learn by mistakes and yes I’ve made my fair share Note: I’m lighting things green because I want the job and I’m selling myself I worked for a large multi-national PBX vendor with two sites in the UK and we had quality issues on our weekly Product meetings. I had the team install Skype within a week of arriving – because a.It sounded great b.It never dropped a call c.I told them they needed to understand where our industry was headed d.We would run both links in parallel and run bets on dropped calls (ours) The communications industry is populated by exceptional people at all levels and ages. I have a strong morale code. Yes: I’ve spent the last few years building collaborative business with colleagues, vendors and customers. I’ve run International collaborative projects. At Samsung my Messaging was used in US Ad campaign. Cisco competitive at ShoreTel

9 Search Universe Technology growth products either at late stage start-up (e.g. LinkedIn, Yelp, Salesforce, etc.) or a new product within an established technology player such as Apple, MSFT, Cisco, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, or major Telco / mobile operator A similarly innovative, convergent digital environment where communications and internet technology connect Management Consulting firms with a vertical focus in technology Yes: 3Com, ShoreTel, Samsung

10 Did the candidate demonstrate: Analytic/technical/direct response marketing: B2B – (3com iPBX, Shoretel UC, Samsung iPBX/MSBG, Sintel/AudioCodes/Ingate…) Role Specific: – 13 Years Int’l PM and relevant experience Business trend analysis EG: Samsung price analysis (Data from MZA) in response to AVAYA/Siemens price reduction ShoreTel phone versus ports price analysis, Sintel Mediant 1000 pricing Communications: During the call, Web, Presentation eBook The UC Guide, Press coverage, Conferences and Panels Leadership – Senior levels: Board level and VC experience – Senior References included Travel and Location – Yes, Flexible

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