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2 LEARNING STYLES w Defined as “... a specific pattern of behavior and/or performance the learner utilizes in approaching learning experiences.” w Also defined as “... the way information is processed, retained, and utilized.” w Sarasin, LC. “Learning style perspectives.”

3 Learning… w Characteristics Interaction with the learning environment w Behaviors How students learn and want to be evaluated w Methods Indication of students’ learning style

4 SUCCESSFUL LEARNING w Adaptability w Teaching style and learning style interaction w Understanding of various learning styles

5 STUDENT / INSTRUCTOR “STRESS” w Lack of congruence between teaching and learning styles w Produces negative outcomes skills are not learned decrease in student’s confidence student appears to lack interest student appears to lack knowledge

6 PRODUCTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT w Congruence between teaching and learning styles w Creates productive learning environment student feels comfortable student willing to take learning risks student does not fear failure

7 LEARNING STYLE CATEGORIES w Sensory visual auditory kinesthetic w Expressive individual group oral written sequential global

8 THE VISUAL LEARNER w Holistic approach to learning w Abstract thinker w Imitative approach to learning

9 THE AUDITORY LEARNER w Learn by listening to lectures w Learn through discussion w Self vocalization

10 THE KINESTHETIC LEARNER w Learn by “doing” w Learn by “experiencing “ w Requires a combination of stimuli

11 THE INDIVIDUAL LEARNER w “Thinker” w Introverted approach to learning w Self-motivated

12 THE GROUP LEARNER w “Socialite” w Interactive approach to learning w Motivated by others

13 THE ORAL LEARNER w “Talker” w Expressive

14 THE WRITTEN LEARNER w “Writer” w Learn by writing information

15 THE SEQUENTIAL LEARNER w “Organizer” w Structured approach to learning w Attention to detail

16 THE GLOBAL LEARNER w Unstructured approach to learning w Realistic approach to learning

17 THE 5 ESSENTIAL TEACHING ELEMENTS w Comprehension w Transformation w Instructional performance w Reflective evaluation w New comprehension

18 COMPREHENSION w Understanding what is known w Acknowledging what is unknown

19 TRANSFORMATION w Relating information into teachable format w Requires careful preparation w Requires awareness of different learning styles

20 INSTRUCTIONAL PERFORMANCE w Congruence between teaching and learning styles w Innovative and varied teaching approaches

21 REFLECTIVE EVALUATION w Assessment of student performance w Assessment of teacher performance w Determines teaching effectiveness

22 NEW COMPREHENSION w Teacher gains new knowledge w Direct result from the teaching experience

23 INSTRUCTION OF CLINICAL PROFICIENCY SKILLS w Transition from didactic setting to clinical setting w Emphasis on the psychomotor domain w Psychomotor skill acquisition distinguish set guided response mechanism complex overt response adaptation origination

24 PSYCHOMOTOR SKILL ACQUISITION w Distinguish student is able to visually identify the basic components of various skills w Set student assumes the physical position to perform a skill w Guided response student duplicates the skill demonstrated by the instructor

25 PSYCHOMOTOR SKILL ACQUISITION cont. w Mechanism student responds to feedback from the instructor w Complex overt response student is able to coordinate individual maneuvers into a complex task

26 PSYCHOMOTOR SKILL ACQUISITION cont. w Adaptation student modifies the technique to obtain the best response w Origination student develops new maneuvers

27 SUCCESSFUL CLINICAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT w Student is actively involved in the clinical learning process w Student is actively engaged in the clinical learning process w Student is acculturized


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