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Helping to Bring InspiringEducation Inspiring Education To Life Through Curriculum Redesign.

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1 Helping to Bring InspiringEducation Inspiring Education To Life Through Curriculum Redesign

2 An Educated Albertan in 2030 Literacy and Numeracy Critical thinker Life-long learner Creative Adaptable Technology literate Collaborative Empathetic Respectful Communicator and team-builder Environmental steward Values diversity Takes personal responsibility Financially literate Confident Self-reliant Resourceful Resilient Risk taker Inspiring Education What we Heard Local Contributor

3 To achieve the vision of an educated Albertan in 2030, Albertans said we need to make the following shifts in policy: Inspiring Education Policy Shifts

4 LessMore Directions for Future Curriculum Content-focused Greater focus on competencies Opportunities for local decision making and greater depth of study Prescriptive curriculum with limited flexibility Primarily focused on summative assessment Print-based Ministry-led development Sequential development Balance among formative and summative assessments Digitally based Collaborative and co-development models Synchronous development

5 Framework for Student Learning

6 Discussion

7 What evidence will you accept that each student:  is an engaged thinker  is an ethical citizen  has an entrepreneurial spirit Discussion Starters

8 What are you already doing in your jurisdiction(s) to enable each student to become:  an engaged thinker and  ethical citizen with  an entrepreneurial spirit What else can/should be done? Discussion Starters

9 In a subject area or grade of your choosing:  Which concepts could students explore more deeply?  How are students encouraged to apply their knowledge/skills in a meaningful way?  What other opportunities might be possible with more flexibility in the curriculum? Discussion Starters

10 How can teachers, parents, and the broader community be engaged in the conversations around Curriculum Redesign? What kinds of tools would you need to effectively facilitate conversations around Curriculum Redesign? Helping Bring IE to Life

11 Where to, from here?

12 Deliverables and Timelines Ministerial Order (#004/98)Mar 2012  Strategic Review of Locally Developed Courses Aug 2012  Guiding Principles, Standards and Guidelines (Draft)Sep 2012 Provincial Dual Credit StrategyNov 2012 Provincial Assessment ReviewOngoing Literacy, Numeracy and Competency Indicators (Draft)Mar 2013 High School CredentialingJun 2013 PrototypingNov 2012–Mar 2014 Curriculum Development Framework Jul 2014 Begin Transition to OperationsSep 2014

13 Thank you!

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