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Fall 2014 Week 8 Instructor Jenny Peters

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1 Fall 2014 Week 8 Instructor Jenny Peters
Student Development B6 Fall 2014 Week 8 Instructor Jenny Peters

2 Today is the last day to withdraw with a “W”
Announcements Today is the last day to withdraw with a “W”

3 Assignments Due Today:
Diversity Paper

4 Habits of mind It’s possible

5 L is for Learn for life

6 Learn for life Apply past knowledge to new situations
Develop skills in gathering information Make informed decisions Problem solving skills for employment Tackle life’s challenges Remain positive

7 “In oneself lies the whole world, and if you know how to look and learn, then the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either that key or the door to open, except yourself.” J. Krishnamurti ( ) Speaker, Writer, Philosopher

8 “Most people wish for riches, but few people provide the definite plan and burning desire which pave the road to wealth.” ~Napoleon Hill~ ( ) American Author

9 Children’s Book Illustrator
“If you don't like something - Change it; If you can't change it - Change the way you think about it.” ~Mary Engelbreit~ Graphic Artist, Children’s Book Illustrator

10 Review

11 Diversity Acknowledge – similarities and differences
Acceptance – of other cultures who do not believe as you do Action – Choose your responses to prejudice and discrimination with the truth, understanding, critical thinking and open mindedness.

12 Intro to Career Development

13 Career Goals A goal is where you want to be.
A plan is the strategy you employ to get there. “Bite-sized” steps of action Details the activities Organizes your dreams

14 A plan is not a life sentence.
As your interests and expertise change, feel free to adjust your plans and goals.

15 Definition of Career Development
YouTube Video Definition of Career Development

16 Possibilities – Career Café
Video “Where Will you be in 5 years?” Video Oprah “Find Your Calling”

17 Other Web Resources O*NET Interest Profiler CareerZone Interest Profiler Careerlink Inventory California Career Café Keirsey Temperament Sorter What can I do with my personality type? Career Key

18 Eureka True Colors Inner Heroes Planner Thinker Helper Doer

19 Career Café – Strengths
Strengths video Good to Know video

20 Picture It! “To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan…believe…act!” – Alfred A. Montapert Some ideas… Visualize Work you would like to do… Imagine your work space… Picture your co-workers… Identify a life motto…

21 Career Myths Career satisfaction depends on finding the perfect job.
It’s the employer’s responsibility to provide fulfilling work and the chance to grow. If I just get that degree, promotion and raises are mine. Career success invariably means moving up the corporate ladder. Career planning and change are only for the young.

22 5 Steps in Career Development

23 Assess yourself: Interests Abilities Values

24 Career Center Web

25 Other Web Resources O*NET Interest Profiler CareerZone Interest Profiler Careerlink Inventory California Career Café Keirsey Temperament Sorter What can I do with my personality type? Career Key

26 Eureka True Colors Inner Heroes Planner Thinker Helper Doer

27 Career Café – Strengths
Strengths video Good to Know video

28 Know Yourself “Do what you love. You’ll be better at it.” Francis Ford Coppola

29 Career Café – Interests

30 Career Café “Personality” Counts
Realistic Investigative Artistic Social Enterprising Conventional

31 Realistic

32 Investigative

33 Artistic

34 Social

35 Enterprising

36 Conventional

37 Video John Holland

38 6 Holland Personality Types

39 Research what’s out there:
Eureka O*Net online O*Net Interest Profiler Keirsey Sorter and finding a Career that Fits You

40 Research what’s out there:
OOH Career One-Stop Career Café Berkeley Career Center “What to do with a major in…”

41 Next Steps Match your interests, abilities, and values to an occupation using research above Make a decision Get the training or education Reevaluate Start all over when changing careers

42 Career Advice to the Young by Suze Orman
Video Career Advice to the Young by Suze Orman

43 Career Center Resources

44 EUREKA Online Site: Bakersfield College Your Site ID Code: SHGYYBC
(Not needed in Career Center)

45 Create Your Personal Eureka Online Account
Go to , Click Sign Up. Under Students/Clients enter Site ID Code, click Next Complete the personal information form Double click on your counselor/teachers’ name, if listed. Click Next. Choose a Log in name and Password (write them somewhere safe) Note: Do not put in spaces or special characters.


