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I Love My Job, it’s the People I Can’t Stand! Alaska GFOA.

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1 I Love My Job, it’s the People I Can’t Stand! Alaska GFOA

2 The best acknowledgment has 4 qualities: 1) immediate 2) specific 3) genuine 4) spontaneous

3 How we typically deal with conflict: 1) Avoid it 2) Pretend 3) Complain Which gets the best result? Which do you use with a… spouse, upper management, co- worker

4 4 Behavioral Types: 1) Director Very fast paced and productive Works well under pressure Great at delegating Winning is important Challenges: May take on too much and get overwhelmed (and drop everything) Does not tend to balance appreciation with criticism Tend to look over your shoulder Can be bad listeners (far too busy to listen)

5 2) Socializer Likes fun, excitement and recognition Can be very persuasive and have the gift of gab Tend to have a positive and sunny disposition Challenges: Not detail oriented Tends to jump into things without preparation (let’s just see what happens) May be disorganized and not get stuff done May exaggerate and leave out important details

6 3) Steady Relater Strives for stability and tries to blend into situations Likes close one- on- one relationship Loyal and reliable Great listeners Challenges: Tends to avoid conflict Feelings may get hurt easily Doesn’t like change

7 4) Cautious Thinker Likes order, accuracy and analysis Tend to be planners, very systematic and intellectual Highly detail oriented and rational Challenges: May procrastinate Take a long time to make decisions because they need so much research Can be a Perfectionist – Tasks need to be done right or they won’t do it at all Can be very critical and pessimistic in nature

8 If you created a work team with all 4 personality types, how would they solve a problem?

9 The Director- Would quickly create and delegate his plan to others The Socializer- Would want to express his opinion, discuss and get agreement The Relater- Would need for the group to bond first and would not want to rock the boat or make any abrupt changes The Thinker- Would need proper data, time and analysis to think this through

10 Mature- Plastic couch (Veterans, Silent Generation): Born 1909-1945; 16% Baby Boomers: Born 1946-1964; 26% Generation X (Xers): Born 1961-1981; 22% Generation Y (Millennials, Echo Boomers): Born after 1981; 36%1

11 Managing the Generation Gap One size does not fit all- Taylor your message to appeal to the interests and needs of each generation. Understand and draw upon each generation's unique perspectives and experiences. Position yourself to value and embrace diversity..

12 Generation Y prefer short-term relationships with clear mutual gains, almost as if they are independent contractors building their own business within your organization.

13 Steps for Managing Expectations 1) Greet the person, clarify who you are and your role 2) Ask to Help 3) Clarify Expectations 4) Manage/ Define Expectations 5) Under Promise/ Get agreement 6) Demonstrate you met Expectations

14 Influence Expectations Explain your constraints Satisfy easier or smaller needs Under promise Lower Expectations Use the word And not But

15 THE REWARD IS WITHIN- Bill Clennan The contest lasts for moments Though the training's taken years, It wasn't the winning alone that Was worth the work and the tears The applause will be forgotten The prize will be misplaced But the long hard hours of practice Will never be a waste For in trying to win You build a skill You learn that winning Depends on will You never grow by how much you win You only grow by how much you put in So any new challenge You've just begun Put forth your best And you've already won. Bill Clennan, Canadian Motivational Speaker,

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