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The Hook and Hold Strategy to Student Learning

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1 The Hook and Hold Strategy to Student Learning
Reflection Walden University Eric L. Smith

2 Got Style? There are four elements that work within the dynamics of the “Hook and Hold” concept to student learning: Teaching Style Learning Style Multiple Intelligence Anticipatory Set

3 Does Your Teacher Have Style?
If you’re a teacher you may think that the way you teach is the best way to convey curriculum instruction NOT! Yes, I thought I was king of delivering instruction and every student will learn from my lesson plans regardless of their strengths and weakness. Boy was I wrong!

4 Starting Over Again! A teachers’ challenge begins at the starting line. Through this journey around the track you will discover your most dominate teaching style to your least developed teaching style. To bring all of the styles together takes lots of practice. But during your performance, your students will applaud your efforts and your entire teaching profile will be realized at the finish line.

5 Types of Teaching Styles that makeup your Teaching Profile
MODE Dominant Secondary Tertiary Least Developed STYLE Sensing-Feeler (SF) Intuitive-Thinker (NT) Sensing-Thinker (ST) Intuitive-Feeler (NF)

6 My Classroom is full of students with Multiple Intelligences. Is yours?
What are Multiple Intelligences (MI) Verbal-Linguistics Logical-Mathematical Spatial Musical Bodily-Kinesthetic Interpersonal Intrapersonal Naturalist

7 Teachers… Get Real and take a Teacher Style Inventory!
In assessing my teaching style through a Teaching Style Inventory (TSI), I was surprised to find my dominant strength lies in the Interpersonal teaching style. My secondary strength/style is Intuitive-Thinker (NT) and my Tertiary mode is Sensing-Thinker (ST). Actually, I received the same score of 28 on the TSI in both of these areas. According to the TSI, the area where I’m least developed is in Self-Expressive / Innovation-oriented teaching style (NF) This-self-diagnostic tool was great in that it provided me insight through conscious reflection on the decisions we as teachers make in and beyond the classroom.

8 PACK A PUNCH! The greatest impact on student learning that you can have as a teacher is by encouraging imagination. Asking students to use their ability to perform creative art projects. Implement open-ended discussions as a true part of interaction and collaboration in and beyond the classroom activities

9 Balance your Learning Style & M.I.
Student interviews and observations will: Offer new insights about the students’ learning style and M.I. preferences. Understanding teaching styles would accommodate the dominant, subdominant, auxiliary, and inferior styles of the student. Peel back the exterior of even one of the most severe student and you will find multi-levels of learning styles or intelligences within that student.

10 Designing an Anticipatory Set

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