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A prominent mass of land overlooking lower lying land; formed from a hard ridge of rock resisting the erosive forces that remove.

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1 A prominent mass of land overlooking lower lying land; formed from a hard ridge of rock resisting the erosive forces that remove the softer rock to the sides.

2 Board of Trustees: Valerie Neslen - Chair Rob Christensen -Vice Chair Kassi Capener - Treasurer Sharon Fairbourn -Trustee Bridgett Clark - Trustee Kim Jenson - Secretary Advisory Board: Meg Ferry – Classical Educator Ben Ferry – Former State Legislator Lynnette Reeder – Curriculum/E.L. Advisor Duncan Murray – Legal/Perry City Liaison Susan Hardy – Charter/E.L. Advisor Dirk Mathias – E.L. Designer

3  Bryce Passey  USU graduate  USU Elementary Education Adjunct Professor  Founder/Teacher of MLMS Discovery Program  30+ years education experience  Outdoors enthusiast

4 Three Goals: 1) Keep educational experience meaningful 2) Make it real 3) Be sure to have fun along the way Changing the direction of a child’s life is not an event but a process. However, that process must be composed of significant, powerful, and occasionally life-changing events. -Bryce Passey, Director Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning

5  What is a Public Charter School  What is Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning like  What is Expeditionary Learning  Great Thinkers at Promontory  How to Enroll

6  Tuition free  Accepts all students  Certified Teachers  Utah Core Curriculum, testing  Local control (mini district)  Charged to be innovative  Not all the same

7  K – 9th grade  Uniforms  2 classes per grade, 25 per class  Traditional School year  School Lunch Program  Expeditionary Learning  Great Thinker Focus

8  Perry, 1001W 2700  11 acres  Parking  Playground  Drop-off/Pick-up Sites Land! Facility  40,000-45,000 sq. ft.  19 classrooms  Library  Gym  Auditorium  Computer lab Watch for dirt to move as early as November!


10 Compelling Topic Active Learning Service Authentic Audience Authentic Products High Quality Work

11  What is important to understand  Taught across the disciplines  Aligns with state core standards

12  Hands-on Projects  In-depth Investigations  Purposeful Fieldwork

13  Scientific Drawing  Model  Sq. Ft. Gardening

14 When students are required to make things to show what they have learned, the real learning takes place. - Mike McCarthy, Principal King Middle School, Expeditionary Learning Portland, Maine

15 Compelling Topic Active Learning Authentic Product High Quality Work Authentic Audience Service


17 " A great thinker includes exceptional men and women who are inventors, scientists, statesmen, poets, artists, musicians, philosophers and saints who contribute to human civilization and culture with their technology, wisdom, artistry and decency. A great thinker is a man who is both great and good." - Will Durant, The Greatest Minds and Ideas of all Time

18 “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” -Benjamin Franklin



21 T o provide a rich educational environment that views learning as an Expedition and uses the study of Great Thinkers to cultivate the value of excellence and the love of knowledge. Using investigation and discovery to make connections to ideas and our community, we empower children to embrace challenge, act with humanity, and become the Great Thinkers of the 21st century.

22 Create SchoolWrite CharterCharter Approval Open Enrollment Building Construction Begins 2009 2010 Spring 2011 Nov. 2011 Aug. 2012 Open School Fall 2011

23 Enrollment Process  Open and online enrollment  If number of applicants exceeds spaces available, a lottery is used to select students




27  Email is the primary method of communication during the enrollment process  Print and save confirmation page for records  Confirmation number is required to change information on application  Information gathered will be treated confidentially

28  Students must be at least 5 years old on or before September 1, 2012 to apply  Enter those children who will be attending school in the upcoming school year  Completing the enrollment form does not guarantee a spot at Promontory

29 1. Each student is assigned a number identifying the order they are drawn 2. Classes are filled to capacity using the sequence from the lottery drawing 3. All siblings of accepted students are admitted immediately, if space is available 4. If space is not available, that sibling is placed on the waiting list

30 5. Promontory will notify applicants of the lottery results within 2 weeks 6. Families will be notified and students have 3 school days to accept the opening 7. Students who apply after the enrollment period will be admitted as space allows or will be added to the waiting list through subsequent lotteries



33  What is a charter school?  If my child is accepted into Promontory School, will his or her siblings also be accepted?  Will my students need to re-enter the enrollment lottery each year?  Who can attend a charter school?  What is the tuition?  Does Promontory charge fees?

34  Are teachers certified?  Does Promontory have a specialization area?  Will Promontory students wear uniforms?  Will there be a bus service?  Will school lunch be offered?  I have a lot of questions, can I speak with someone?  Are parents welcome to visit and/or volunteer?

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