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7 th Grade SEOP Sunset Ridge Middle School. Why wmovie.php?id=1518 wmovie.php?id=1518.

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1 7 th Grade SEOP Sunset Ridge Middle School

2 Why wmovie.php?id=1518 wmovie.php?id=1518

3 SRMS Counselors Ms. Stephens Mrs. Worthen Mr. ThurgoodPsychologist

4 List 2 Jobs Any jobs May or may not know anything about it. Jobs you would like more information about.

5 Personality Type ThinkerDoer Organizer Persuader CreatorHelper

6 The Doers (“Realistic”) “Blast Off” to a career in this area if – You have good coordination and motor skills You have mechanical aptitude You enjoy using tools

7 Sample Occupations Include: Aircraft Pilot and Aircraft Mechanic Assembler and Fabricator Auto Mechanic Baker Blasters/Explosives Worker Brick mason Butcher Cabinetmaker Cable Installer Carpenter Communications Specialist Cook/Chef Construction Inspector Cost Estimator Diesel Engine Mechanic Electrician Farmer Machine Operator Movie and TV Camera Operator Radio Mechanic Plumber Press Operator Surveyor Truck Driver Woodworker

8 The Thinkers (“Investigative”) Take a closer look at occupations in this area if: You enjoy science and math You are an analytical thinker You like working with ideas You prefer to work alone

9 Sample Occupations Include: Anesthesiologist Archeologist Astronomer Botanist Cardiovascular Technologist Chemist Computer Systems Analyst Computer Engineer Dentist Emergency Medical Technician Engineer Forester Geneticist Geologist Healthy and Safety Engineer Landscape Architect Marine Biologist Medical Technician Physician Robotics Technician Toxicologist Veterinarian

10 The Creators (“Artistic”) Design a career in this area if: You’re creative You enjoy art, music, literature and poetry You avoid highly structured situations with lots of rules

11 Sample Occupations Include: Actor Artist Architect Choreographer Commercial Art Director Dancer Editor Fashion Designer Film Editor Floral Designer Graphic Designer Interior Decorator Musician Music Director News Reporter Photographer Set Designer Writer

12 The Helpers (“Social”) Help yourself to a career in this area if: You like helping other people You have good communication skills You enjoy social situations

13 Sample Occupations Include Archivist Audiologist/Speech Pathologist Child Care Aide/Worker Coach Correctional Officer Employment Interviewer Lawyer Librarian Library Assistant Teacher Aide Nurse Occupational Therapist Parole and Probation Officer Police Patrol Officer Principal Physical Therapist Psychologist Residential Counselor Social Director Social Service Technician School Counselor Social Worker Teacher School Psychologist

14 The Persuaders (“Enterprising”) You may be well suited for a career in this area if: You like positions of leadership and responsibility You are good at persuading others You have good verbal abilities

15 Sample Occupations Include: Advertising Manager Customer Service Representative Demonstrator and Promoter Driver/Sales Worker Financial Manager Flight Attendant General Manager/Chief Executive Health Service Manager Information Scientist Hotel/Motel Manager Hotel/Motel Clerk Human Resources Manager Insurance Sales Agent Meetings and Convention Planner Operations Researcher Principal Property Manager Public Relations Specialist Purchasing Agent Real Estate Agent Salesperson Travel Agent Wholesale and Retail Buyer

16 The Organizers (“Conventional”) “Reach for the stars” in this career area if: You like working with numbers and other data You pay close attention to detail You enjoy highly structured situations with clear-cut rules

17 Sample Occupations Include: Accountant Administrative Assistant Auditor Bank Teller Bill & Account Collector Bookkeeping Clerk Budget Analyst Cashier Computer Operator Court Clerk Credit/Loan Clerk File Clerk Insurance Adjuster Loan Officer/Counselor Paralegal Payroll Clerk Postmaster Secretary Tax Examiner/ Revenue Agent Telephone Operator Title Researcher Word Processing Typist

18 Non-Traditional Occupations Math, Science, Engineering, Mechanical Education, Medical

19 Academic Strengths Math Science Language Arts History PE CTE Arts

20 Learning Styles Verbal/Linguistic Mathematical/Logical Visual Spatial Bodily/Kinesthetic Musical/Rhythmic Interpersonal Intrapersonal

21 Verbal/Linguistic Best Ways To Learn Reading Saying Hearing Seeing Words Practical Suggestions Take notes Read notes or text out loud Skim through reading first Study out loud with partner Use a tape recorder

22 Mathematical/Logical Best Ways to Learn Making Categories Classifying Working with Patterns Figuring with Numbers Practical Suggestions Use lists to study from Arrange notes in patterns Assign numbers to information Take notes in outline form Use math formulas to problem solve (ratio, geometry, etc.)

23 Visual/Spatial Best Ways to Learn Visualizing Using colors and pictures Seeing things in your mind Practical Suggestions Study or make charts, graphs, pictures Use highlighters (notes) Use webbing to take notes Close eyes and visualize mental images in mind

24 Bodily/Kinesthetic Best Ways to Learn Touching Moving Hands on learning Interacting with Objects Doing something physical while learning Practical Suggestions Choose projects that let you build, create, shape with hands Use objects to help you remember people, places, things Volunteer/partici pate in class

25 Musical/Rhythmic Best Ways to Learn Rhythmically Musically Making up Melodies Practical Suggestions Create musical jingles to aid memorization Study for test etc. with quiet music in background Rhythmically read notes out loud

26 Interpersonal Best Ways to Learn Sharing Comparing Relating Cooperating with others Interviewing Practical Suggestions Study with a focused partner Ask frequent questions of others to gain information Participate in class discussions Discuss ideas with others

27 Intrapersonal Best Ways to Learn Working alone in own space Self-pacing instruction Reflecting Practical Suggestions Organize your study place and time Take time to think about the things you are learning Research ideas in depth

28 Top Values Trustworthy Loyal Helpful Friendly Courteous Family Money Friends Courage Respect Time Honesty Tolerance Being a good citizen Education

29 S.M.A.R.T. Goal S.M.A.R.T. Specific Measurable Action-Oriented Realistic Time-Bound List one S.M.A.R.T. Goal

30 Sign the Card Students We will sign them later.

31 CTE classes CTE Intro 1-4 Career & Technical Education 1= Business 2= Family Consumer Science 3= Technology/ Industrial Arts 4= Guidance

32 CTE class This class will change every quarter New class rosters will be posted this week.

33 Registration for 8 th Grade February 1 Elective Reading or Foreign Language Reading Test Grade level or above.

34 SEOP 7 th Explore 8 th Expand Individual 4 year plan 9 th Plan 10 th Revise

35 SEOP 8 th Graduation requirements 27 Credits 3 Math 3 Science Personality and Interest inventory 4 Year High School Plan

36 Skyward Current Grades Missing Assignments Attendance E-Mail links to teachers Automated Reports Main Screen “Email Notification” Choice of reports How often

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