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6 789101112 131415161718 192021222324 252627282930 313233343536 373839404142 434445474846 Unit 5 Review 54321.

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1 6 789101112 131415161718 192021222324 252627282930 313233343536 373839404142 434445474846 Unit 5 Review 54321

2 Question 1 Describe the purpose and the steps of the Congress of Vienna

3 Answer 1 Bring stability to Europe. The goal was to strengthen the countries around France while weakening France. France was not broken however. (see worksheet)

4 Question 2 Magna Carta, English Civil War, habeas corpus, the English Bill of Rights, and the Glorious Revolution all resulted in

5 Answer 2 A Constitutional Monarchy in England. The power of the monarch was weakened.

6 Question 3 This promised the French Protestants (Huguenots) that they could live in peace in France.

7 Answer 3 Edict of Nantes

8 Question 4 The King and Queen of France during the French Revolution

9 Answer 4 King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette

10 Question 5 His social contract stated that all men are basically evil and need a strong government to keep them from fighting with each other

11 Answer 5 Thomas Hobbes

12 Question 6 Change in thought in 1500 Europe where the natural world began to be characterized by careful observation and the questioning of accepted beliefs. Galileo; Isaac Newton

13 Answer 6 Scientific Revolution

14 Question 7 Ruler of Russia who gained a warm water port in St. Petersburg and westernized Russia

15 Answer 7 Peter the Great

16 Question 8 The belief that people should be loyal mainly to their country. Love for one’s country.

17 Answer 8 Nationalism

18 Question 9 “I think, therefore I am” Scientific thinker who believed that scientists need to reject old assumptions and thinkings.

19 Answer 9 René Descartes

20 Question 10 He ruled while Louis XIV was a young boy. He helped to concentrate all of the power into the monarchy.

21 Answer 10 Cardinal Mazarin

22 Question 11 Enlightened thinker who promoted the idea of separation of power and branches of government.

23 Answer 11 Baron de Montesquieu

24 Question 12 This Jacobian leader led France during the Reign of Terror

25 Answer 12 Robespierre

26 Question 13 A system of governing where the king and queen’s power is limited by law

27 Answer 13 Constitutional Monarchy

28 Question 14 Simon Bolivar, Jose de San Martin, and Bernardo O’Higgins,

29 Answer 14 South American independence leaders

30 Question 15 Belief that the earth is the center of the universe

31 Answer 15 geocentric theory

32 Question 16 This deeply religious Spanish king built up the Spanish Armada, using it to attack the Ottoman Empire and England

33 Answer 16 Phillip II

34 Question 17 The three French Estates and who represented them

35 Answer 17 First Estate – clergy Second Estate – Nobles Third Estate – Merchants, farmers, peasants, etc.

36 Question 18 The agreement by which people define and limit their individual rights, thus creating an organized society or government

37 Answer 18 social contract

38 Question 19 A goal and an achievement of both Peter the Great and Catherine the Great

39 Answer 19 warm water port

40 Question 20 Because people wanted this, they were willing to allow Napoleon to gain power in France.

41 Answer 20 stability in France

42 Question 21 He followed Copernicus’ ideas about heliocentric theory. He was called before the Inquisition and forced to recant his views.

43 Answer 21 Galileo Galilei

44 Question 22 The estate system Economic troubles Enlightened ideas A weak ruler

45 Answer 22 Causes of the French Revolution

46 Question 23 The “Sun King”…..he was the ultimate absolute monarch

47 Answer 23 Louis XIV

48 Question 24 He believed in government by the people, for the people. The role of government is to protect people’s rights.

49 Answer 24 John Locke

50 Question 25 This ruler almost single handedly united Germany.

51 Answer 25 Otto von Bismarck

52 Question 26 A king or queen who has unlimited power and seeks to control all aspects of society.

53 Answer 26 absolute monarchy

54 Question 27 He was the first to publish heliocentric ideas. To avoid the church, his works didn’t become published until the last year of his life.

55 Answer 27 Copernicus

56 Question 28 These two leaders united Italy

57 Answer 28 Camillo Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi

58 Question 29 He strengthened France economically and politically before attempting to conquer the world.

59 Answer 29 Napoleon Bonaparte

60 Question 30 This French enlightened thinker and writer believed in the idea of freedom of speech. He corresponded his ideas regularly with Catherine the Great of Russia

61 Answer 30 Voltaire

62 Question 31 This Russian czar was best known for his persecution of the boyars

63 Answer 31 Ivan the Terrible

64 Question 32 The idea that monarchs are God’s representative on earth and are therefore answerable only to God. Louis XIV and Phillip II are two examples of such.

65 Answer 32 Divine Right

66 Question 33 Sun centered view of the universe

67 Answer 33 Heliocentric theory

68 Question 34 European movement in which thinkers attempted to apply the principles of LOGIC AND REASON and the scientific method to all aspects of society

69 Answer 34 Enlightenment

70 Question 35 Russian enlightened despot who brought a warm water port to Russia

71 Answer 35 Catherine the Great

72 Question 36 Scientific thinker known for his work with gravity

73 Answer 36 Sir Isaac Newton

74 Question 37 His social contract was an agreement among free people to create a society and a government for the people and by the people

75 Answer 37 Jean Jacques Rousseau

76 Question 38 Miguel Hidalgo Jose Maria Morelos Agustin de Iturbide

77 Answer 38 Independence leaders of Mexico

78 Question 39 Inflation as a result of the price of silver dropping because of too much being brought over from the Americas

79 Answer 39 Reasons for Spain weakening

80 Question 40 A logical procedure for gathering information about the natural world, in which experimentation and observation are used to test hypothesis.

81 Answer 40 Scientific Method

82 Question 41 Robespierre and the guillotine were all important elements of this…..

83 Answer 41 Reign of Terror

84 Question 42 The process of forcing Russian culture on all ethnic groups in the Russian Empire

85 Answer 42 Russification

86 Question 43 He ruled France for an inept Louis XIII and increased the power of the Bourbon dynasty.

87 Answer 43 Cardinal Richelieu

88 Question 44 This was a comprehensive and uniform set of laws for France after the Reign of Terror had ended

89 Answer 44 Napoleonic Code

90 Question 45 This attempted to guarantee a long lasting peace in Europe after Napoleon was forced out.

91 Answer 45 Congress of Vienna

92 Question 46 This Roundhead led the English Puritans to victory in the English Civil War

93 Answer 46 Oliver Cromwell

94 Question 47 This war was fought when Louis XIV attempted to put in grandson in power in Spain

95 Answer 47 War of the Spanish Succession

96 Question 48 This slave led a revolt on the island of St. Dominique. His actions led to Napoleon selling the U.S. the Louisiana territory.

97 Answer 48 Toussaint L’Ouverture

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