47 Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love
Seek to love and be loved Value Peace and Harmony Loves to inspire and support To thine own self be true Plan it Values Order and Tradition An Organizer and Planner Early to bed, Early to Rise Risk taker Values adventure and change Loves to be where the action is Go for it! Leader and Intellect Values their independence and ability to learn Loves a challenge Knowledge is power!

48 BLUE Nurturer and Supporter
Teacher, Social Worker, Waitress, or Nurse. Prefers a friendly and warm work environment. Creative work style, enjoying variety in their day-to-day interactions.

49 GOLD Planner and organizer.
Tax examiner, banker administrator, secretary, or construction worker. Prefers a structured environment with clear lines of authority. Their work style is thorough, punctual and efficient.

50 GREEN A Natural leader and intellect.
Scientist, engineer, business manager, college instructor, play writer, web developer. Prefers a challenging, independent work environment. Their work style is that of an innovative problem solvers.


52 THE WORLD Blue Gold Green Orange Seeks to understand people
Seeks to understand how the world works. Seek to explore the world. Seeks to maintain and organize the world. Seeks to understand people Blue Gold Green Orange

53 If you were going into law which area would you choose?
Family Trial Tax Contract

54 If you were going into the food industry what area would you choose?
Trainer Chef Restaurant Manager Food Scientist

55 Can you guess their colors?
Mr. Rogers Bill Clinton Einstein Steven Spielberg Dan Rather

56 The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams
The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams Eleanor Roosevelt

57 Career Exploration & choosing a major
STDV B6 Jenny Peters Career Exploration & choosing a major

58 Exploring Careers Passion Interests Abilities Values
What you like to do!

59 Resources Learn more about your career options: EUREKA Career Cafe
True Colors Career Cafe O*NET Occupational Outlook Handbook ASSIST Exploring majors

60 Internships Connection between major and choices
Match your interests with your goals Personality Mosaic Holland’s Codes O*NET

61 Major and career goals Long term goals Short term goals
How to put your choices into action

62 Stock up on skills In your classes:
Projects Research Papers Research opportunities These add up to experience that will help you when you graduate and are looking for that first job.

63 7 Marketable skills Skills identified by employers
Computer skills – Word processing and Quantitative skills – Math and reasoning Communication skills – both written and oral Marketing and sales – influencing ideas Scientific skills Language skills Leadership skills

64 education Basic skills General Education Major Transfer Level
“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” ~John Dewey~

65 Career Assessment Tools and cost website


67 John Holland’s RIASEC HEXAGON

68 Compatible Work Environments

69 O*NET and Personality Mosaic Codes
Deciphering a good match for your occupation based on Holland’s Personality RIASEC Codes By Jenny Peters










79 Career Café – Options
Video 5 Ways Ed Pays Video

80 Road to Success Certificate Apprenticeship Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree Military Service

81 Career Café – Decisions
Video Make a Decision

82 Career Café - Decisions Thinking Cap
Gather Information Check your Instincts Identify Benefits Identify Negatives Be Innovative Next Steps

83 Career Café – Goals
Video You can Make it One Step At a Time Video How to set SMART Goals

84 Get S.M.A.R.T Specific Measurable Action-Packed Realistic Time-Bound

85 Career Decision Checklist pdf
I know my career direction I’m not sure about my career direction I have no idea about my career direction

86 Assignment Part I – Career Research Outline using Personality Mosaic (this week) Part II – Career Exploration Research paper (next week)

87 Part I “Career Research Outline”
Form – Due next week – 50 points Fillable Forms online Use O*NET, EUREKA and other sources to fill out the Form Attach copies of the printout results from: Personality Mosaic Eureka, or other source of your chosen occupation

88 Part II Career Exploration Research Paper
500 Word Essay, Typed – Due in 2 weeks – 100 points Compare exercises and resources used What you like about your favorite career Discuss/compare Personality Mosaic results, O*NET Interest Profiler results, and research findings Explain Potential job characteristics Job growth/decline Expected salary Why you chose the field What is especially meaningful or important to you about the career? Use research from O*NET and other sources from Part I Complete O*NET Interest Profiler Research your major/occupation

89 Homework Recap: Due Next Week: Due in 2 Weeks:
Career Exploration Part I (Outline Form) Read Choosing your major/career Due in 2 Weeks: Career Exploration Part II (Essay) Don’t forget, time is running out: Library Workshop (100 points)

90 Career Center Tour We are going on a Career Center Tour
Gather your belongings Follow me

91 Have a great week!

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