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Question: Draw the pie graph of the distribution of Earth’s waters.

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1 Question: Draw the pie graph of the distribution of Earth’s waters

2 MYP Unit Question: How does land change? Area of Interaction: Environment Learner Profile: Thinker

3 Standard: Investigate the scientific view of how the Earth’s surface is formed. Learning Target: Today I am learning how water shapes the land because it affects the Earth’s surface.

4 Activating Strategy—Water Cycle Song


6 Flowing water, in streams and rivers or across the land in sheets, is the dominant erosional process in shaping Earth's landscape.


8 Rivers flow downstream because of the force of _______________.

9 The sweeping bends are called meanders.

10 Mississippi River meanders

11 Mississippi River Delta Sediments are moved and deposited at the mouth of the river to form a Delta.

12 The Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon

13 Groundwater dissolved limestone rock and forms caves.

14 Animation of Cave Formation ce/terc/content/visualizations/es1405/es1405 page01.cfm?chapter_no=visualization ce/terc/content/visualizations/es1405/es1405 page01.cfm?chapter_no=visualization


16 As rivers age, a winding path may eventually cause Oxbow Lakes to form.

17 Oxbow Lake

18 Groundwater causes sunken areas of land

19 Sinkhole formation

20 Guatamala sinkhole May 2010

21 Ocean waves deposit sand offshore to form Sandbars

22 Deposits of sand at the ocean’s edge widen beaches.

23 Ocean waves erode headland, leaving an isolated piece of rock called a Sea Stack

24 New Standard Preview

25 MYP Unit Question: How do we use water? Area of Interaction: Health and Social Education Learner Profile: Thinker and Balanced

26 Standard: Recognize the significant role of water in Earth’s processes. Essential Question: How does water affect the Earth’s surface?

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