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Posterior: (n/adj)the back of postlude: (n) music, chapter, scene at the end postnatal: (adj) after giving birth post mortem: (n/adj) “after death,” an.

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1 posterior: (n/adj)the back of postlude: (n) music, chapter, scene at the end postnatal: (adj) after giving birth post mortem: (n/adj) “after death,” an autopsy posthumous: (adj) after one’s death and burial ex post facto: (n/adj) a law made after the act/crime p.m.: (n) post meridiem – after noon p.s.: (n) post script – after the signature

2 ante: (n or v) bid, wager money anterior: (adj) at the front, outer antecedent: (n) the noun that a pronoun replaces antebellum: (adj) before the Civil War (1860) antenna: (n) feeler on a bug, receiver on a radio (-e, plural) a.m.: (n) ante meridiem – before noon anteroom: (n) a room at the front, an outer room

3 segregate: (v) to split into groups desegregate: (v) to end segregation integrate: (v) to mix groups gregarious: (adj) friendly, social, prefers groups egregious: (adj) “out of the group;” outstandingly bad, antisocial aggregate: (n/adj) randomly grouped; tightly packed congregate: (v) to meet as a group (common)

4 manufacture: (v) to make by hand or machine factor: (n) a part, element faculties: (n) powers, abilities facilities: (n) things to make life easier ipso facto: (adj) by definition, by itself, because of what it is facilitate: (v) to make something easier faux (pronounced FOH): (adj) fake faux pas (pronounced foh paw): (n) a mistake, esp. a social blunder facsimile: (n) a copy, a duplicate (fax)

5 induct: (v) to enroll, enlist induce: (v) to start a process deduce: (v) to figure out by logic or elimination deduct: (v) to take away, subtract seduce: (v) to tempt or lure abduct: (v) to take away by force; kidnap conducive: (adj) promotes, leads to

6 paternal: (adj) fatherly, wise paternity: (n) fatherhood patronymic: (adj) name from father patron: (n) a sponsor, customer patronize: (v) to support –or- to condescend, talk down expatriate: (v) to leave your country patriot: (n) one who loves his country patriarch: (n) male who leads a family or clan

7 maternal: motherly, loving maternity: motherhood matricide: killing one’s mom matron: a distinguished married woman alma mater: other mother matriculate: graduate; enter a college or other new social class matriarch: woman who leads a family, clan

8 Philadelphia: (n) City of Brotherly Love philter: (n) a love potion philanderer: (n) one who flirts, cheats on purpose philanthropist: (n) one who loves people, donates to charity philatelist: (n) stamp collector audiophile: (n) one who loves expensive sound equipment Anglophile: (n) one who loves England, all things British Francophile: (n) one who loves France, all things French bibliophile: (n) one who loves books hemophilia: (n) an illness where blood won’t clot (hemophiliac, person)

9 savor: (v) to eat with pleasure savory: (adj) pleasant, has a good taste, appearance unsavory: (adj) unpleasant tasting; disreputable; leaves a bad taste omnivore: (n) eats all carnivore: (n) eats meat only herbivore: (n) eats plants only voracity: (n) a huge appetite voracious: (adj) very hungry devour: (v) to eat quickly and thoroughly

10 visa: (n) a permit to see or visit a country visage: (n) the usual expression on your face vista: (n) a distant, far-off view envision: (v) to see in your mind provisions: (n) supplies, necessities visionary: (n) one who sees ahead, has good foresight vis-à-vis: (adv/n/prep) eye to eye, face to face

11 realist: (n) one who sees things as they really are idealist: (n) one who sees things as you hope they are pessimist: (n) a negative thinker optimist: (n) a positive thinker alarmist: (n) one who worries constantly and needlessly pacifist: (n) one who seeks peace masochist: (n) one who enjoys getting pain optometrist: (n) one who prescribes glasses ophthalmologist: (n) an eye doctor optician: (n) one who makes glasses

12 cantor: (n) a song leader canticle: (n) a sacred, traditional song chant: (n or v) a short, repeating song/response incantation: (n) a special religious or magical phrase (spoken) cantina: (n) a place for social gathering recant: (v) to publicly take back or contradict a previous statement enchanted: (adj) touched by magic

13 euphemism: (n) a nice way of saying something harsh euphonic: (adj.) a pleasant sound euphoria: (n) a pleasant feeling/state euthanasia: (n) (-ize, v.) mercy killing eulogy: (n) a speech at a funeral eureka: (n) a shout of delight, “I found it!” utopia: (n) a perfect world

