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Welcome Elementary School Parent Coffee Parent Reporting.

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1 Welcome Elementary School Parent Coffee Parent Reporting

2 Agenda Revised Report Card / Reporting Raising capable people Playground renovation update

3 Standards-Based Reporting Standards specify what all children should know, understand and be able to do Your child’s performance is measured against standard / grade level learner outcomes Goal: Provide parents with clear information on how their child is doing in progressing toward meeting those grade level standards

4 Standards AERO (American Education Reaches Out) standards and learner outcomes Writing Reading Math Science Social Studies

5 Academic Scoring Marks 3 = Meeting Expectations 2 = Approaching Expectations 1 = Below Expectations / Area of Concern

6 Academics Selected Standards - scoring marks Strengths Next Steps

7 Learner Attributes Scoring Marks ++ = Consistently Meeting Expectations + = Generally Meeting Expectations - = Inconsistently Meeting Expectations

8 Elementary School Learner Attributes Critical Thinker Respectful, Collaborative Worker Responsible, Self-Directed Learner Quality Producer

9 Raising Capable People We are raising our children to leave us Milestones of self-sufficiency Believing you are a capable person is what makes it possible to learn and develop new skills It takes confidence to master new things, and the more you master, the more capable you feel

10 What can you do at home? Let your child get fully dressed by themselves, including shoes Load own backpack, going through a written or mental checklist of what is needed for school Have your child carry their own backpack to school Fix toast, cereal / get own snacks Put dirty clothes in hamper Get out and put away belongings: clothes, shoes, toys, books, etc. Older - keep school supplies organized

11 Playground Update Three areas Safety and Quality Improved opportunities for physical activity and social interactions

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