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Chapter 7: Business Management

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1 Chapter 7: Business Management
Introduction to Business Unit 2: Business Ownership

2 Section 7.2B: Is a Manager’s Job for You?
Most managers begin as entry-level (beginner level) employees. As new employees gain expertise and show certain qualities, they may be promoted to higher positions, including management.

3 Skills Needed by Managers
Task-Oriented Can handle many tasks at once Able to plan and prioritize Level-Headed Keep accurate business records Work under pressure Solve problems / “put out fires” Emotionally Intelligent Must communicate well, especially listening Possess human relations skills (skills in dealing with people)

4 Skills Needed by Managers
Knowledgeable Has a strong grasp of technical aspects of business “Sharpens the saw” through training and professional development “Big Picture” Thinker Understands how parts of the business relate to the whole Knows what is happening in world and industry

5 Advantages of Being a Manager
Higher salary Leadership role / respect Prestige, influence, and authority Greater control over own time

6 Disadvantages to Being a Manager
Blamed when things go wrong Greater demands on time More pressure to make right decisions

7 Fast Break: Group Discussion
Review the list of skills needed by managers. In which of these skill areas do you feel that you are the strongest? In which ones are you the weakest? Do you find that your group members have complementary skill sets? Pick one managerial skill and describe ways in which a student at TMA could develop and practice it. Be detailed in your description. Review the advantages and disadvantages of being a manager. In your opinion, would a managerial position be right for you? Explain your thoughts.

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