14 alter: (v) change, adjust alter ego: (n) your other self alternative: (n) a second choice; another way alibi: (n) an excuse for being elsewhere alias: (n) an assumed name alma mater: (n) another mother; school you graduate from; school song altruistic: (adj) always considers other first; unselfish

15 omniscient: (adj.) all-knowing omnipresent: (adj.) everywhere omnipotent: (adj.) all-powerful omnivore: (n.) eats all herbivore: (n.) eats plants carnivore: (n.) eats meat omnibus: (adj. or n.) assorted, hodge-podge, a collection ominous: (adj.) scary, predicts gloom

16 - to give a new life habit (n)- a routine life behavior; a uniform for nuns habitual (adj.)- done out of habit habitat (n)- your environment, surroundings habitable (adj.)- able to be lived in uninhabitable (adj.)- can’t be lived in cohabitate (v)- to live with the other gender rehabilitate (v)

17 pendant: jewelry that hangs around the neck (n) dependent : relies on others (adj or n) appendage: an addition hanging on the end; a tail (n) appendix: information at the end (n) pending: not yet completed (adj) impending: about to happen (adj)

18 intrastate: within the state (adj) intramural: within the building (adj) intravenous: through the veins (adj) introvert: one who is shy, withdrawn (n) introspective: ponders, reflects on yourself (adj) intrinsic: natural, comes from within (adj)

19 a word tossed in to indicate emotion interstate (n or adj.) crosses, goes between states intermittent (adj.) comes and goes; off and on intervene (v.)to come between two parties (asked) interlude (n)the time in between interim: (adj.)temporary interjection (n) intermission (n)the time in between acts of a play

20 words with the same meaning (-ous, adj.)synonym (n) synchronize (v)coordinate in time synopsis (n)a summary, a shortened version synthetic (adj)fake, artificial to mix, blend (abstract things, not concrete things)synthesize (v) syncopate (v)to shorten (a word – waistcoat, New Orleans) to modify (a rhythm)

21 mortal (adj) capable of death; fatal the hardening of a body after death immortal (adj) can’t die morgue (n) a room for storing the dead mortuary (n)a place for preparing the dead for burial morbid (adj) deals with death morose (adj ) sad, gloomy moratorium (n) a ban; stoppage of practice mortify (v) to humiliate, kill ego mourn (v) to grieve over death rigor mortis (n)

22 a team; united group with a purpose, i.e. the Marine Corps corps (n) corpse (n) a dead body esprit de corps (n) team spirit; morale corpulent (adj)fat an order to produce evidence or charges habeas corpus (n) pronounced “kor” pronounced “eh spree duh kor” (French)

23 transcript - transient - transcend - transgress - transparent - translucent - transaction - (n) An official written copy (adj.) nomadic, always moving; (n) hobo, bum (v) To cross a border or boundary (v) To break a law or rule (adj) one can see through it clearly (adj) allows light through (n) A business deal

24 bon appétit: Vocab #4 bene / bon = benediction: benevolent: beneficiary: benefactor: benign: bona fide: pro bono: bon voyage: a parting blessing kind, generous one who receives or benefits (goods/money) from others a sponsor, a supporter, one who gives benefit harmless; without power to harm genuine, authentic no charge “for the good of man” have a good trip, esp. a sea voyage have a good meal or literally, good appetite good, well

25 Vocab #3 Root word: port meaning to carry portable - import - export - deport - porter - comport - portage - adj. easily carried or moved v. bring (goods or services) into a country from abroad for sale v. move (goods or services) to a foreign country for sale v. expel (a foreigner) from a country n. a person employed to carry luggage, etc. esp. in hotels, airports v. to conduct oneself; behave n. the carrying of a boat or its cargo between two navigable waters.

26 Vocab #2 Cognizant - Incognito - Prognosticate - Recognize - Prognosis - Cognition - adj. Having knowledge or being aware of Root word:Cognos meaning to know, to learn n. An assumed or false identity; having one’s true identity concealed v. To foretell or prophesy an event in the future v. Identify (someone or something) from a previous encounter n. A forecast of the likely course of a disease or ailment n. The mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.

27 obliterate assonance literate literal alliteration illiterate Vocab #1 - (adj) able to read and write - (adj) taking words in their usual or most basic sense without metaphor or allegory: "dreadful in its literal sense, full of dread". - (adj) not able to read or write - (v) destroy utterly; wipe out - (n) a group of words beginning with the same consonant sound “Carmen cruelly kicked Kenny to the curb.” - (n) repetition of vowel sounds in a group of words “How now, brown cow?” “You knew who threw poo at the zoo.” liter = letter (alphabet) to write

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