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Customer Personality Types Presented by: Igi Liwanagan.

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1 Customer Personality Types Presented by: Igi Liwanagan

2 We would like to learn... What are the 4 customer personality types How to identify what personality type the customer has How to customize a conversation based on the customer’s personality type Overcome challenges brought by the customer’s personality type

3 The Power of Personality THE BASIS of PERSONALIZATION “Customers certainly won’t change to make your life easier, but you can change the way you interact with them.”

4 The Power of Personality THE BEGINNING “We begin by identifying what we refer to as the four personality ‘drivers’. While, on a day- to-day basis, individuals will react to situations in different ways driven by some or all of them, it is likely that there will be one ‘driver’ that is more dominant. This primary ‘driver’ will colour the way that people behave in the majority of situations and is likely to be the major determinant of how people are perceived by others.”

5 Customer Personality Types

6 The Feeler TRAITS – Considerate – Loyal and sincere – Indecisive – Overly-involved

7 The Feeler Be FRIENDLY and FAIR Do … – Offer moral as well as material support – Resolve their issue quickly but show understanding of their situation – Give them space to explain their personal experience

8 The Feeler Sample Situation Feeler says: “My daughter’s so disappointed. Everything was supposed to be ready and wrapped for her birthday.” You say: “I’m really sorry that this has made life difficult. I’ll personally look into that for you.” Don’t say : “So your point is…?”

9 The Entertainer TRAITS – Charismatic – Optimistic and humorous – Self-centered – Sarcastic

10 The Entertainer ENGAGE and ENTHUSE Do … – Start light-hearted – Get an in-depth understanding of their issue – Act like a real person – Humour them – Avoid pushing the customer to ‘get to the point’

11 The Entertainer Sample Situation Entertainer says : “New Year was amazing! Glad I’ve got the next few days off to recover.” You say: “Sounds like a blast! Seeing as you’ll be at home for the next couple of days, I’ll see if we can squeeze in that delivery for you…” Don’t say: “I’m struggling to understand the precise nature of your enquiry.”

12 The Controller TRAITS – Direct / straight to the point – Gives and likes to receive – Provides short and sharp information

13 The Controller CUT to the CHASE Do … – Get right to the point – Tell them you’ll find out – Spare them the details – Do not be offended by their brusque manners

14 The Controller Sample Situation Controller says: “I need the package on Monday.” You say: “The quickest solution is to book the delivery in ASAP. That way there’s a better chance you’ll get the package on Monday morning, weather permitting. Would you like me to sort that out for you now?” Don’t say: “It’s possible, but it all depends when the courier gets to you. I’ve heard snow’s on its way, so don’t hold your breath. I don’t know the exact time. Probably Monday in the early afternoon, but don’t quote me on that.”

15 The Thinker TRAITS – Process-oriented – Attentive to details – Wants step-by-step process

16 The Thinker TELL them the DETAIL Do … – Take onboard everything they’re saying – Have all the information you need when dealing with them – Do not rush them – Give them space to absorb – Analyze and ensure you explain the nitty-gritty

17 The Thinker Sample Situation Thinker says: “Just so I understand, can you run through what happens now?” You say: “To summarize: you’re scheduled to receive your order within three working days of placing it. You’ll get email confirmation when it’s been dispatched. In the event that there’s any delay in shipping we’ll advise you of an alternative dispatch date as soon as we can.” Don’t say: “Don’t worry. You’ll get your order.”

18 What is Your Personality Type? Sample Scenario: “An irate customer calls to find out when his delivery’s coming as it didn’t arrive this morning as scheduled.” Question: What is your natural instinct?

19 What is Your Personality Type? FEELER - Respond to his anger by apologizing, hoping he’ll calm down. THINKER - Try to get to the bottom of the problem. You want to understand why this has happened before you consider what to do next. ENTERTAINER - Let him get his rant over, then do what you can to lighten the mood. CONTROLLER - Tell him to calm down. It’s not your fault.

20 Self-Assessment

21 The End

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