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Meet the 2010 Summer Interns. Julia Starr Shanga Shangaa Arusha, Tanzania “Interning in Tanzania brought me the opportunity to live within an incredibly.

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1 Meet the 2010 Summer Interns

2 Julia Starr Shanga Shangaa Arusha, Tanzania “Interning in Tanzania brought me the opportunity to live within an incredibly unique culture and develop myself as an independent thinker, worker, and traveler.”

3 Sara Birkenthal Human Rights Watch New York, NY “I had the opportunity to transcribe interviews with Burmese political prisoners, monks, child soldiers, journalists, and civil society activists.”

4 Brian Winters Danish Refugee Council Kiev, Ukraine “We will be publishing a cultural guide. In order to do this we will go to refugee camps in Ukraine to talk to students and understand what their cultural norms are. Since many of the refugees are from Somalia and Afghanistan, I will learn so much about these cultures.”

5 Jake Wyrick Israeli-Palestinian Business Forum Jerusalem “At the IPBF, I had the opportunity to take an active role in the creation of commercial law in the Palestinian Authority.”

6 Alice Mirlesse Voix Libres Bolivia and Geneva, Switzerland “The goal of “Free Voices” (Voix Libres, or Voces Libres) is to fight to protect children’s rights, eradicate child labor and help alleviate poverty in some of the most deprived regions of Bolivia.”

7 Kayla Benker Fountain of Hope Malawi “I am amazed by the progress the Fountain of Hope has made in their three years of existence —the building of a community center, establishment of feeding and education programs that serve over 200 students.”

8 Michelle Kahn U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington, D.C. “Millions of pages of archival material were mysteriously omitted from the Archival Guide and, therefore, completely hidden to the public and historians. My goal was to leave no scrap of paper undocumented, thereby sealing gaps in the evidence of atrocities.”

9 Gabriela Andrade Creating Economic Opportunities for Women Oakland, CA This past summer I worked as a Programs Assistant Intern at C.E.O. Women, a nonprofit organization based in Oakland, CA whose mission is to empower immigrant and refugee women with the knowledge, resources, and confidence necessary to start their own small businesses.

10 Carly Graber Paz y Esperanza Ecuador “I worked at Paz y Esperanza in Guayaquil, Ecuador, an NGO that provides free legal, psychological and pastoral services to victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.”

11 Krysten Hartman Latika Roy Foundation Dehradun, India “I worked at the Latika Roy Foundation, which is a center for children with special needs. I spent most of my time teaching at the school, where the kids were incredibly bright, enthusiastic and just simply happy to be there each day learning with their friends.”

12 Anna Joseph Lawyers for Children New York, NY “This (My work) has allowed me to get a detailed understanding of the New York City foster care system, supportive housing system, residential treatment centers, and the different types of group homes run by the city.”

13 Ann Kam Frank C. Newman International Human Rights Law Clinic San Francisco, CA “Throughout the summer, I worked with Law Professor Michelle Leighton to write case briefs for two cases regarding the juvenile death penalty and the juvenile life without the possibility of parole sentence.”

14 Ian McGinnity Danish Refugee Council Kiev, Ukraine “I am excited to head to Kyiv and expand my knowledge and experience on a subject different from policy planning and more geared towards human rights issues.”

15 Takako Mino Forum for African Women Educationalists Uganda “This summer, I held trainings for teachers and students throughout different regions in Uganda and Kenya while interning with the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) Uganda, an indigenous NGO dedicated to supporting and promoting the education of young women.”

16 Melia Plotkin Transparency International-USA Washington, D.C. “I feel as if I was able to contribute greatly to the quality of work, as well as gain professional experience that was invaluable to my education.”

17 Daniela Spencer Jewish Community Center Kiev, Ukraine “I never considered myself an idealist until I came to Kiev. I didn’t realize it, but I wanted to make a quantifiable difference.”

18 Samuel Mitchell EDA Capital Connect Gurgaon, India “I spent the first few weeks here helping to prepare investment profiles for various Indian and Sri Lankan MFIs to present to potential investors at a large microfinance conference that was held in Delhi.”

19 Angelica Quicksey Seattle International Foundation Seattle, WA “I spent the summer working for the Seattle International Foundation (SIF), a grant-making institution that supports Seattle-based non-profits who work internationally.”

20 Pyper Scharer NIRMAN Varanasi, India “Yesterday I spent the morning dividing my attention between outlining math curriculum for the 3rd grade and trying to get the internet to work.”

21 Amanda Lam Family Care Cornerstone Project Koh Rumdual and Phnom Penh, Cambodia "During the summer, I interned with a non profit organization based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that targets the needs of various orphanages and communities through different projects. While I was there, I led music and art activities, designed the organization's webpage and assisted with food distribution."

22 Angie Tyler Women Thrive Worldwide Washington, D.C. “I played an active role in the organization by attending briefings, events, and meetings with key leaders and members of Congress on Capitol Hill on topics ranging from African aid and agriculture to gender based violence in schools.”

23 Hannah Gordan Haiti Medical-Equipment Program Miami, FL “The purpose of my internship was to respond to the post- earthquake appeals for humanitarian relief in Haiti by importing used medical equipment from the United States that Americans were no longer using.”

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