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Beyond Instumental or Intuitive ; A New Look at GRIEFtype! Lisa Prosser-Dodds, PhD Journeys, Santa Cruz CA

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1 Beyond Instumental or Intuitive ; A New Look at GRIEFtype! Lisa Prosser-Dodds, PhD Journeys, Santa Cruz CA

2 Acknowledgments Dr. Terry Martin and Dr. Kenneth Doka Dr. Bob Neimeyer Dr. Holly Prigerson Dr. Nancy Hogan Dr. Louis Kavar, Dissertation Chair

3 Elisabeth Kubler-Ross wrote in her last book before she passed, or graduated, …. I got this wrong, we’re more than stages, I am more than stages, you are more than stages. I agree.

4 Does our personality type influence the way we react to the death of a loved one?

5 Influential Factors in Grief Response Gender Culture Relationship to deceased Nature of the death Prior Losses Emotional Maturity / Regulation Worden (2009), Rando 1984, Sanders 1993, Martin and Doka (2010)

6 Grief Styles – Martin and Doka Instrumental: Focus on cognition Desire to master feelings Problem solving orientation Intuitive: Experience losses deeply - expressive Gain strength from sharing with others Less solving, more going with feelings









15 Personality Psychology of Carl Jung Energy Information Decisions Approach Later Katherine and Isabel added

16 Personality as described by Jung Extroversion Introversion Intuitive Sensor Thinker Feeler

17 Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator ENFP

18 Type Dynamics Four PreferencesENFP – Attitude E – Mental FunctionsN and F Functional Pair – ApproachP – DominantN E

19 HOW does personality influence grief reaction? What might EXTROVERTED SENSING FEELING GRIEF look like?

20 What about Introverted Feeling Grief?

21 What do Intuitive Thinkers prefer in grief?


23 Introverted Feeling Sensors?

24 T-Shirt Reads: LOOK at me still talking, when there is science to do!

25 4 volunteers Table covered with symbols or metaphors for life. Find three elements to create a symbolic Grief CENTERPIECE Be ready to share with group Test the Theory...

26 Empirical Evidence Which part of personality will most impact grief response / reaction? Attitude E / I Functional Pair (ST, NT, SF, NF) Dominant Function S e, N e, T e, F e, S i, N i, T i, F i

27 Expected Outcomes Grief responses will be significantly different between groups with differing MBTI personality types.

28 Analysis

29 1. Large Metropolitan Memorial Chapel in Midwest, bereavement clients. 2. Faith Community in Northeast United States. 3. Researcher’s attendees at seminars across the country on EQ.

30 Assessments Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc Hogan Grief Reaction Checklist Hogan, Greenfield, and Schmidt (2001) Grief Pattern Inventory Martin & Doka, 2010 Prolonged Grief 13 – Prigerson & Maciejewski (2008) Integration of Stressful Life Events Scale (ISLES) Holland, Currier, Coleman and Neimeyer. First edition 2009

31 Recruitment and Retention 856 Letters mailed 435 s sent 532 persons logged on to website 407 completed qualifying questions 317 qualified 271 completed the survey 32 did not complete MBTI 239 completed HOGAN and ISLES 234 completed PG13 and GPI

32 Results Sample demographics Gendern% Females19170 Males8030 Age Range and over114 Ethnicity White25494 Hispanic41 Black93 Hawaiian1<1 Other31 N = 271

33 Myers Briggs Population Attituden% in sample% in population Extraversion Introversion Total n% ST SF NT NF Total Dominantn% Ne Se Te Fe Ni Si Ti Fi

34 Outcomes Extraverted vs Introverted – very few significant differences. Dominant Preferences – no significant differences. Functional Pairs – significant, robust differences on all measures and subscales.

35 Significant Outcomes Hogan outcomes by Functional Pair DespairPersonal GrowthDetachmentDisorganization ST SF NT NF

36 Significant outcomes ISLES subscales ISLES Footing in the WorldISLES Comprehensibility ST SF NT NF

37 Significant outcomes GPI* Intuitive ST SF NT NF * Working with Terry Martin on continued validity of the instrument.

38 Surprising News... Only one participant out of 234 scored as qualifying for prolonged grief. This is a result that bears further scrutiny, and suggests a considerable examination of the instrument and the use as a diagnostic tool. Perhaps more study on normed populations for prolonged grief is indicated. Surprising outcome: PG13 (>.5%)

39 Questions or Comments... Full dissertation will be available on Sunday at

40 Next step... September 18, 2012 ADEC Webinar Beyond Intuitive and Instrumental Book: My Grief, My Way A guide for clinicians to understand individual grief type differences.

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